• 8 Steps to Sell Products on WhatsApp in 2019 (A Complete Guide)

  • sell products on whatsapp in 2019

    8 Steps to Sell Products on WhatsApp in 2019 (A Complete Guide)

    This post is about How to Sell your Products on WhatsApp or Sell on WhatsApp as your selling destination in 2018. Are you surprised to listen that WhatsApp offers a selling destination for small business? Yes, WhatsApp gives this opportunity to business initiative also. If you want to sell your products online, but you don’t have much money, nor do you have a knowledge of website building. However, you have a smartphone and internet connection. Then it is enough to create an online store in WhatsApp or on Instagram. WhatsApp helps you to sell your product on it with high profit and low expenses. The best thing about WhatsApp is that almost everyone uses it and it does not require any training and it absolutely free also. You can easily start your shop and increase sales by downloading WhatsApp Business Application.

    Why choose WhatsApp for your Online Shop?

    WhatsApp users in India have been increasing drastically since its launch. India is the largest country in the world for using of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp has a large number of users. It had 20 million users in 2013 when it was launched in India. In October 2014, WhatsApp crossed 70 million monthly active users in India. In February 2017, WhatsApp crossed 200 million users. In addition to present, the worldwide users of WhatsApp are 1.5 Billion till 31st January 2018.

                                          WhatsApp users in India   

                                                                                           Source: Google

    Then what are you thinking? Choose WhatsApp as your online shop by doing some easy steps.  Keep with me, I’ll guide you step by step process to learn How to Sell your Products on WhatsApp. Let’s Start, Here We Go…

    Hence, here is the list of steps requires How to sell your products on WhatsApp:

    1. Download WhatsApp Business App

    2. Create a Business Profile

    3. Business Setting

    4. Create Sales Inquiries on WhatsApp

    5. Benefits of Sell on WhatsApp

    6. Points to be Remember

    7. Items that you can sell on WhatsApp

    8. WhatsApp Payment

    Step 1: Download WhatsApp Business App:

    WhatsApp Business as an Android app which is free to download. It was built for the small business. It’s some interesting tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages make it popular. As a result, it can interact with the customers to buy your product.

    First of all, you need to download and install the app. It is available in Play Store. 

                                              WhatsApp Business App

                                                        Source: Playstore-how to sell your products on WhatsApp

    Step 2: Create a Business Profile:

    Once you downloaded the App, you need to register your company name once and that cannot be changed later. WhatsApp Business Profile allows you to add information about your company, including your business address, Category, Description, Email and Website. Customers can easily see this information when they look at your Profile. 

    Start by entering your phone number and verify it. Once you verify it, you will redirect to the Business Profile section. Next, you have to enter Your Business Info where you have to provide the business name and an optional photo also. 

    To edit your WhatsApp Business Profile:

    This setting is different from Personal WhatsApp setting. It will not find the Personal Purpose WhatsApp. Hence, here you will find some unique features that will provide More Messages Less Work concept. 

    To edit your Business Setting:

    1. # Tap Setting > Business Setting

    So, Business setting gives you the following options and Messaging Tools also:

                                                                     WhatsApp Business Setting

                                                                                       Source: WhatsApp

    Profile Setting: Here you can locate your business address directly from Google Map option or simply put your business location. Then describe your business in short and easy words so that customers can have a look. Set your business operations hours as per your convenience. Then provide Email ID and the Website address of your company, if any.

    Statistics: This gives the information chat stats. In addition to, these chats consist of Sent Messages, Delivered Messages, Read Messages or Received Messages. From here you can see your received orders from customers.

    Send Away Messages: This messaging tool enables you to the automatically reply with a message when you are away. While this service works when you may be away from your WhatsApp but the WhatsApp should remain in Online mode. Here you can preset some short messages which will send automatically to the customers.

    Greeting Message: By this tool, Greet customers when they message you for the first time or after 14 days of No Activity. Here you can set a Welcome message. Remind please, this message will send when you have an active internet connection.

    Quick Reply: Use quick replies to create shortcuts for frequently sent messages. For example, “Thank you for your placing an order! We look forward to working with you again.”

    Step 4: Create Sales Inquiries on WhatsApp:

    • WhatsApp greatly helps for Marketing of your products and Business free of cost. You can share your numbers in all Marketing Community so that people reach out to you. Hence, let the people know about your products and ask a question regarding your product.

    • You can search on Facebook for a different business group where you can communicate with the other sellers and customers.

    • Now WhatsApp also provides the site such as https://WhatsApp.com, where you can choose different groups according to your interest.
    • If, the above is not helping you, go with an above-mentioned link for creating the shop on Facebook.

      Step 5: Benefits of Sell on WhatsApp:

    Here are some interesting benefits of WhatsApp Business because of its popularity.

    • Have you ever seen this message  “WhatsApp me on this Number: 9876543210 (for example)” in any hoarding or newspaper? This is the biggest benefit of WhatsApp Business. As a result, when people see this message in News Paper Ads, TV Commercial Ads, or Hoardings, they can contact you instantly.

    • You can promote your business on every social media platform. Where there is already a huge traffic of sellers and buyers. Therefore this is the best platform to grow your business.

    • Chatbot Automation offers a one-to-one communication with your customers. Hence you can attract a number of customers through direct message.

    • Step 6: Points to be Remember:

    • You can use both Apps, WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business. Each App, however, must be linked to its own Unique Phone Number. It’s not possible to have one Phone Number linked to both Apps at the same time.

    • If You have an existing WhatsApp Messenger Account, you will have the option to migrate your chat history to your new WhatsApp Business Account.

      Your chat history cannot be migrated Back to WhatsApp Messenger if you decide to stop using WhatsApp Business.

    • Step 7: Items that you can sell on WhatsApp:

    In the initial practice, you can sell these following products as a WhatsApp Business:

    • # Jewellery

    • # Clothing

    • # Accessories (Bags, Belts, Watches, Sunglass, Mobile Covers etc)

    • # Footwear

    • # Hand Crafted Product

    • # Home Decor

    • # Cutlery and Kitchen Items

      Step 8: WhatsApp Payment:

    • # WhatsApp Payment feature has finally rolled out in India after months testing of Payment option.

      # Payments of WhatsApp are based on India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to allow for direct bank transfer is now Live on both the platform, Android as well as iOS.

      # WhatsApp appears to have partnered with ICICI bank for providing UPI Payments.

    • # Payments on WhatsApp will appear in Setting. Once here, you will have to add a Bank Account. Tap on add New Bank Account. WhatsApp will then ask you to accept its Terms and Conditions.

    • # Users can locate the Payment option in WhatsApp by tapping on the Attachment Button. After that, users will see the Payment option along with other options such as Gallery, Video and others also.

      Here I have done the post How to Sell your Products on WhatsApp or Sell on WhatsApp. But it is not enough. More and more new features are coming to WhatsApp Business app in coming future. Stay with me, I will certainly update you time to time.

    In a conclusion, I am sure that to sell on WhatsApp will not be a big deal for you.

    Finally, what do you think of this post? Further, have any problem in How to Sell your Products on WhatsApp?

    Hit the box below without any hesitate.

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