• 15 Best Products to Sell Online in 2018

  • 15 Best Products to Sell Online in 2018

    15 Best Products to Sell Online in 2018

    Everyone wants to earn money online. There are various ways available on the internet through which you can make money online. But one of the most popular methods is to make money by selling products online. The Internet has given this opportunity to everyone to sell products online without having any inventory or warehouse. Amazon, Flipkart etc are doing the same. But one of the main problems is to find out which products to sell online. There are millions of products in a category, then which products will give you high-profit margin and also can attract more customers to your online store. Today, in my this writing, I have compiled some products and their category which are the best selection for your online store. So, let’s know How to find Niche products to Sell online or Most popular Products to Sell online.

    A niche product is that which has limited edition and only available for few. Uniqueness, specificity, relevance, and highly profitable are the key features of a niche product. Sometimes a niche product may be very expensive because of its limited editions and higher demand. Sometimes some products aren’t available in the offline market, but those are available in the online store.

    Hence, you must try the most popular products to sell online because these will bring the new customers to your online store. But the problem is how to decide which are the niche products?

    Here are some tactics which will help you to find niche products to sell online:

    1. Products which aren’t easily available in offline:

    How do you know which products are not easily available in the offline market? For this, you can go nearby markets and find out. You can also use Google Analytics and find out which items are most searched on the internet.

    Once you have a list of items which are not easily found in the offline shop, you can import those items directly to your online store by contacting the suppliers. This is one of the best tactics to find niche products to sell online.

    2. Higher reviews and ratings of the products:

    As I assume you may be a user of Amazon or Flipkart. Use your previous shopping experience. What were you doing while making a purchase on these sites? Tell me.

    I am also a user of many eCommerce marketplaces. When I wish to make a purchase, first I see the reviews and ratings of the particular products on the internet. When I get the satisfactory reviews, then proceed to checkout.

    Use this tactic. Open these sites, make a list of top rated items which have more reviews also. That’s good. You have found some niche products from here.

    3. Products which can give you high margin:

    This tactic depends on your offline shopping experience. You may know well how much an offline store owner earns a margin. Also, you can contact your supplier and can discuss on profit margin. Then select only those products for your store whose margin may be high. Because all products won’t give you a good margin every time. The margin of particular products depends on the season and occasion.

    4. Trending products with limited edition:

    Trust me, really this tactic works most. You may be aware the flesh sales by some brands in the recent years. What is a flash sale? It is just like to sell some limited number of items in a given time period amongst a wide number of customers.

    Then what do you have to do? Try to import these products into your store by a direct partnership with the supplier or any third party supplier. It may be possible that you won’t make more margin on these items, but at least your online store will drive a healthy traffic.

    5. Products which have multifunction:

    First, you should know what is multifunctional products. Multifunctional or multitasking items are those which can many works at a time.

    I will clear this point by giving an example. There are three different products as Mixture, Grinder, and Juicer in the market. But you know, there is a single product which can do these three works alone. Yes, it is available in the market.

    People always try to get more at less cost. Then why a customer will purchase three different items, when he can find a single item for all works. This is the tactic to find niche products to sell online. Let’s try to find out this type of products and list those in your online store today.

    6. A product with branding potential:

    How much can a branded product help your online store? It can be the fourth pillar of your online shop. Try to import the branded products to your store. Because these brands are already famous amongst the customers. You don’t need to convince the customers for the product.

    So, make sure your online store has branded products. Avoid listing unbranded products on your store. It will result to downgrade of your store. You should know that you have potential customers and they use the branded and genuine products.

    7. Create hike about the product before launch:

    Yes, it works a lot to find niche products to sell online. Pre-posting of any product which is going to launch near days. So, be quick and grab the market by posting the items and their amazing features.

    This strategy definitely will prove that you have chosen the niche products for your online store. Always try to post the related news of upcoming item in the market before launching. Google proves that any keyword is searched more before it launched.

    After these hot and creative tactics, I hope you have listed some niche products for your online store. Along with you, I have some niche products now in my mind. So I am going to list those products here, some of these may be matched with your list. Which may not match with you, kindly share those with me via comments below in the box.

    Here are some Most popular Products to Sell online:

    1. Phone accessories:

    As the smartphone industry is growing exponentially, hence the phone accessories industry is growing too. Everyone has a smartphone and he/ she definitely needs phone cover, screen protectors, charger, headphones, earpieces, rings, and many more. So try to start your store with phone accessories.

    2. Smartwatches:

    Smartwatches and smart bands are being famous day by day. These are the health and fitness accessories, so men and women are using these products. Some brands such as Apple, Samsung, Mi, Motorola etc are the big electronics companies which are making these items. In recently some years, in India, sales of these items are increasing drastically.

    3. VR accessories:

    As you know that today, everyone has a smartphone or smart tv for entertainment. Most of the people now prefer to watch movies, tv shows or cricket matches by sitting at home. Therefore they want to take enjoy of Virtual Reality. Use these accessories to import into your online store to increase your sales.


    4. Portable projectors:

    Portable projectors are very famous amongst sales executives. These projectors are very handy and easy to use. Anyone can easily it to the smartphones and can cast their screen on the wall or board for presentation.

    5. Men’s shoes:

    Men’s shoes are the Most popular Products to Sell online. In my online shopping experience, I have remembered that my first online shopping was Reebok shoes. It was awesome. This experience will be same for most of the buyers. So, try to import some trusted branded shoes in your online store.

    6. Automated toys:

    Nowadays, toys are in high demand on the internet. Every type of toys are good for your store, but try to import automated toys. Because these are on trends these days.

    7. Air sofa:

    Air sofa, bean bags, etc are always on demand on the internet. Bean bags are the most popular products to Sell online. So, let’s try it for your store.

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    8. Backpacks:

    Have you noticed that nowadays, backpacks come with mobile charger pins? What an interesting idea. Isn’t it? Try to these types of backpacks to your store because everyone wants to purchase it.  

    9. Video games:

    The best source for video games is online always. 90% of games are sold online. These are those niche products which never be outdated from the online store.

    10. Online courses:

    With the entry of internet, students and teacher interaction have been flexible. A student can anytime for help from his mentor, teacher or tutor. There are a lot of institutes which are remotely located but offers online classes for any corner of the world.

    11. eBooks:

    Kindle. Do you know, why it is famous? For its eBooks. Amazon was founded to sell books and nowadays she sells the eBook in the eBook version. The world is being digitized and education system is replacing its hard copy to soft copy. It may be the most popular products to sell online on your store.

    12. Home decor:

    LED lights, bulbs, decorating lights, and many more are so famous on the internet. The reason is that most of these items are imported from China or other countries. And when these items are not available in the offline market, people searches online and the online store who sells these home decor items.

    13. Belts and wallets:

    Agra’s leather is very famous and hence its product also. In the remote areas, these items are not always available, so the people search these items on the internet. In my opinion, this item may be the most popular products to sell online.

    14. Kitchenware:

    Crockery, utensils, taps etc are very famous. Try to import these types of items more in your store.

    15. Handmade items:

    Maximum handcrafted, graffiti items and handmade items are found in the online store. Because these products are marketed globally and its users are across the world.

    Hence, tell me the most popular products to sell online according to you. 

    Also, which products are not listed in your online store?

    Let me know by dropping your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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