Bigly FAQs

What is Bigly?

Bigly is a leading eCommerce based Company and working on the transforming Indian eCommerce Industry. Bigly is continuously simplifying the eCommerce B2B Practices in India.

How Bigly Works?

Bigly is World’s first automated B2B platform providing cash on delivery to its partners. Here you can manage your stores with automation features. We are providing you complete logistics solution so you can provide a good shopping experience to your customers.

How can I start with Bigly?

Anyone have WordPress-WooCommerce Online Store can start online selling business with Bigly. Even if you are selling products on any Social Media Channel or any other platform, you can start with Bigly.

Is Bigly Free?

Bigly’s Basic plan is free for 10 days with some limited categories and products.

Is Bigly available in all countries?

No, currently Bigly is only available in India.

Can I use Bigly with my own website?

Yes, if you have WordPress-WooCommerce Store you can easily use Bigly WordPress Plugin.

Is Bigly available in only English?

Till now, Bigly is available only in English. We are working on various regional languages.

What is the payment cycle in Bigly?

Bigly will release the payment 5th, 15th and 25th of every month.

Can I use Bigly with any other Platform like WhatsApp, FB, etc.?

Yes, you can use it with Social Online Selling Platforms.

I’m selling on Multiple Channels. Can I use Bigly for my Multiple Online Stores?

Yes, you can connect multiple stores to Bigly.

Online Business FAQs

What is the requirements to getting started with Bigly?

All you need to start with bigly are:

  • WordPress-WooComerce Website
  • Bigly WordPress Plugin

Can I start with any other Online Store?

Yes, Bigly Wordpress Plugin has an option for creating order manually. So, you can easily start with any online store.

I’m selling products on FB, can I use Bigly?

Yes, you can start with Bigy easily.

What Profit Margin can I expect from Online Selling Business with Bigly?

You are free to decide Price for products. You can fix price within a minimum and maximum price range.

How many products should I import to my online store?

In Basic Plan, you can import max. 20 products per month. In Starter and Premium plan, you can import unlimited products to your Online Store.

Can I change product details at my online store?

Yes, you can easily change product details as per your marketing strategy.

What is the Return Period at Bigly?

Bigly have 7 days Return Policy.

Can I sell outside India?

No, Bigly is providing its services within India Only.

Should I have to arrange Logistics System for delivering products to my customers?

Bigly is providing you complete logistics solution for your business. You don’t have to worry about logistics.