• Genuine Ways of Making Money with Blogging in 2019

  • ways of making money with blogging in 2019

    Genuine Ways of Making Money with Blogging in 2019

    The basic thing we are experiencing is that the world is transforming into a freelance and gig economy where more and more individuals are making money on their own terms through a side hustle. And of the most famous side hustles is to bring an online presence and make money blogging.

    It is no surprise that more individuals are searching for information on how to begin an online business to generate additional income, perhaps full time income on the internet. The internet has turned blogging mainstream, to the point where there may be over five hundred million blogs online as you read the article. While income generated is probably the best reason to start your own blog.

    If you are a novice to blogging or just commenced a blog, then be ready to discover to valuable content because you tend to see different legit ways of making money with blogging. In this post, we are highlighting some steps by which you can begin and get the right kind of audience for your blog.

    Steps To Follow To Make Money Blogging in 2019

    There are several steps you need to follow to make money from a blog. These steps will be listed below as follows:

    • -> Create your blog

    • -> Begin creating useful content

    • -> Get off your blog and begin discovering readers

    • -> Establish engagement with the readers that visit your site

    • -> Begin making money from the readership you have through many variety of income streams

    This process might look easy but you need to have basic knowledge that there is a lot to each step and below there are some pointers you need to know. Here are genuine ways of making money from a blog.

    #Step 1: Begin a Blog

    Firstly, to make money blogging, you need to have a blog. While this is pretty known it is also a hindrance for many prebloggers who have little or no technical background of blogging. Many individuals have experienced this and they begin to feel a little overwhelmed by the process of beginning their blog.

    Even if you are a novice you can do these things very easily by following some video tutorials online. The quick process of blog making involves the following:

    * Pick Your Blog's Name and Domain according to your niche like if you are writing on fashion then your domain must have an impression of the “fashion niche”. Some real good examples are: thefashionguitar.com, hellofashionblog.com etc.

    * Find a Reliable Hosting Provider.

    * Choose a Blogging Platform (CMS). (I suggest Blogger.com or WordPress to a new blogger)

    * Choose a Theme, Customize it and Design Your Blog.

    * Create Your Essential Pages (Home, About, Contact etc.)

    The Next Step, which is one of the most important steps are “Generating Content”

    #Step 2: Begin Creating Useful Content

    A blog cannot be referred as a blog with no content, so it is advisable that once you create your blog, you need to focus your attention upon setting useful content. What you select to create will fully depend on the topic you select to write on. It should be noted that most successful bloggers have real focus to their blogging which could either be a niche or a demographic that they write for.

    The key to setting content is to make it very useful especially to the readers. Having real focus upon setting content that transform individuals lives in some way will be the kind of content that individuals will value the most and it will aid individuals to feel like they like, know and trust you, which is very important if you want to make money from your blog.

    Creating beautiful blog images for WordPress is also part of creating a useful content. It is advisable to use Canva for blog images though there are many others you can use for blog images.

    #Step 3: Get Off Your Blog and Begin Discovering Readers

    Creating the most useful content that you possibly can make easy to get very insular with your genuine focus and spending most of your time searching at establishing your blog will come mentally with their blogging but this is a bit of a trap.

    Any individual that want to make money from his or her blog, you need to not only focus upon establishing a great blog but it is also important to get off your blog and to begin promoting it.

    Begin by having good thoughts about the kind of reader you would like to have read your blog. You might also like to create an avatar of that reader to enable you work out who you are trying to attract.

    Once you are aware on whom you are hoping to have read your blog, question yourself where that kind of person might already be meeting online. Start to list where they might be meeting:

    • -> Are they making inquiries on certain blogs? List the top three

    • -> Are they contributing in certain forums? List the top three

    • -> Are they paying attention to podcasts? List the top three

    • -> Are they contributing on certain social networks? List the top three

    • -> Which accounts are they following on every social network? List the top three

    Every place that the reader might already be meeting has chances to grow a presence which could be by leaving good comments, offering to create guest posts or by supporting and answering questions.

    #Step 4: Establish Engagement with the Readers That Visit Your Site

    You respond to comments, reach out to those readers personally and do everything that will enable those readers to come back again by establishing a sticky blog. Also, one of the best ways to enhance engagement and get increased traffic is by following an effective social media strategy. So, plan for it and get referral traffic from social platforms!


    Begin Making Money from the Readership You Have Through Many Variety of Income Streams

    After following the first 4 steps of beginning a blog, creating content, discovering readers and establishing engagement with the readers. The next step for you is to get in place before you will be able to establish long term income for your blog. Once you establish visitors then some ways to earn from your blog are: Google AdSense, Banner Ads, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Posts. Following these ways will help generating the desired income sitting at your home.

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