• Best Plugin to Create an eCommerce Store in 2018: Pros, Cons & Features

  • Best Plugin to Create an eCommerce Store in 2018

    Best Plugin to Create an eCommerce Store in 2018: Pros, Cons & Features

    After creating a WordPress website you need a Plugin to create an eCommerce store. There are too many ways to find out. Too much crowd is there to find the best one. So, come to a new way to be apart from a baddy traffic ahead. There are too many ways you are getting recommendations for starting an eCommerce store.

    Hence, starting an eCommerce store is not a task of building a sand home.

    It decides your entrepreneurial tomorrow.

    I saw that WordPress is most used and an easy platform to create an eCommerce store. But there are many plugins that enable you to transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce store.

    Here are some points you should consider while choosing a plugin to create an eCommerce store:

      1. Functionality should be easy to use

      2. Should be responsive to Mobile Phones

      3. There should be at least one domestic payment gateway option

      4. There should be an option for selling digital and physical products

    Today I'll recommend you some best Plugin to create an eCommerce store. These are best rated with more than 3 Star. I'll provide you their Introduction, Pros, Cons & features.

    1. WooCommerce Plugin

    WooCommerce is a 4.5 rated WordPress Plugin and used by 4 Crore+ eCommerce Owners. This is the most customizable platform for WordPress. Every eCommerce Entrepreneur suggests the WordPress-WooCommerce combination build an eCommerce store. WooCommerce is an extendable and most adaptable plugin also. You can modify it according to your needs. It enables you to do business even from foreign countries. There are too many plugins that facilitate WooCommerce operations.

    If you want to integrate a bank's API to your eCommerce store. So, you don't need to go for Developers, there are too many options for banks you can go with. In Fact, you just need to install that plugin on your WordPress website, then you can transact with that.

    Pros of WoComerce

    Easy to install and integrate with WordPress.

    There are too many options for banking transactions.

    Gives control to sell anytime, anywhere. Everywhere.

    Supports your logistical needs and customizable. It means developer friendly.

    Cons of WooCommerce

    If you need extra features from WooCommerce, you have to pay for them.

    If you go for more plugins then, your website could be heavier.

    WooCommerce is fully customizable, but it is useful only for developers. So, it is not for Non-Developer users all the time.

    Hence, it needs more cost when you will go for its modification.

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    2. WP eCommerce Plugin

                            WP eCommerce Plugin

    Here WP stands for WordPress.

    Hence, this WordPress's Plugin to transform a website into an eCommerce store.  It is a respectable plugin as designed by WordPress. But It has a 3-star rating, 40,000+ active installations. It was designed in the year 2006. This plugin provides you the service of t0061 management, payment and receiving facilities and SSL Certification in a single budget. It has some basic facilities for payment, shipping, and customer support services.


    Built-in Marketing tools

    Secure Check-out with SSL

    Customizable and developer friendly

    Tax Managment facility


    It has negative feedback from users

    Don't have a complete logistical solution for a basic package

    Fits in small eCommerce store, not compatible with big businesses

    It is not providing updates from recent years

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    3. Shopify


    Shopify is a complete eCommerce service provider in itself. You are getting here various options for integrating payment gateways, logistical solution and many more. It doesn't have any star rating on WordPress, but the services and updates are providing by this one are too good. This plugin is not so famous for WordPress but it has its own eCommerce platform outside the WordPress. Hence, it is not the best Plugin to create an eCommerce store, but it deserves a try at least.

    This is too easy to handle as compared to other WordPress eCommerce plugins.


    Tax and currency support across the globe

    Complete logistic solutions

    Providing thousands of products to Sell

    Easy to handle. It is friendly for Non-Developers


    It has only 14 Days Trial

    It benefits everytime you when you can pay for its services (Charges at least $9 per month)

    4. Easy Digital Downloads

                           Easy Digital Downloads

    At the Online platform, there are a lot of things to sell. I have introduced you to some eCommerce plugins. Except for WooCommerce, all are for physical products. Easy Digital Download is for only for digital products. If you are dealing with ebooks, Data, any plugin or any Software or App then easy digital download is the best option for you.

    In addition to, Easy digital download is supporting only popular payment gateways. It has a unique feature of creating discount coupons. It is rated at 4.8 stars.

    You can easily create the discount coupon for your customers. It makes your marketing strategy strong to attract your customers.

    You are dealing with various software & digital products, there is a need to track your customer's activity on the web page. This plugin allows you to track date, time and IP address of all purchased items from your store.


    It let you easy in selling globally

    It creates complete data reporting for your business, helps you in decision making also

    Easy in creating discount codes for your customers

    It doesn't limit your customer from making more purchases


    It is more technical and could be difficult to use

    Appropriate for only selling digital goods

    Payment Gateways are also limited

    Customer Service is acceptable but limited

    5. Selz WordPress eCommerce

                  Selz WordPress eCommerce

    Selz is all in one platform for all. An entrepreneur can sell here digital goods, physical goods and various kind of services. You can use it with any WordPress theme. It has a best 6-star rating out of 10 stars and many positive feedbacks. Selz is a friendly plugin and can handle easily without any coding. You are getting various built-in awesome features here like the Powerful styling, easy payments and it doesn't charge you an upfront fee in beginning. Hence, it could be the best option in finding a Plugin to create an eCommerce store.


    Non-developer friendly feature

    You can use it with any WordPress theme

    Customizable feature without any coding

    Free SSL Certificate


    It is not for fastest growing businesses as it doesn't have extendability, that matters

    It charges you on per transaction, that costs more for your business in the long run

    You cannot integrate other payment gateways that are not supporting it because of Non-Extendability feature

    Fits start-up,  not big businesses.

    Do you know any Plugin to create an eCommerce store, that fits business requirements? Drop your words in the box.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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