• Top 7 Best Google Tools for E-commerce Store

  • Best Google Tools for eCommerce Store

    Top 7 Best Google Tools for E-commerce Store

    There are some common google tools that many people use, is Google’s Web Analytics, My Business, Adwords, Drive, Docs are the most common tools that you are using in daily life for your blogs or eCommerce Store. Google is providing various Google Tools to ease the various kind of operations.

    Today I’ll give you the name of various Google tools that you haven’t used before.

    Let’s start:

    1. G-Suite

    Every platform that has a website for its users, tried to make a simple interactive way with their products.

    Nowadays, Android Apps are the best way to reach your users easily and provide them services easily.

    In the year 2006, Google introduced G-Suite that includes various Google Tools that can be used easily in daily routine.

    G-Suite Includes G-Mail, Calendar, G+, Hangouts, Docs, Cloud Service, and management tools to manage users on your site.

    It has a basic rhythm, Connect, Create, Access and Control.

    Connect with: Mail, G+, Hangouts Meet & Calendar.

    Create a: Docs, Sheet, Form, Slide, Sites and Keep.

    Access to: Drive and Cloud Search.

    Control with: Admin, Vault, and Mobile.

    G-Suite will help you in creating docs for your business needs and connecting with them through the mail.

    2. Google for Retail

    Whenever any start-up enters into business industry, it is not easy to fight with any big brand. That’s why Google had launched a tool for that kind of small businesses, name Google for Retail.

    It’s a kind of Retail shops for Retail to facilitate the Retail chain. But isn’t limited to retail.

    It is also available for Manufacturers.

    How to do with Google for Retail?

    Setup your Merchant Center Account, Upload your products with some detail & create a Shopping Campaign in Ad Words.

    Get the orders from your customers where are you looking for. Google for retail helps you in getting orders from across the borders and be spread your brand on the internet.

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    3. Google Code

    This Google tool has various software development tools. It comprises of 3 tools: Google Open Source, Google Developers and Google Code Archives.

    Google Open Source: It is a free software where anybody can study, change or distribute the software to anyone for any purpose.

    Google Developers: It’s a platform Google builds to help developers. Here any developer can develop any kind of project. It helps business leaders and developers in develop, grow and earn with their businesses.

    Google Code Archives: It was turned down in 2016. It has more than 1.4 million projects, 1.5 million downloads and 12.6 million issues. You can learn a lot of things here for your eCommerce store.

    The all above are useful for development purpose. If you are a developer then you can take advantage of these tools easily.

    4. Google Input Tools

    In India, the main problem is Bilingual Culture. There are more than 20 languages that peoples speak.

    It is sure that nobody can speak all. Hence, communicating in different languages becomes impossible.

    But well said, nothing is impossible.

    Google makes it possible with Google Input Tools. Anybody can communicate with anyone with Google Input Tools. Language doesn’t matter whether it is Malayalam, Telugu or Oriya.

    This Google tool has Transliteration feature. It means it converts the sound of a language into any other language next best matches the languages.

    Just handle it easily.

    5. Think with Google

    As per its name, it’s about thinking on insights.

    Every startup or running business over years, need the data to create ideas.

    Think with Google Enables every business to collect data and insights easily. This Google Tool share all the data with you. Google is tracking industries with futuristic perception. It covers industries, platforms and audiences.

    Whether you need Data for Insights, Omni-Channel, Programmatic Advertising, designing or Emerging Technology, you just need put up your email ID and company name.

    It will available for you within some clicks.

    6. Google Digital Garage

    An old talk that, everything is online now.

    An entrepreneur or marketer has to promote his business, where the huge audience is present. These are basically social media platforms. And to promote any product, idea or business on social media platforms you need social media strategy.

    Here Google beings a lot of digital skills to teach you.

    You can learn various digital marketing skills to grow your career in the digital field.

    After leaning the course you can face an exam after that you will get a certificate.

    Book a Course and Start learning.

    7. Google for Education

    The best way to educate the whole world.

    It works on connectivity approach for students and teachers to make a digital school.

    It has service from Google that provides customizable versions of Google Products to educators. This Google Product includes Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Groups, news Plays, etc.

    It is connecting global community with similar interest.

    Tell me which one Google Tool you are going to use for your business.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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