• 7 Best Online Logo Maker tools in 2018: A Best-fit for Small Businesses

  • Best Online Logo Maker tools in 2018

    7 Best Online Logo Maker tools in 2018: A Best-fit for Small Businesses

    Often time as an entrepreneur we get an awesome idea that never exists before. Now, you are planning for a new business. This new business every time needs an identity to identify. It's a logo. You need an Online Logo Maker Website to create a logo for your business.
    You have to communicate with people as they would be in your business, directly or indirectly.
    What you will show them. A name, Symbol, idea, plan or anything else.
    So, the first one they would like to hear your business name and want to see your logo.
    A logo has great importance on your business planning and future. You have to design it carefully as it is your business’s identity.

    Do you know what a Logo is?

    “A symbol, sign, name or anything else belongs to a business.” No, it’s not appropriate.

    “A logo is not a sign or symbol, its definition of your business.”

    You should design it carefully, not play it with.

    There are many websites that can help you in designing a logo for your business. Today I’ll tell you about how you should make a logo and the platforms where you can frame your idea and visions in a design.

    “It’s like a Present for your Readers”.

    First, we learn how to design a Logo then we see, the Online Logo Maker Websites.
    I’m considering that you have a business idea and a name of your business.
    Just Type your business name in your Word file and copy paste it many times on the same file.
    You can see that there is a single name with different styles. Select the best-fit type as per your choice.

    Now, add an icon to your Logotype

    You have designed name of your business in a unique type. Let’s add a symbolic design to it. It could be an alphabet, shape or image. Just design it.
    You are done. Lay it out!
    It was all about “how to”?
    Now comes to “to which one”?

    There 7 best Online Logo Maker tools

    1. Canva


    I’m placing Canva at the top as it is the best tool up to I used before. It is not mainly for logo designing but has many common features like Adobe Photoshop. It used by many professional to make pics and various designs.

    Canva is providing you free tools to create a logo. It has various templates, fonts, pics, vectors, and various other tools that can help you in creating a logo for your business.

    After finishing your Logo you can download it in JPEG, PNG and PDF format without any cost. Canva could be your best choice as Online Logo Maker Website.

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    2. Shopify Online Logo Maker

    Shopify Online Logo Maker

    Shopify is an awesome platform for entrepreneurs. I have used it to make some logos. By using it you can make logo within few seconds and doesn’t need any kind of technical advice.

    You just need an idea, concept and curiosity to create a logo for your business. There is only a disadvantage that it has limited tools and used by many of the small businesses.
    Shopify is a good option as an Online Logo Maker Website for your concept.

    3. Free Logo Design

     Free Logo Design

    This one is mainly committed to Logo design. It is free for designing your logo. Free Logo Design is providing you 20 different categories and can see the preview in thousands of categories.

    You have to just type the name of your company and see a thousand previews of free logo templates. You can customize your logo in accordance with colour, shape and font and download your design for free.

     If you want to download the much better version you have to pay $59 for that.

    Hence, It is a good Online Logo Maker Website but it will help you in designing your business visiting cards.

    4. Graphic Rings

     Graphic Rings

    Graphic Rings is committed for Business cards, Logos & website building. It provides you variety of frames and templates.

    It works simply and doesn’t require any expertise to design a logo for your business. Just type your business name, select a tagline for your business, select an image and add shapes. Now, download your logo.

    These logos will help you for any kind of industries like photography, pharmacy, printing business and there are more than 40 categories of business for which you can create a logo. Hence, It is a time-saving tool and good for making a logo related to a specific business.

    5. Logo Makr

     Logo Makr

    Create a logo by dragging an image or shape and customize its size and colour. There are more than 40 templates that can create a full logo for your business cards with name and tags. Edit here the texts, colour and there is the tool that gives your logo a perfect crop.

    After making the design simply download it.

    There is a downside of Logo Makr that, it will give you a low-quality file. If you need it in high resolution, you have to pay $29.

    So, you can create here copyrighted logo, fits your industry and can get it in a vector format.

    6. Vectr


    It is a free vector Graphics Software. All you need to create a copyright logo is in a vector form. As a genuinity mark, you should create your logo in vector format. Vectr provides some of the photoshop features to create an online logo. You can upload custom images and customize it.

    You can save your work online with Vectr as a signed up user. The files you create here will always in a high resolution.

    So, you don’t need to pay any charge to download them.

    7. Logo Garden

    Logo Garden

    Logo garden is another Website that allows you to create a Logo and customize your logo online. Likewise others offers you various templates to create Online Logos for your business. Second, it has thousands of symbols and layout options that will help you in creating a genuine logo for your eCommerce store.

    You will get tools here for editing and create text, symbols belong to more than 10 categories and various paint tools.

    Hence, Logo Garden can help you in creating logo and designs for your business cards, T-Shirts, coffee mugs and various other things.


    These free Online Logo maker website will provide you fantastic experience in creating the online logo for your eCommerce store. I would like to recommend you hire an expert logo designer for your business. If you think there should be more websites for creating online logo then put your words here.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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