• 11 Tips to Make Successful eCommerce Website in 2018

  • Tips to Make Successful eCommerce Website in 2018

    11 Tips to Make Successful eCommerce Website in 2018

    To run an eCommerce store successfully is tougher than to start it. Some different market strategies will put your business ahead of others. However, if you want to turn your eCommerce store into a massive business hub, then only you can get it a success. In this post, I will put 11 Awesome Tips to Make your eCommerce Website Successful. You should keep in mind these tips while running your eCommerce store.

    There are a lot of practices which are always performed by the website owners. Some Loyalty Programs are organised by the business owners to bound the old customers. They give some offers to the customers time to time to increase sales also. Besides these, to start attracting buyers and retaining Loyal customers.

    Here are the Tips to Make your eCommerce Website Successful:  

    1. > Clear Vision of your Business Plan

    2. > Offer Free Shipping to Customers

    3. > Selection of Niche Products

    4. > Tell the Customers clear “About Us”

    5. > Target your Customers

    6. > Offer Cash on Delivery option

    7. > Excellent Service Support

    8. > Offer More Payment options

    9. > A useful cum SEO-oriented Blog

    10. > The site should be Mobile-Responsive

    11. > Advertise on Social Media

    Let’s start one by one to understand these tips in detail. Here we Go.

    1. Clear Vision of your Business Plan:

    The foremost thing comes to mind what does your business deal, and what is your company’s vision. Here are a couple of definitions out of the way first:

    • Vision: The big picture dream about your business

    • Purpose: Why you exist

    • Mission: The task you set out to achieve

    • Goal: What you will do to achieve that task.

    Creating a clear vision for your business takes some thought, big thought because this is the one time where you can think larger than you normally would.

    2. Offer Free Shipping to Customers:

    Today’s customers are more attracted towards those online stores which offer Free Shipping. The added cost of standard shipping can easily divert buyers today from completing their purchase at checkout. Sellers who offer free shipping, they can definitely receive more orders.

    3. Selection of Niche Products:

    Choosing a Niche Product is a vital part of creating a successful online business. So, if you try to open and operate your new online store in a crowded and popular product category or market, you are going to have a really tough competition against the already established stores.

    Hence, there is no any method for selection of Niche products, but Google Trends and Google Searches can help you.

    4. Tell the Customers clear “About Us”:

    “About Us” is a very important section of your eCommerce website. The new visitors check it first time definitely. So, here you have a great chance to tell you to the new visitors. What are you, what do you do, and, what services you offer to the clients, tell these clearly to the visitors. Make sure you don’t waste this opportunity as it may lead to gaining a new customer. You should mention the valid information to the customers so that they can trust your brand. Make sure these following information should be clearly visible:

    • Company’s Phone Number

    • Contact email id

    • Company's Address

    • Social Media Channels

    5. Target your Customers:

    This is very important practice to recognise your target customers. Know who your target customers are, and figure out where they like to hang out and what are their shopping habits. If you really want to Make your eCommerce Website Successful, don’t forget this step. The practice to recognise valuable customers depends on what your business is centred on, what products and services you offer and which areas are more affected by your business.

    6. Offer Cash on Delivery option:

    Cash On Delivery (COD) is currently one of the most popular modes of payments among Indian online stores. Indian customers have more trust for those eCommerce companies that offer the option of COD also. Hence, by offering COD option, you can also get the option to impress your customers and can build trust in return. Therefore, Amazon and Flipkart are so successful today. So if you want to Make your eCommerce Website Successful, you should offer COD facility on some items.

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    7. Excellent Service Support:

    This is the opportunity to serve your customers by solving their problems online. When customers send their enquiries regarding the products or services that you offer online. You may also be providing sales support in case one of the products that you have sold online is defective. Here you can provide your customers with the best support to help them so that they come back to you. So make sure you offer a good customer care before selling and a great service support after sales.

    8. Offer More Payment options:

    How do you want to receive payment from your customers? There are several popular means of receiving payments from them. You can opt direct bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards or many more modes of payment. Today's the customers choose online transaction for secure payments. Hence it makes your business very flexible and popular. So, Let it try to Make your eCommerce Website Successful.

    9. A useful cum SEO-oriented Blog:

    One of the most important and manual Tips to Make your eCommerce Website Successful is making sure that your eCommerce website is fully optimised for Search Engines. With today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards, it is now more important than ever to make sure your online store is constantly updated with rich and relevant blogs. An SEO oriented blog increases the traffic to your website. As a result, a number of customers visit your online store regularly basis. So make sure your website has a number of blogs.

    10. The site should be Mobile-Responsive:

    The number of internet users is growing exponentially. The entry of 3G and 4G services in India changed the traditional internet system. As a result, everyone has a smartphone which enables the internet facility. So they usually visit the eCommerce websites and make a purchase without any fear. Hence, as an online store owner, you should make sure that your site’s design is Mobile-Responsive. So that buyers can make a purchase from mobile, laptop or from your mobile apps.

    11. Advertise on Social Media:

    Social media plays a very important role in the success of your online store. Digital marketing will grow your business rapidly. Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and many more platforms are available where you can share your products catalogue. Because these are the most visiting social sites with a huge number of the user database. Hence, use the benefits of these platforms to Make your eCommerce Website Successful.

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