• Best Home Business ideas with Low Investment in 2018

  • Best Home Business ideas with Low Investment

    Best Home Business ideas with Low Investment in 2018

    Are you bored with your 10 to 6 job? Why don’t want to be a boss yourself? But you get stuck in a point. I know what is that point. “I don’t have much money to start my own business and also haven't any business idea in my mind.” This is the common problem most of us. Don’t be hopeless. I have brought top 10 home business ideas with low startup costs. The best part of this writing is that you don’t need to arrange for much money for your business. Also, you can start these businesses from your home.

    So, let’s start Home Business ideas with Low Startup costs. Let’s start to fulfil your dream to be an entrepreneur and hence become your boss of your own.

    Here is the list of top 10 Home Business ideas with Low Startup costs:

    1. Personal Trainer:

    Are you a gym lover? Are you sweating in the gym?  Also, are you passionate about fitness? Can you motivate for the gym and fitness? If your answer is yes, then you can start a personal trainer or gym trainer.

    If you don’t have your own gym, then don’t worry. You can start as a gym trainer through a local gym or a club for it. You can make a good earning on behalf of your passion and lesson trick. So, start your self as a personal trainer and earn money from today.

    2. Jewellery Designer:

    If you have a passion for designing, then you can design jewellery. You can sell your design online, local stores or even you can start your own jewellery shop. A can make a good margin by selling your own designed jewellery.

    As you know that price of gold is increasing and any business in this field can give you a good margin. So, let's start from the bottom and proceed to touch the top level in this industry.

    3. Freelancer:

    Every company is aiding her work from a freelancer. Freelancer or outsourcing is the best option to start your own business without any cost. Just you need to have a passion for writing, designing, developing, or anyone which you want to start.

    There are a lot of online platforms which offer the outsourcing for free. You can read a complete list of these free sites which offer to freelance for you.

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    4. Online Seller:

    In today's time, online selling is the best opportunity for everyone. As you know that the eCommerce industry in India is growing rapidly. Even you don’t need to keep and manage your own inventory. There are many drop shipping companies which offer you an inventory-less business model for your store.

    You can contact Bigly for finding many more products and suppliers for free.

    Click here to Contact: an Inventory-less business model from Bigly

    5. Private Tutor:

    Tutoring is the noble work of our society. You can teach according to your knowledge. There are many institutes which offer the e-tutoring facilities for their students. You can join any institutes for it and can earn good amount by sitting in your home.

    There are different types of tutoring. Not only educational tutoring but also sports coach and many more types of tutoring are available for you. Choose the best suited for you and start from today.

    6. Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Marketing. Where you can refer someone to any online product. And when that person purchases the product based on your recommendation, you will get a Commission. That’s simple, isn’t it?

    The cost to the Customer purchasing the product or service through an Affiliate Marketing is the same as Buying directly from the Product Owner.  

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    7. YouTuber/ Reviewer:

    I think this is the most burning idea to start a home-based business without any cost. You can start money within the hard work of two months.

    You can give reviews, unboxing the latest products, or even can create the educational videos. It is one of my favourite home business ideas with low startup costs.

    The best thing about this idea is that you don’t require to set up your office or hire an employee. You can start alone, and when your earning starts, then you can expand your team.

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    8. Event Organizer:

    You can start as an event manager if you are a good coordinator and can manage multiple tasks at the same time. Nowadays, many corporate and companies organise the events to launch their new products. There are many agencies which offer you to act as an event manager in his different locations.

    9. Stationery and Xerox:

    If you have some funds and has a little land in the street, then you can start a stationery and xerox shop for students. This is an idea which will definitely work. This type of shop doesn’t require much money to invest and every student requires this store.

    10. Computer Trainer:

    If you are an IT professional and have a passion for teaching then you can start training for students, housewives, shop owners, and many more who need it. As you know, the street corner shops have a computer generated billing system. So to operate this system, the owner needs a training session. You can train them and earn from them.

                                 work from home

    11. Photographer:

    You can start your career quick by professional photography. A professional photographer is always invited to a wedding ceremony, family event, or a business marketing strategy. Hence, in each invitation, people will pay good money for it.

    You don’t need to purchase an online class for photography. Just you need a good quality camera and can start from today.

    12. Recruitment Firm:

    If you have good communication skill and can convince the people easily, then this work may be easy for you. As you know, maximum private farms hire the employees through any recruitment agency.

    Once you set up a small office for interviews, then tie-ups some companies. When you will hire a candidate for a company, the company will pay you a good amount of it. You can start your office from home. So recruitment firm is one of the Home Business ideas with Low Startup costs.

    13. Web Designer:

    If you are knowledgeable about Web designing, WordPress plugins, Web hosting, then you can start your own small company. It doesn’t need much money to start and web designing market is growing fast. As you know that nowadays, every small offline store, schools, organization want their own website to operate their businesses. Hence, they definitely need a web designer. You can serve from home or by going to his organization.

    14. SEO Specialist:

    If you are specialist in SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO, keyword planner, traffic driver strategies, then you can easily start this work from anywhere without investing. Every organization needs an SEO specialist to drive traffic and ranked on top in Google search.

    15. Data Entry Services:

    Many of the companies are now taking the backend office work and data entry from outsiders. Data maintain, making business strategies, files storage, data formatting, creating records etc are taken from freelancers.

    16. Blogger or Vlogger:

    It is one of the best Home Business ideas with Low Startup costs. You don’t require a single rupee to start blogging. Google offers this facility for free. WordPress is the best destination for bloggers and website building. A Content Writer is a Creative Professional who understands how the major Search Engines work and what people are searching for when they visit particular websites.

    Similar way, a video blogger is a creative person who creates the explainer videos for the institute, products or anything. These are the fields with more scope. If you are a writing fan, then try in this field.

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    17. Translator:

    A translator is one who converts different languages into others. There are many online companies which offer home-based work for a translator. If you know any foreign language, then there are many scopes to get an online work easily.

    18. Real Estate Consultancy:

    You can start your own real estate consultancy business without money. The few things which you will require are few contacts with prospective buyers and sellers. You can take help from the internet for searching properties that are to be leased or to be sold. Local newspapers and builders can help you to find which properties are available to sell.

    19. Delivery Services:

    This is the amazing idea to start your own business. Just you need a small place in your home or in the market. Then you can be a partner with any online selling company. If he gets ready to start with you, then you can start it. There are thousands online marketplaces which offer delivery services to their customers.

    Readers, I hope you have got some Home Business ideas with Low Startup costs. But I am sure you will have more Home Business ideas with Low Startup costs.

    Leave your comment below in the box with a good business idea that you can start without any investment.

    Author: Taslim

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