• 7 tips to use Facebook to Grow Resell Business

  • 7 tips to use Facebook to Grow Resell Business

    7 tips to use Facebook to Grow Resell Business

    Facebook has become the best online forum to Advertise your business. But without any proper strategy and execution of your products, you cannot avail the advantages of Facebook which is used by millions of people every second. 

    So let’s know the tips and tricks which can be incorporated to be used in Facebook to grow to resell business:-

    1. Engaging Posts

    The posts which you are posting on your page should be attractive and attention seeker. To make your posts interesting and attractive you can post photos, interesting facts, and links of the most searched articles in your posts.
    By posting all the relevant and interesting links you have to build a trust with your followers and once you realize that the relationship between you and your followers is growing stronger then you can start posting the products and links of your website. But keep in mind that your links and posts shared on your page will only be viewed by your friends and not by the entire Facebook members.

    2. Boost your Services/Products

    You can focus on particular products /services to a specific group of people and post them with complimentary images which portray the best relationship between them. If this procedure is followed then there are more chances that the targeted group will react positively to your products/services, or even they can avail your stuff as well.

    3. Lock more likes
    In order to boost your posts, you have to get many likes. You can increase the number of likes in your group through the following:-

    1. Post your product/services on your page

    2. Invite family & friends to like them.

    3. Never try to have those people who are your non-engaged followers, because they are of no use to you.

    4. You can even get more likes by using the Promoted Page Like, feature which you will find on your Facebook Page.

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    4. Start a contest 

    People love to get free gifts and vouchers, and would not mind sharing and like your post for it. So running a contest is the best way to invite more and more people to hit the like button and become your followers.
    For example, you can run the contest by offering any product/services free of cost by captioning the post as, free product/ service for the person who will hit more like and share icon for my products/services/post link/website link etc. Please never forget to post your content with the image because images are more catchy than only content.

    5. Avail – Boost Post feature of Facebook
    The results of incorporating the Boost Post feature of Facebook are commendable and profitable as well. The following are the reasons why you should immediately use to grow your reselling business in Facebook:-

    1. It is very simple and easily comprehensible.

    2. Its result orientated

    3. The results can be easily measured

    You can even use the Facebook app, such as- Power Editor or the Facebook Ads Manager, but these are costly and if you are a small enterprise then you do not have to invest money in these app.’s, just follow the above mentioned points and view the boosting of your posts done with minimal cost.

    6. Simple & easy way to contact you

    Never add too many options for a contact you in your page, because it irritates and eats lots of time of your followers due to which they can flock to your competitors. The following should be the mode of your contact:-

    1. Phone Numbers

    2. Facebook Messages.

    7. Execute – Facebook Offer

    You can run the Facebook offer to upgrade your sale through Facebook. Though it’s not free of cost to execute it still you can increase your sale by offering a discount offer for a limited time period. For redeeming this offer, your friends or followers have to visit your store and buy the products at a discounted rate.  

    We hope that this blog has been beneficial for all the resellers who wanted to use Facebook as their online business portal. So just follow the above-mentioned tips and start earning using Facebook. We would love to hear your experiences on selling on Facebook.

    Happy Selling!

    Author: Sneha Grover

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