• 3 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2018

  • 3 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2018

    3 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2018

    A keyword is Oxygen of your blog. A good keyword makes your blog healthy and hence it ranks in the top position in the Google search. SEO technique is applicable to those blogs which have good and more demanding keywords. A blog without a proper keyword never is ranked on the Google. Therefore the blog will never get the traffic at all. So before writing a blog, you must have decided what are the keywords of the blog. So you should know how to Plan an SEO Keyword for a better result.

    The giant player of website builder, WordPress is the best suited for the blogs which have more searchable keywords. There are so many tools available on the internet which provides the facility to search a keyword. Google Trends is the most used Free product of Google which gives the exact weight of any keyword. In this post I will make sure you how a keyword is important for a blog and How to Plan an SEO Keyword for Higher Rank.

    There are so many free as well as paid Keyword searching tools for your website. Here is the list of some awesome tools for you:

    1. 1. Google Trends

    2. 2. Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

    3. 3. Moz Keyword Explorer

    While choosing a keyword, keep in mind that should be a long word. Yes, long keywords get higher search results. This type of keyword is called as Long Tail Keyword. In a blog, you should make sure that if you have chosen four keywords, there must be two strong keywords, at least one Long Tail keyword and one may be a weak keyword. Strong keywords are those which have been used many times in the content of the blog.

    Here I am going to explain tools for your SEO keyword make easy. Let’s start one-by-one.

    1. Google Trends:

    Google Trends is a keyword planner tool that allows you to compare the popularity of search words and its trend. It has numerous features which allow you to gain an understanding of the hottest search trends over a period of time.

            Google Trends

                                                                                                                               Google Trends

    Here are the Features of Google Trends:

    When performing to find the popularity of a keyword on Google Trends, you have the option to set Four variables or parameters.

    These parameters are given below:

    1. >> Web Search: Image search, News search, Product search, YouTube search

    2. >> Worldwide: Option to choose a specific country.

    3. >> 2004 to Present: Past 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 12 months, or you can choose a year.

    4. >> All Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Autos & Vehicles, Beauty & Fitness, Books & Literature, Computers &   Electronics etc.

    Besides these, you can compare up to five search terms at one time.

    For example:

    1. >> eCommerce + e-commerce + online marketing

    2. >> Online selling + online store + ecommerce marketplace

    3. >> Flipkart + Amazon + Alibaba + SnapDeal + ShopClues

    By using the "+" sign between your search terms, you are just telling Google that you want to conclude the searches for one out of them.

    I suggest that before start writing a blog, definitely search the keywords in the Google Trends related to your blog topic. And the most important is that the Google Trends is absolutely free for everyone. So use Google Trends from today then see the results how your blogs, as well as a website, get rank in the Google search.

    2. Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool:

    Reach the right customers with the right keywords. Yes, this is the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool for free for your business. For more features, you can purchase its paid services for better analysis. It has a lot of features which can help your business through its keyword strategies.

    Most of the top sites are using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool for their blogs to get top rank in the Google search. This tool can help you to identify terms, phrases, and words potential customers who are related to your business. The best thing is that this tool is very friendly with SEO, so the results are always appreciable.

    Here are the main features of this keyword Planner Tool:

    1. 1. Basic Filtering to Refine your Audience & Budget:

    2. >> Search for new keywords: Allows you to type in a phrase, website, or category to generate new ideas.

    3. >> Multiple keywords lists: Combines two separate lists that you will enter to create new keyword combinations.

    4. >> Search volume and trends: It shows the Historical trending and search volume data of keywords.

    5. >> Cost performance Forecasts: it gives the performance projections for your keyword lists based on your budget.

    6. 2. Targeting:

    7. >> Location: It gives the search volume data and trends based on a specific Geographic location.

    8. >> Language: It gives the search volume data and trends for a specific Language.

    9. >> Search Network: It provides the information that the search data is coming from which part of the world.

    10. >> Negative Keywords: Filters out any words or phrases that you don’t want to see your results.

    So, in my opinion, this keyword planning tool may be the best choice for your business also.

    3. Moz Keyword Explorer:

    Moz keyword Explorer is the other most used keyword planner tool. It has many interesting features which make this tool best in demand.

           Moz Keyword Explorer

                                                                                                                      Moz Keyword Planner

    Here are some unique features of this tool:

    1. >> On-page Metrics with MozBar: Examine and analyze important search, social and page metrics of any site you visit right in your Chrome browser.

    2. >> Research with Open Site Explorer: SEO starts with OSE (Open Site Explorer). It uncovers the content and link building opportunities, tracks your site’s link profile over a period of time and also compares it to your competitors.

    3. >> Manage permission with My business Console: Now the Google My Business Admin Management is very simple. My Business Console is the easiest way for brands and franchisees to audit, add, and remove managers in bulk.

    Here is how you can start to Plan an SEO Keyword within Moz Keyword Explorer:

    1. Step 1: Enter your keyword into the Moz Keyword Explorer Search bar.

    2. Step 2: Navigate to “Keyword Suggestions” on the left-hand menu.

    3. Step 3: Use “Display keyword suggestions that” to “include a mix of sources.”

    4. Step 4: Select “Group keywords” to “NO.”

    5. Step 5: Set keyword list by Highest search to Lowest.

    6. Step 6: Now you can select your desired keyword with highest searches.

    So, it has 30-Days Free trial offer. After that, you must have to purchase its Premium plan.

    As a result, I have completed this post with less number but most useful SEO keyword planners. I hope it will be very helpful to Plan an SEO Keyword for Higher Rank of your ecommerce website.

    Now, tell me which one is your choice for your blog or for your eCommerce website?

    Let me know by simply dropping your words below in the box.

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