• 4 Best Resources to Provide Customer Services (2018)

  • Best Resources to Provide Customer Services

    4 Best Resources to Provide Customer Services (2018)

    There is nothing new in the today’s market’s customer winning approach, but to achieve this there are too many strategies and approaches have to follow.

    Some achieve but missed the peak, some failed and some crossed the limits.

    There are many businesses that are running the operation for Price Model, but running on pricing model is not enough to win market shares. There are too many things which can help a business in grabbing market shares.

    Always notice that customer will not remain with you if you are providing him only monetary benefits. Just give them feelings, values and importance so they can attach to your brand. It leads a long-term business customer relationship.

    I’ll let you know some basics but have importance from business’s perspective.

    Provide free Shipping to your Customer

    Providing free shipping to the customer may seem as a costly thing for an online seller. But, this is a first and major thing that provide quality and value to your customer.

    Let’s look into depth:

    Do you know why your customer is buying online?

    It’s a basic question that WHY?

    I ask a common man and get a simple reply.

    The person said,”I don’t have enough time to go more and more shops, find products and pay them and ask for a discount. It looks like bad. My time is wasting finding the best deal. I’ll not be going to waste my time while I have an easy option for shopping. The amount I’m spending on travelling, I would like to spend on delivery.”

    This is a simple and sound reply.

    Think this was the reason for Online Shopping. But why he should shop with you?

    There is a solution.

    You are saving customer’s money. If you are providing free shipping service to your customer then he will surely come to you and remains.

    It creates a value in customer’s mind.

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    Offer Coupons to your Customers

    Providing coupon codes to the customer is another market winning strategy from a business perspective.

    1. 84% Shoppers like to use a coupon while shopping Online

    2. 87% of the shoppers said, they would like to revisit again to a site, if it issues coupon at the first time

    3. 35% of the total population belongs to Delhi, it is peak point in coupon usage. It is followed by Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai &       Pune.

    4. 70% of Smartphone users use their device to find DIgital Coupons.

    5. 47% are Females and 53% are Males.

    6. 78% uses a coupon on Regularly basis, while 22% uses the first time while remaining search sometimes.

    7. During the year 2013-15 Coupon Trends raise 13% to 65%.

    This was I mentioned in my another blog name “Offer your Customers a Good Deal with Discount Coupons”.

    These are some little bit things that are giving worth to your customer.

    Generate a Slogan

    Now, make something that can attach your business to customer.

    I’m telling here two things only. First one is your business Slogan and other is product’s description.

    Your Business slogan should be a creator of feelings, solution of a problem, easy to remember, interesting to relate and glorious in reading.

    Although, it creates a lot of time. When you will run a business, after some time you can decide a better slogan for your website or shop. But, there are too many slogan generator websites and tools that can help you in creating a slogan.

    These are:

    1. Shopify

    2. Procato

    3. Slogan generator

    4. Sloganizer

    5. Slogan generator instantly

    6. Go Spaces Slogan Generator

    7. Slogan 4 U

    8. Free Slogan Generator

    These will help you when you are unable to make any slogan, but if you have to make it. Nobody can be you, you are unique.

    Now come to the last.

    Your product’s description.

    The main thing that customer see while surfing on your online store. Let make it more attractive. Your product’s description should include:

    1. The benefits: The value that customer is receiving apart from monetary benefits.

    2. The superlativity: the uniqueness of your product that you are providing.

    3. And a mini story: A mini story that creates the feeling about your product.

    These are the thing that creates worth to your customer. Nothing jargonity in this concept.

    hence, provide all these things and deliver a great value to your customer.

    Tell how it was beneficial to you.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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