• Alpha-Beta Testing | A Complete Guide to know the A/B testing

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    Alpha-Beta Testing | A Complete Guide to know the A/B testing

    Have you ever noticed which element on your website is doing better than others? Which element brings more conversion to your website? Only posting on a regular basis on your website is not enough. You must analyse which element on your website is performing well. Hence, you can compare any two and find out which one is good. For this task, most of the website owners perform A/B testing. Yes, Alpha-Beta Testing is to compare any two elements on your website. Today,  in my this writing, I will cover all of the A/B testings and let you know why it is so important for your website.

    In addition to, A/B testing has become an integral part of creating Landing pages. So, it determines which content works better for your website. It is an important experiment by which you can analyse two or more web pages shown to the users at random. So that you can determine which variation performs better for a given conversion target.

    The Process of Testing two Web elements to find out which Performs better.

    Here is the list of topics which I will cover in this writing:

    1. 1. What is A/B testing?

    2. 2. How does A/B testing work?

    3. 3. Why is A/B testing important?

    4. 4. What are the Benefits of A/B testing?

    5. 5. How does A/B testing Process?

    6. 6. Things to Test on Web pages

    So, Let’s start to do Alpha-Beta Testing with me. Here We Go:-

    1. What is A/B testing?

    Alpha-Beta Testing or simply A/B testing is a method of comparing two elements of a webpage or apps and find out which one is performing better.  The A/B testing generally consists of your landing page as the control (A) and makes changes on it at a time, and it tests on another page (B). A/B testing also known as Split testing or Bucket testing.

                                        What is AB testing

    The goals of every website on the internet are as following:

    1. # eCommerce website wants more visitors to increase traffic.

    2. # It wants more buyers to purchase products from it.

    3. # Apps want more visitors to sign up for a trial and then convert to paid services.

    As a result, every website wants visitors to convert into its services or something else. The rate at which a website converts its visitors into a potential customer is known as “Conversion rate”. Hence, Alpha-Beta Testing performs the same which measures the performance of a variation (A or B), means the rate at which it converts visitors to potential buyers.

    2. How does A/B testing work?

    Step 1: A/B testing starts with a clone version of a webpage or an app screen. The clone version may have some modification. This modification can be as simple as a single headline, click button (CTA), or a complete redesign of the webpage.

    Step 2: As a result, half traffic of your webpage will be at the original page version (Control) and the remaining half will be at the modified page version (Variation).

    Step 3: Since the visitors are at either the Control or Variation version, their engagement is measured. The Analytics dashboard will show the stats of both the web pages comparatively.


    Step 4: Hence, now you can easily determine whether changing the webpage’s experience has a positive, negative or no effect on visitors behaviour.

    3. Why is A/B testing important?

    As I know the testing, A/B testing is the most useful modern tool for your website to analyse every page. Besides these, here are some important reasons that are why A/B testing is so important for any website:

    1. # The best way to measure and track the stats after changed any webpage than the original page.

    2. # User experience allows optimizing your webpage for the desired outcome. Hence, you can design some crucial steps in a marketing campaign for more effective.

    3. # Alpha-Beta Testing allows individuals, teams, and companies to make changes to their user experiences while collecting data on the results.
      #A/B testing can also help the developers and designers to demonstrate the impact of new features or changes to a user experience.

    Alpha-Beta Testing is the process of comparing two versions of a webpage against each other in a live mode.

    4. What are the Benefits of A/B testing?

    The landing pages are an important part of any company’s online marketing campaign. The most visitors land on the landing page from any inbound links, advertisements, or call to action button present anywhere on the internet. So, it is very important to do Alpha-Beta Testing of at least the landing page of any website. Besides these, here are 7 benefits to performing A/B testing on your web pages:

    You can improve your web content: The A/B testing leads to better content because you can decide which type of content available on your webpage is valuable. Hence, you can create a list of valuable contents for your website and apply these to improve the user experience.

    Easily can Reduce the Bounce Rate: The Bounce rate is how frequently any visitor lefts your webpage. It is because your web pages were missing something definitely. So, A/B testing will help you to find a winning combination of elements that engage visitors on your website for a long time with value content which may ultimately lead to a sale.

    You can Increase Conversion Rate: Alpha-Beta Testing provides you with a list of good and bad things about your web pages. Hence, it is the simplest and most effective way to determine the best content which can convert visitors into sign-ups, subscriptions and purchases. You can easily compare which content works and what doesn’t help to convert more leads.

    Test your Customers behaviour before Making any Decisions, Increases the likelihood of the Success.

    Easily can Reduce the Cart Abandonment: Cart abandonment is the biggest problems for many eCommerce companies. Its rate is varying from 40% to 75%. There are many reasons for cart abandonment, but the customers tweaking anywhere. At the shipping cost portion, check-out page and even colours may help you to find a suitable combination which encourages more visitors to complete the check-out process. A/B testing is the best way to reduce this rate.

    You can increase your Sales: Yes, you can try this testing to increase your sales. You can increase your brand value, brand loyalty, retaining old customers, and as a result, your sales will increase.

    Easy to Analyse your Business: Alpha-Beta Testing gives a complete picture of your web pages. Which page is Hero and which one is Zero, you can easily differentiate those pages. Which page is driving more traffic to your website, and giving more leads, you can analyse.

    Low Risk in your Business: A/B testing reduces risks to take big decisions like pricing and strategy. Test your customer's behaviour before making any decisions increases the likelihood of the Success. Hence, the A/B testing helps the companies to target their resources for maximum results, increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) whether for short time or a long time.

    5. How does A/B testing Process?

    The correct way to run an A/B testing is a technical process. It includes the following steps:

    Collect data from Web pages: It helps to begin with high traffic areas of your website. That allows you to collect data faster. Observe the pages with low conversion rates can be improved.

    Set your Target: Your conversion target is to determine whether or not the variation is more successful than the original version.

    Observe User Behavior: You can find out where the user gets stuck on the page. Also, find the reason what is stopping the visitors from converting into sales.

    Generate Hypothesis: It is a technique to build a hypothesis to increase the conversions. For example, “Increasing the size of the CTA button will make it more prominent and will increase conversions.”

    Apply the ExperimentAt this point, visitors to your website will randomly assign to either the Control or Variation of your experience. Their experience can measure, count, and compare to determine how much each performs.

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    6. Things to Test on Web pages:

    Everything you can test on your website using A/B testing. However, here is a list of things which you can perform on your website:

    1. # Headlines text

    2. # Sub-headlines

    3. # Call to Action text/button

    4. # Internal links or other links

    5. # Images, its quality, size and colour

    6. # Blogs and their font, size or feature images

    7. # Social media linkage

    8. # Awards and badges

    That’s over!
    After a long discussion about Alpha-Beta Testing, I want to give a rest to my pen.

    Also if there is something missing on this writing, you can put your words below in the box.

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