• The Ultimate Guide to Viral Marketing in 2018

  • Ultimate guide to viral marketing in 2018

    The Ultimate Guide to Viral Marketing in 2018

    A business is nothing till its product or services gonna viral. Nowadays, every business, especially startups need the thing virality. Startups are the only ones who are bringing the innovation and customer experience. But, still, startups are surviving. You should try Viral Marketing for your business.

    “If even after working a lot, your audience doesn’t know about you.

    It means you are surviving, not enjoying.”

    Startups work more than an expected working hour, but still, you are not famous among your audience, then you should not leave your survival journey. You should survive more.

    “If you can’t survive, you will cry.”

    Let’s read the key to survive meaningfully.

    Viral Marketing

    Viral marketing is a way to spread information silently among the community with common needs and wants through Word of Mouth, social media or emails. It spread silently but works bombardly. When your actual and potential customers start appraising you among their families and friends, it means you are doing a good viral marketing.

    The term Virality denotes the connectivity among the number of peoples gathered with a common objective of creating and sharing awareness among them for a specific brand or business. In today’s era, every marketing is based on online strategy as every person spends his most of the time on social media platforms. Online Platform includes the communication, interaction, dialogues and beautiful virtual relationship.

    That’s why targeting customers online are easy.

    Role of Viral Marketing

    As a startup, you have to control not only what to be scattered among audience but how and how much it should be scattered and spread among the audience.

    It means you should determine methodologies for your viral marketing.

    These will include:

    1. A platform where you are going to spread information
    2. Channel of communication
    3. It’s Objective
    4. Message for that
    5. And it’s Orientation

    Let’s cover all in a single para.

    The Social Media Advertising strategy facilitates all the marketers and interested personnel to customize their messages and dialogues with their targeted audience. It will enable you in interacting in the most comfortable way. You can easily frame all the scripts for dialogue interaction and frequent answers to their queries on the basis of data you have gathered. As a market maven, you should consider only social hub, sales people, memorable and interesting message and at the end, it should include a delivering valuable content.

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    It was all about the role and how it could be shown to an audience.

    Viral Marketing is not same as guerilla or loyalty program but it has variation from nature.

    It also requires some skills. But these skills don’t relate to degrees.

    Have an eye on it.

    Every bigger matter going to happen, need skills from those going to begins.

    There you need to start viral marketing is all about a creativity, craziness or creating an awesome experience.

    Let’s understand it in a different way.

    You are a start-up, having a website and need traffic on your website. What should you possess? SEO? Content Writing? Funny Videos?

    No, the above can give you traffic for a while only. So you need “Art of Getting Attention”. This art of attention will help you in bring traffic at a constant rate, famousness and leads from out of the box.

    Here I’m giving you some ideas that can help you in grabbing attention.

    1. Creating a museum to gather traffic

    Select a perfect space where you can present yourself for free. Here people don’t need to stop you but they are not going to ignore you.

    2. Walk-in-store

    walk in store

    Make a Walk-in-store environment where your customer can feel your together-with.

    3. Light Shows

    light shows

    A good show can be only good if it can blow the visitor's mind.

    Don’t take it physically. It’s an inspiration for your website looks as I know it is a costly method.

    4. Say something else and denote something else

    say something

    It’s a traditional way. Often time it is called double meaning talks. Many of the Indian eCommerce companies are using these tactics to gather leads rather than gathering traffic.

    Things you need to do it

    There is a checklist you need to it:

    1. Social Marketing Ideas

    Social Marketing Ideas

    Social Media are the first step of being viral. If you want to do viral marketing then begins your journey from here.

    You should of ideas of how the social media trends work. You are going to Twitter or Facebook there are ##tags that making and changing trends.

    2. Urban Marketing Ideas

    Urban Marketing Ideas

    Urban marketing is looking weird in listening but it is simple as its name. It means that your target audience lives in an urbanized area. So you should use, walls, stairs, streets, poles and everything in your surroundings looks free and bored.

    3. Content Ideas

    You need some slogans and brief content material s you can explain your purpose within few words and space.

    4. Some Awesome Graphical Ideas to blow the minds

    It’s all about the good designs that can present your creativity before your audience. Consider that, the use of maximum design and minimum content can give you reward.

    Using Viral Marketing is all about to creative, a crazy thinking and think the outside of the box.

    Do you have? Tell me.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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