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Bigly helps Retailers, Homemakers and Freelancers to Start their
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it also tackle the Shipping and Logistics Automation.

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How BiglyDropship Works?


Buyer Orders From Retailer's Website

Online Retailers forward Order to Supplier
with Payment

Suppliers pack the Product
with Retailers Branding

Suppliers Ship the Product to
Customer's Address


COD Service for Orders

With BiglyDropship a Seller can offer Cash on Delivery Service to its Customer

Automated Order Processing System

BiglyDropship have 1st Automated Order Processing System in the World

Logistics Solution

BiglyDropship providing Logistics Solution to its Sellers

24x7 Email Support

BiglyDropship is always online to help you 24x7

India’s First Organized Dropship Platform

BiglyDropship is India’s first Organized Platform

Why BiglyDropship?

Facilitating your Trade with Products Aid

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  • White Label Branding of Retail

    BiglyDropship will deliver order to Customer in the name of Retailers. It will help in White Label Branding of your Dropshipping Business.

  • Providing Tracking ID to Retailers

    When Shipment process begins, BiglyDroship will provide you a tracking ID. You can provide that Tracking ID to your Customer, it will facilitate your customer in tracking Order Location.

  • Reach to Domestic & Foreign Products

    BiglyDropship have suppliers across the world. We offers you to sell International products in India. This will help you to engage your Customers with Niche Products.

  • High Profit Margin

    BiglyDropship providing you products at lowest price so you can expect to earning high profit margin on each product you Import.

Are you a HomeMaker?

Women are the most important part of every family.
The one who make a family heaven

The one who sacrifices more than anyone You are still spending the most Golden Time of your life as a homemaker. You should try to sell online for Yourself.

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Are you a Freelancer?

Start Your own e-commerce store with BiglyDropship,Earn while working on your project.

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What is Dropship?

Dropship is Retail fulfillment method, which allows Entrepreneurs to Sell products on their online Retail Store without procuring stock from suppliers. You don’t have a need to keep stock physically and you don’t have to pay for it until you sell it. Supplier ships product directly to customer’s doorstep, it results sellers got Free Logistics Solution.

Can a Seller use Product images from Suppliers Catalogue?

Yes- In Dropshipping Business, Seller can use product images from Suppliers catalogue. Seller can edit or remove Logo, watermark, and brand identity from product images. To ignore any further issue, Seller can take permission to Suppliers for the same.

If a Customer place multiple order from different sellers to a Single Supplier, how will be shipment made?

If a Supplier gets order of a Customer from different Sellers, he will make shipment in different parcels.

How much Profit can a Seller expect from BiglyDropship?

A person can earn up to 60% profit margin on an item. It depends on Sellers Marketing Strategy too. Seller can choose Premium BiglyDropship plan to get BiglyDropship’s Expert Support.

How can I make my first sale?

Making first sale is a difficult task for an Entrepreneur as it makes your Store’ Image. We understand that “First Impression is Last Impression”. We advise you to use Free Social Media Platform Service to attract traffic on your store. You can use influencer marketing strategy by hiring a freelance writers to attract great traffic on your store. Once, traffic will create on your store you will surely get sales.

How long does it take the First Sale?

It totally depends on your selling strategy. By using your skills and abilities you can make your sales within a day, within a month or up to a year.

What should a Seller do after importing product to Store?

After importing products, Seller should do Marketing for Sales.

How to Select a BiglyDropship Supplier?

It’s a very important factor to make profit. Consider 5 things before selecting a Supplier. Supplier’s Rating, it is based on his overall performance. Item Categories, it means Supplier which have the product you want to sell. Check Profit Margin on Products which is offered by Suppliers. Profit Margin will be different on various products. Analyze location for your targeted customers. Select those suppliers which are nearby to your customer. It will ensure fast shipment. Last thing is Return Rate of that Supplier.

Can I Sell products from more than one supplier?

Yes, as a Seller you can sell products from more than one supplier.

Should I have to done any legal work before start BiglyDropship?

No, you don’t have to done any Legal Preceding initially. You can run your Business with BiglyDropship.

Is BiglyDropship have Suppliers from all over the world?

Yes, BiglyDropship have Suppliers from all over the world and BiglyDropship is continuously adding Suppliers from different countries.

What is the return policy for Dropship Orders?

BiglyDropship provide you 7 days of return period policy. If your customer denies you for any reason, we will take back product within 7 days.

How can a Seller keep track Dropshipped Product?

After Shipment begins, you will got a Tracking ID to track your shipment during In-Transit. You can also use it facilitate your customer.

How much amount I have to pay for Shipment?

You can see shipment price in Product Detail Section.

In how much time, Seller will got Payment/ Sales Commission?

In case of Cash on Delivery, you will got payment within 7-14 days in your bank account.

How to Find a Quality Product for BiglyDropshipping?

BiglyDropship will provide you Quality-Checked product. BiglyDropship never allows any low quality products. You can select products by checking Rating & Reviews of Supplier.

Can I Dropship a Product to myself?

Yes, you can Dropship a product to yourself.

How it Works?

It is a simple Retail Business Model. Seller display the item catalogue on its Online Retail Store. Customer place order and pays for it. Seller purchase product from Supplier and make payment and order him to ship product.

How much time spends to deliver a product in Dropshipping?

In case of India, it will take 2-7 days and in cross border shipment it will take around 7-40 days. To maintain a clear image of seller, seller should straight forward manage Customer’s Shipping expectations.

Why Customer will buy from My Store & why not from Supplier’s Store?

Because you are Providing Customers Wide Range of Products in a Single Store. Supplier can display only some category of products but you can display many products from different categories across the world.

How many product can I import to My Online Retail Store?

It depends on your Seller’s Subscription. If you Free Dropshipper you can import only up to 20 items in your store. If you are a Starter/Premium Dropshipper, you can import unlimited products to your store.

Can a Seller use his Business Address on the Shipment?

No, it’s not possible. Suppliers Business Address is necessary on shipment for Return Management & Custom purposes.

Can I start making Profit in the Free Version of BiglyDropship?

Yes, you can start making profit by sales after joining Free Version of BiglyDropship.

What should you Sell Online?

Choose a product which have High Profit Margin, Niche in Nature & can be easily shipped to your customer.

Should I have to pay membership Fee to Supplier?

No, a Seller don’t have to pay any fees to Supplier.

If I provide complete order information, can supplier steal my Customer?

You don’t have to worry about these things. In every payment case i.e. Cash on Delivery or Prepaid Delivery, customer only knows you for products as he saw product on your Online Retail Store.

Should I have Import-Export License/ IEC to sell other countries product to India?

No, you don’t need to get any Import-Export license to do BiglyDropship.

Can BiglyDropship help me to build my Online Retail Store?

Yes, BiglyDropship will build your website on Woocommerce. BiglyDropship will assist you in creating you online retail store.

If I got an order and after shipping, Customer returned the product, will I charged for?

Yes, you will be charged for the shipment price. You can see the shipment charges in the product catalogue before adding it to your Sellers Catalogue. We are suggesting you that after getting order, confirm the order from customer before you buy it from supplier.

Who will decide the selling price of a Product, Seller or Supplier?

Only Seller can decide the price of a product to sell Customer.

Can I deal with customers in different currency?

Yes, you can deal customers in different currencies, but only in case of foreign customers.

In how much time, Supplier will get Sales Payment?

Supplier will got payment within 7-14 days.

What happens if My Customer receives a Damage Product?

If your customer receives a damage product, then you can return that product within 7 days.