• Benefits of Retargeting : Top 5 Benefits of Retargeting in 2018

  • best benefits of retargeting in 2018

    Benefits of Retargeting : Top 5 Benefits of Retargeting in 2018

    Retargeting is also a great way to bring your traffic and lead back to your eCommerce store. Maybe I have to write this post first but Google AdWords matters more. There is so confusion between Remarketing and Retargeting among marketers. They both are similar but not same. Let’s read the Retargeting.

    What is Retargeting?


    Retargeting is another form of marketing in which you target users, who have previously visited on your website and gained experience with you, by banner ads on various web pages across the internet community.

    So, What is Remarketing?

    Remarketing is also a marketing type, but it is directly associated with Google AdWords and Retargeting is a concept following Remarketing approach.

    I had explained you the Remarketing concept before few days. Maybe after reading that article, you will think that “it is not Remarketing, it is Google AdWords Remarketing”.

    You are right.

    Remarketing concept comes from Google and Retargeting concept comes from Facebook that follows the remarketing approach.

    How is it different from Remarketing or Regular Display Ads?

    It has a slightly different from remarketing. Retargeting aims only on visitors that had visited on your website and have the experience to your business.

    In this process, you make a target on a behavioural basis.

    For example, A person visits on your website and sees a catalogue consist with many items and there is another visitor that saw catalogue and select a product. See it around 2 min. And left the website.

    1st Person:

    He doesn’t make any buying decision, but as a marketer, you can attract him to make a purchase from your business. To accomplish this objective you need to display him more and more items on other web pages so he can visit again and select a specific item to make a purchase.

    2nd Person:

    He didn’t buy from you but selected a product. It denotes that he has interest in a specific item in your store. You have to show them these products with some offers so he can make a buying decision quickly.

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    Noticeable points in above para:

    As a Marketer, you are targeting visitors here on their behaviour basis, not because of the visit on your website.

    Google Remarketing display ads to previous website visitors only. Hence, Retargeting & Remarketing differs.

    Benefits of Retargeting

    1. You can utilize your subscription list

    When you had to get the subscription list of visitors, what you had done with them? Obviously, you had sent them a subscription confirmation mail.

    But it was just a piece of your mail marketing. It's time to retarget them. You should increase the no. of email marketing. Show them your product updates and ads to provoke them to make a purchase from you.

    2. You are able to connect with them in Free time

    Nowadays, most of the net surfers are busy all the time. Whether in their office work or personal work. But, you can connect them when they are free.

    Now, you will think that how can I know that at what time he will free.

     When you sent any mail, there are few chances of their openings but your catchy title increases the opening chances.

    While they scrolling down their newsfeed let serve them a good news or an awesome offer.

    3. The audience will never forget you

    When you sent them a mail, your customer reminds you.

    Facebook provides you with the option of sending mail to all your subscribers and even if anyone had unsubscribed, you can send him a mail.

    4. You will gain a social proof

    By sending continuously emails you are letting your subscribers that you care about them. It is a social proof for your business. In case of the Facebook retargeting campaign, you can get free referrals to your subscribers.

    5. Save your money

    I’m telling you all these benefits in FB Retargeting reference. Likewise, your clicks on ads increases, FB ad costs will decrease.

    It means with right retargeting FB pixels, you are going to minimize the advertising costs.

    Retargeting with Facebook

    Facebook provides the Retargeting facility to your marketing strategy. It has pixels to target the previous aims. It has only a piece of code that let you retarget, measure, optimize and build your audience.

    You have to just place retargeting pixels on a certain section of your site or the entire section of your website.

    When a visitor will visit, he.she will be cookied. These cookies will track the audience activities.

    Now, when they leave your site and visit on other sites, you need to just Running Retargeting On. It will show your ads.

    This will rapidly grow your audience and soon build a large community for you.

    You can control the websites that showing your ads, just like your display network showing your ads.

    When sites format will cut your ad you can restrict them from doing this and can decide where you want to show different ads.

    When a person converts to your audience the Pixel will burn.

    How can you measure it?

    Here are basically two measures for evaluating Facebook Retargeting.

    Click-through Conversions (CTC): Any person makes into conversion as they click on the retargeting ads as they served to them.

    View-through Conversions: They are conversions that are attributed to another channel (on last click attribution tracking) but these conversions were at one point served a retargeting ad.

    Tell me, how you are going to Retarget your Audience.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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