• Best Automation Tools for eCommerce Business in 2018

  • Best Automation Tools for eCommerce Business in 2018

    Best Automation Tools for eCommerce Business in 2018

    Today, I start my words by putting a Question before you. Let me know, What is the Success Mantra for any Business? Some will say its Hard Work, some will say Loyalty of customers, or some will say that success of any business is Luck by Chance. Do you really agree with these answers? I am sure you won’t agree because Success of any business depends on three factors. These are 3S factors. 3S stands for Save time, Save money, and Sell more. All these 3S factors won’t be carried out while you will not use some tools. For these, some amazing Automation Tools for eCommerce Business are available to boost your business growth.

    If you own an eCommerce store, but you don’t have any Automation tool or any Analytics system, then your eCommerce business can’t reach the top of the success. In fact, Automation tool is a computer software that completes your manual works in a less time. It reduces your work time, the burden of manually doing work, and helps your business to grow fast.

    Why do you need Automation tools for your eCommerce business?

    An organisation or a business entity needs more flexibility in their work. They don’t want to waste time in writing emails one-by-one to every customer. Also, they never want to maintain their employee's database manually. That’s why an eCommerce business needs an Automation tool to assign these works. Besides these, here are some points which will guide you, why you should use Automation tools for your eCommerce business:

    1. > Reduce manual workloads and unnecessary tasks

    2. > Easily can handle your front and backend workflows

    3. > Schedule your future plans and alarm you before it

    4. > Maintain your business’s income and expenditure

    5. > Sends pre-planned emails to every customer without delay

    6. > Easy to use and reduces your hard work

    7. > Save your time, which you can use for other planning

    I have identified Some Amazing Automation Tools for eCommerce Business whose amazing features and capabilities will reduce your time-consuming tasks.

    1. 1. MailChimp

    2. 2. EZOfficeInventory

    3. 3. IFTTT (If This Then That)

    4. 4. ZenDesk

    5. 5. Google Alerts

    6. 6. Product Review Addon

    7. 7. Loyalty Points by Bold

    8. 8. Buffer

    Let’s start to know these Automation tools one-by-one:

    1. MailChimp:

    The MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing Automation tool. It is like a Second Brain that helps Millions of customers, from Small eCommerce shops to Big online Retailers. MailChimp integrates with all the major eCommerce providers. So that you can use purchased data to send Personalised Campaigns and better understand. As a result, it guides you how your marketing affects your bottom line.


    Why MailChimp is the best, because

    1. > Powerful Automation for online sellers

    2. > Streamline your Marketing which can display your products on popular sites.

    3. > A comprehensive Mobile App for Marketing On The Go.

    4. > Advanced Analytics to grow your business.

    5. > Automatically Integration of hundreds of Apps which already used by you.

    In addition, it has different Plans for your eCommerce business. So choose its best plan for you. Here is the Pricing list:

    1. > New Business: Free

    2. > Growing Business: Rs. 644/month

    3. > Pro Marketer: Rs. 12813/month

    2. EZOfficeInventory:

    The best inventory management software on my list. Because it offers amazing features among them. This software is used by maximum leading companies such as Amazon, Intel, CNN, NASA, Netflix, Pokemon etc.  Also, you can track vendors, move inventory across locations, and customize low stock threshold alerts for optimized inventory management. It offers to Scan Barcodes, QR Codes and RFID tags which makes this software unique among the list.

    Product Features which make it the best Automation tool for Management software are:

    1. > Tag your items with RFID, QR Codes and Barcodes

    2. > Track the complete Asset Life Cycle

    3. > Manage Assets across Locations and Teams

    4. > Use Insights to Increase Productivity

    5. > Automatic Order entry also

    6. > Serialized Inventory Tracking

    Its Pricing List is as follows:

    1. > Gold: Rs.3370/month for 100 users, 500 items

    2. > Platinum: Rs.6400/month for 200 users, 2000 items

    3. > Diamond: Rs.10445/month for 200 users, 3500 items

    3. IFTTT (If This Then That):

    IFTTT is the Freeway to get all your apps and devices connecting to each other. It enables you to up to date with all the social media apps which you have been using from your single email account.

