• 6 Ultimate Ways to Resell Products in 2019

  • ultimate ways to resell the products in 2019

    6 Ultimate Ways to Resell Products in 2019

    In 2019, Reselling products is a good way to earn money. E-commerce has made it easier. You can sell and make marginal profits or you can find better ways to resell products and earn more. 

    In today‚Äôs article, we will tell you some of the best ways to Resell Products and expand your horizons. 

    1. Alternative Routes

    The most common route to resell products is to set up a brick and mortar shop and sell or go online on popular marketplaces like Amazon and ebay. The cost of selling on such platforms could well eat into your profits. 

                                                                                     Alternative Routes

    Explore alternative routes like etsy, Facebook, Craigslist, Pinterest and other sites where it is a peer to peer based sale. You do not need to sell brand new items through such routes and you can buy cheap and sell at a higher price to make a profit. 

    2. Consider Flipping

    If you plan to use the power of sites like Facebook, etsy and Craigslist then you should consider flipping.

                                                                                                         Consider Flipping

    You can buy items for a low rate, clean them up to make them look more presentable and present them on etsy and Facebook. Sources of items can be local malls and stores that wish to sell off inventory and the flea market. 

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    3. Resell to Resellers

    For this to work you need to plan and research a lot. Sourcing becomes just as important as finding buyers. China is a good place to source virtually any industrial or consumer product and get it in bulk at low prices.

                                                                                 Resell to Resellers

     Sell to resellers at slim margins and even then you make a profit. Arrange for dropshipping and you are set. 

    4. Value addition

    Buy a packaged product and sell at a slightly higher cost. You will earn minimum profit. Think of value addition such as buying plain T shirts, printing them with unique logos and designs and selling them. 

                                                                              Value addition

    Buy a painting, frame it and you can earn more.  Look at antiques and rare books. You could find some at low prices in local markets. 

    5. Help the Small Guys

    There are hundreds of individuals all over the place handcrafting products that can be anything like hand made soaps and candles to art works, beadworks and ceramic pottery. 

                                                                             Help the Small Guys

    Offer to help them, promote their products and you can get good returns while establishing a niche for yourself to stand apart from the competition. 

    6. Use Tech

    You can join online marketplaces and then sit back for orders to flow in. You can use technology to increase sales. For instance there are tools like Helium 10 that help sellers on Amazon find keywords, identify trends, keep an eye on competitors and optimize product listings. 

                                                                             Use Tech

    You can go in for search engine optimization, launch Facebook pages for social interaction and start tweets. Build email lists and start email campaigns to keep past buyers engaged and motivated with rewards and lures all the time. In an online marketplace where dozens are selling the same thing, you will be able to stand out and sell more. 

    If you find a product is not doing well, drop it and find something else to sell. 


    You can easily resell the products by using the above method. It will help you to get more and more Customers and also it will increase your day by day in 2019. Nevertheless, it is quite challenging to resell the Products Online as there is already much competition in the E-commerce Market. Besides this, you can also choose the Products that are available at best Wholesale price so that you can Earn high profit by reselling the Products on Social Media.

    Author: Prajakta

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