• 11 Best ways of Designing Facebook Ads in 2018

  • Best ways of Designing Facebook Ads in 2018

    11 Best ways of Designing Facebook Ads in 2018

    Can anyone get customers without knowing about the products? Without popularity of your business, it is impossible to bring new customers to your business. That’s why you need of Advertising of your business as well as products. Advertising is the mainstream of your business. It was early time when hoardings and banners were used for advertising about any company or product. Now the time is on Facebook, so learn How to Design Facebook Ads That Give Maximum Output.

    As you know that, nowadays everything is concise in a mobile phone. Because the world is being Digitized and people are more dependent on data usage. Hence Facebook is the destination of all the users. Suppliers, Sellers, Retailers or as well as Customers, any one of them you can easily find there. So, why not choose Facebook Ads to tell them about your business or products. Professionals use the strategies while making amazing, compelling and highly-clickable Facebook Ads. In this post, I will put some tips to Design Facebook Ads That Give Maximum Output.

    1. Start With Your Goal:

    Never throw a stone aimlessly into the sky. Set the Goal First, and then Take Action. First, think about your business or product, then set an objective for your Facebook Ads. Which style, format, colour or gradient is matchable to your business, decide it then start to create Ads. What do you want to serve the customers, let the customers know clear about it? For example, you can increase your brand awareness by using media that tells a story about the people behind your products.

    2. Decide the Theme of your Facebook Ads Design:

    Have you ever noticed that biggest company always play with a single colour? They mostly don’t change their colour or theme. Similar you must decide the theme and colour of your business. It attracts the attention of customers. They can recognise your brand in a few second views. Select a colour that matches your business. Use only a few complementary colour choices for your goal. You don’t have to add 10 different colours to your Facebook Ads.

    3. Show your Product in High-Resolution Image:

    What people see is what sells. Means Jo Dikhta Hai Wo Bikta Hai. Use this slogan for your Advertising. Try to show the most important and unique feature of your product in Ads. Keep in mind, you don’t have enough space to show more images of the product. Select those images which have a better explanation of the product. Images must be well pictured and good detailing.

    4. Say Your Message in fewer Words:

    As always saying that “ Less is Always More”. Yes, it is applicable here. While creating your Facebook Ads, try to use few words for your message. Choose some rhythmic words that describe your goal. Never insert more lengthy, high difficulty, or less using words in your Ads. Because it takes more time to load the image and it is irritating for a customer to read difficult or a new word. Make sure your message be concise, straightforward, and understandable by everyone.

    5. Use Logo of Your Company:

    It is more important to display the logo of your business or company. It builds a faith among the customers and your company gets recognised easily. I will explain How to create your company's Logo on my other blog.

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    6. Use Call-To-Action Button:

    CTA or Call to Action button is the quick linkage of your Facebook Ads to your Website. When a visitor views your Ads, and if he/she is interested in your product, then he/she will definitely want to purchase it. But if there is no any CTA button, then you think one will close his/her Facebook account and will search your company on Google for a particular product? If I suppose he/she does so, then there is a possibility that Google will show huge websites that contain the particular product at different prices. Then definitely he/she will not show loyalty to your company or product.

    7. People Copies People:

    As you know that everyone is the die-hard fan of celebrities in India or abroad. Celebrities have a number of followers who follow her in different ways, styles, living standards or likes and dislikes. So, these are the catchy attraction of your Ads. You can use celebrities images or graphics in your Ads if they allow you to do so.

    8. Always Use the Same Font for Message:

    There are a lot of Text Font available on the Internet. But never try to use different fonts in your each new Facebook Ads. Too many Font choices will just distract from your overall message. Before creating Ads, you must decide which Font is suitable for your business. And maintain this Font in each and every new Ads.

    9. Put the Right Ads in the Right Place:

    Correct placement of your Facebook Ads is critical and, the overall output depends on this placement. Make sure the following placements of your Advertisements will give the best result:

        >> Desktop News Feed: Great for engagement and generating sales & leads. Supports longer copy and link description.

       >> Desktop Right Column: Less effective but cheaper. Images are smaller and text are less readable. It works well for Retargeting users who already know your brand. They can recognize your brand just seeing your company Logo or Icon.

       >> Mobile News Feed: Great for user engagement & mobile app installation. The copy is shorter, so be careful. While conversion rates on mobile are often sneaky, but mobile is great for discovery. Users can discover your products on their mobiles, then buy it on the next day on their desktop.

    10. Boost Your Ads:

    Facebook can help you for boosting your Ads in a large area and group of audiences. You can avail this facility by paying some bucks to Facebook. It increases your Ads visibility in a large audience. But Organic search always gives a more Click to Action.

    11. Consistency:

    Always maintain regularity in your Ads posting. Set your preferences on daily basis or weekly basis for Ads posting. As a result, the audiences will get a fresh content on regular basis and it will make a great relationship between your company and your audience.

    After these 11 points, have you thought there is left any point?

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