    This app is the best way to link your all social media app that you may use throughout the day. The app will do the same what you tell to do. If you have scheduled to post a blog tomorrow, it will notify you today that you have to write a blog. Therefore, in my opinion, this is the best android app for your social media for pre-plan of anything.
                                                               IFTTT (If This Then That)

    The app has really amazing Features which will make your scheduling very easy:

    1. > Easy to use the app

    2. > One email for every social media account

    3. > Never you will forget anything

    4. > Works as your personal assistant

    Pricing of the app: Free (You can download it from Google play store or App store)

    4. ZenDesk:

    The ZenDesk enables your customers to get in touch with your support team quickly and easily. It provides a CRM solution that takes care of almost all aspects of customer relationship management.

    When we talk about the best things about this Automation tool, here are the Features of ZenDesk:

    1. > Gives a close collaboration with the store functions that ensure that the management completes insights into customer history.

    2. > It makes your business to more reliable, flexible, and scalable.

    3. > Helps to improve communication and a massive amount of data.

    4. > It gives support, chats, guide, talk, message, and to explore your customer services.

    Its Pricing varies according to your requirements. Hence here is the Pricing list of ZenDesk services:

    1. > Free: Trial for 30 days

    2. > Essential: Rs.337/month per agent

    3. > Team: Rs.1280/month per agent

    4. > Enterprise: Rs.6671/month per agent

    5. Google Alerts:

    Google Alerts is a powerful Automation tool for your eCommerce store. It is a Google product and absolutely Free of cost. You can market research, competitive research and monitor the web for articles on your business brand.  One has to just sign up for Google account and then set up Custom alerts for everything from price change to new product addition. You will get an email every time when alerts fulfil the condition.
                                                                Google Alerts

    Most amazing Features of Google Alerts are:

    1. > It is Free of cost.

    2. > You will get every notification regarding your keywords

    3. > Easily monitoring of your articles and products

    4. > Enhance your brand reputation by getting alerts from your competitors.

    6. Product Review Addon:

    Product Review Addon is the best Automation tool for your eCommerce store. It collects the reviews from the customer. Hence, the app automatically asks customers to give reviews on the latest purchased from your store. You just need to install the Addon on your eCommerce website, and it will automatically be configured.
                                                                Product Review Addon

    Pricing of this Addon: It is Free up to 50 reviews. After that, you must purchase a paid plan from it.

    7. Loyalty Points by Bold:

    The Loyalty Point is a Reward Point offered by a Company to Customers who frequently make purchases to it. These rewards may be in the form of Discounts, Rebates, Free products, or other Promotions.

    Loyalty Points by Bold is the best Automation tool for eCommerce. As you know that retaining an old customer is cheaper than finding new ones. Hence, this app automates customer retention by rewarding customers points for their purchases, registration, and more offers.
                                                               Loyalty Points by Bold

    Pricing: This app is Free up to 50 members, after that you may have to purchase a Paid plan also.

    8. Buffer:

    If you don’t want to waste time managing all your social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, you really need is of Buffer app. It may be possible that you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, you want to reach your content to the right audience. Buffer does this work for you easily.

    It has some interesting Features that make it unique Automation tool for eCommerce business:

    1. > Buffer makes it simple to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all your accounts in one place.

    2. > It enables you to quickly and easily schedule posts for all of your social accounts and will publish them automatically in all the schedules places.

    Pricing: Free as well as Paid for more features and more accounts addition.

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    Here are the situations where Automation tools best work:

    1. > Where price changes and product updation is carried out.

    2. > Preload new products and publish them on scheduled time.

    3. > Customer service is on regular basis.

    4. > Send emails to your seller or supplier to notify them for new updation.

    5. > Say customers to renew his/her plan.

    6. > Auto-generation of Welcome emails for new subscribers

    Hence, how was today’s topic Some Amazing Automation Tools for eCommerce Business?

    As a result, is there something remaining which is not included in this list?

    Put your words in the box below.

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