About bigly

Bigly is India's leading strategic partner company for online sellers, it helps businesses to prepare strategies in online marketplaces e.g. Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Paytm.etc It was started in July 2016 with the name Go Online Services as a proprietorship, On 24 March 2017 it gets rebranded with the name Bigly and registered as a Bigly Technologies Private Limited.

Our Vision

Indian Retail Industry is the Fastest growing industry in the world.India is world's fifth largest global destination in the retail business.Indian Retail Industry contributes 10% in GDP. But when we talk about retail it has divided into two sectors one is Organized and other is unorganized. Organized retail has 3% market share and unorganized sector 97%.

"We have pledged to Transform the unorganized sector into Organize by providing easiest way of E-Retailing."


E-commerce is the only channel that can transform the retail sector into organized, where all the transaction will be done into legal environment. But small businesses of India is unaware of online selling and value of the digital business.We are helping small businesses to sell online on multiple marketplaces and providing e-commerce marketplaces as their new channel of sale.

Bigly Story:

"People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it." (Simon Sinek)

So Why we have started this Company? There are plenty of companies available in the online marketplace, Why one more? Me (Mohammad Shibli) and Azmat were good friends since our primary hood and we used to a spent lot of time together. But there was one common thing between both of us that made us a Co-Founders of a company. Well, Me and Mohammad Azmatullah ,We both belongs to a manufacturer family that produces products for big wholesalers in India, as there is a normal phenomenon of a credit system, where middle men hold your hard-earned money and the money you will get when you stop working with that business or sometimes they denied to pay.

Finally, We both had grown seeing all this to our fathers. We have tried many businesses in our college lifetime but every business was not scalable or neither actually solving any problem. It was December 2015, where we live is nearest to Sadar Bazar, Delhi (Asia's Biggest Wholesale Market). I had a wholesale shop there and we used to bring late in evening to my shop. Azmat was selling on marketplaces and he has tried many times to put his product to big stores and malls but everyone was asking him about GMV, brand value and we know that his brand products were best in terms of pricing and quality compared to many big brands which were already ruling the market. But he did not get the place to sell his product in any mall or even a retail markets like Chandni Chowk, Karol Bagh, Sarojini Nagar, etc. Even these markets much expensive than Shopping Mall Stores.

As I said My father and Azmat Father was a manufacturer we always had a lot of conversation with the manufacturers and retailers about online selling, few of them were illiterate and don't know how to start and few of them were selling on e-commerce marketplaces but they were not happy. Then we have started asking people about online selling, what kind of problem they are facing in online selling.

Here's We found out:

Most of the Manufacturers who were selling were not know the marketplaces metrics and mechanism.
When we asked about their executives about marketplaces they still know the basics of listings.
People still think E-commerce marketplaces is a part time work.

What we found about e-commerce marketplaces is, the biggest opportunity to put your first step in online business, where you don't need to rent a shop in any mall or market, the only thing you have to do is fill basic business details, bank account information and you can start selling a product where your shop is 24 hours open and you can jack your sell by paying few extra amounts where everything is handled by an organized machine. Hence, we are in the business and till now we have created 20+ private label brands and 200+ clients from all across the India.