• 11 Tips to Improve Facebook Marketing in 2018

  • Tips to Improve Facebook Marketing in 2018

    11 Tips to Improve Facebook Marketing in 2018

    Many times I heard about the Facebook Marketing from my Blogger friends that they are not getting the huge traffic from FB Ads & Facebook Marketing. The website traffic is still on hold, Facebook followers freeze after a limit, posts and share are not getting likes as the Facebook network deserves. Here you should know about the term Improvement in Facebook Marketing. I’m not an expert in Facebook Marketing but I had done an in-depth study on Facebook and find some mistakes that marketers are doing. And I ask a marketer what mistakes that he had done in that past.

    In today’s blog I’ll tell you about the importance of Facebook Marketing and why should you take the corrective steps for that. It will include the 11 reasons behind defected Facebook Marketing strategy for Improvement in Facebook Marketing.

    Why should you go for taking corrective steps for Facebook Marketing?

    Facebook is a huge platform known for a content sharing and engaging with others. It has great potential for your marketing strategy. You should take the advantage of this platform with FB Ads.

    If you are not getting the conversions as expected, you should take the corrective actions for Improvement in Facebook Marketing of your business.

    After improving it, you’ll get:

    1. #Reach

    2. #Likes

    3. #Comments

    4. #Shares

    5. #Click-through Rates

    6. #Impressions

    7. And finally, you’ll get the precious time of your audience, the #Engagement.

    Let’s go towards the mistakes and their solutions.

    1. Create and share images that define your business:

    Initial days, marketers spend a lot of time with their graphic designers and create visual and pics to engage the audience.It is not a mistake but you should put the things that can tell your audience what you are and why you are?

    The problem in this Facebook Marketing is, marketer always try to engage the audience. Maybe for a while, they will get engagement but sure these are not the right audience for you. You can’t convert them into leads.

    And this audience will not engage with you for a long time. They will leave you. So try to target and engage the right audience on your Facebook business page.

    2. Invite your dear ones to Like FB Page:

    It may be possible that your Facebook Marketing Strategy will take some time to attract an audience for your business.But there is a community that can be a good referral to another community for your business. Your near and dear ones.

    They are maybe not your target audience but when a new person comes to your business he will not find that you are alone in the market without any audience. Because Nobody like goes in a Non-Crowded Market.

    3. Share your FB pages in other groups:

    This is an experimental method. I used this method to gain a relevant audience.

    I’m sure, as a business, you are not unique or alone in the industry. There will be another business that working with you and have a similar audience.

    So, you can get the right audience there. By sharing your business pages in other groups you can get the similar audience. Therefore, Don’t think it’s a cheap idea.

    Sharing is Caring”.

     4. Post Punctually:

    Blogging is a good way for ranking your blogs and website higher.

    Likewise, posting on social media (FB) let your audience to be punctual with your business updates. Posting punctually can earn a more relevant audience for your business.

    5. Play the advertisement for Game:

    Now, when you have done with all the unpaid tactics, you should also try the paid one. Doesn’t matter you used it before or not. If you were right during your unpaid tactics, then the paid one would build a great community for you.

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    6. Restudy your Target Segment:

    I have talked with you about advertising on Facebook or FB Ads. But had you got the audience at the initial days? If no, then you should study about your audience again.

    Your audience lives in geographical areas, behavioural factors, psychological concern and with the fashion one.

    You should know that person with a similar behaviour and psychology having some fashion habits, lives in which areas of the nation or across the border.

    7. Share your story with your audience:

    I know you are not king in the industry, but you are a unique personality in the industry. You gain many good or bad experiences in the meanwhile of your business. Don’t think this is irrelevant to your business.

    People never mind what you sell them, the mind that what you are saying to them for your product or business.

    A heart touching story can make you a veteran in your industry.

    8. Organize Contests for Shoppers:

    You know that customers are greedy to get anything for free. Then why don’t play this game for your Facebook Ads? Yes, it works and brings an amazing conversion to your business.

    Create some contests for your potential customers. Invite them to take participate in this contests. Hence, offer them some gifts, bonus points, or discounts in next purchasing through your store.

    Don’t think about the cost of the contests. Because it will really give you healthy leads and conversions which will be much higher than you pay off.

    9. Put up the user's Testimonial:

    This is one of the best ways to connect with prospects by using stories from existing customers. It is actually the social proof of your business.

    The report says that any customer reads reviews and testimonials before making any purchase. Maximum buyers believe on the testimonials and decide to make a purchase.

    Therefore, you must try to upload reviews and testimonials in an unbiased way. Not only positive reviews but also negative reviews will make strong relationship with the buyers.   

    10.  Ask the users Point of View:

    This is like reviews of your products, but here you can request the buyers to give his point of view. What a buyer thinks about your brands, about your products and services, let the people talk about it.

    Not only they may be your beneficial but also any common person, you can request them to write something about your company.

    Hence, these tactics definitely will give you a positive response to your company and you can easily increase your conversion rate.

    11. Engage with other businesses so that their audience can identify and connect with you:

    What is wrong to take your step first toward other company? Why don’t say Hello to other business so that her audience can know about your business? When you start to talk to a family member, then after sometimes, other members of the family will also be known with you.

    Hence, there is the same scene in any business. If you make relation with another business, it’s audiences will automatically engage with your business. Try this tactic to bring potential audiences to your business.


    As a result, as much we know that running FB Ads is one of the best ways to promote your business online. Where you can find a gathering of sellers and buyers simultaneously. So, let’s try Improvement in Facebook Marketing and FB Ads for your business.

    Now, it's your turn. I want to listen from you.
    Tell me how was today’s writing, Improvement in Facebook Marketing?
    Also, have you tried any of these tactics for Improvement in Facebook Marketing to get more audience?

    Kindly put your words below in the box.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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