• 10 Best Website Analytics Tools In 2018 ( Free Analytics Tools )

  • Best Website Analytics Tools In 2018

    10 Best Website Analytics Tools In 2018 ( Free Analytics Tools )

    Only creating a website is not enough for the success of any business. Taking care and analyse of your business on time to time is as important as your business. To run a successful website, you must have to give time for it. Here are some questions which you should know of your website. How is your website performing? How much traffic is coming to your website? Which content on your website is doing well? What are the bounce rate and loading time of your website? And many more questions. But it will be very tedious work to examine all these questions on manually. Therefore, to give the answers to these questions, there are some smart website analytics tools.

    Yes, Website Analytics Tools are really very smart tools for this hectic work. Simply put these tools into your website, then measure all the insights of your website. Analytics measure traffic, page views, clicks, and so much more. Hence, let's start to collect and analyse your data, as well as your competitors’ data.

    1. Google Analytics:

    Google Analytics is the best and the most popular digital analytics software tool in the world. It is the Google’s product and absolutely Free. The most of the websites in the world use Google Analytics for their data collection and analysis. You let know which keywords are bringing the most visitors to your web pages. This tool generates the report for your website that includes the information of visitors, location, behaviour, traffic sources, goals, eCommerce and many more.

                                   Google Analytics

    Why choose Google Analytics as your Website Analytics Tools? Because of:-

    1. It is easy to use

    2. Real-time visitor tracking

    3. It is absolutely Free

    4. Automated data collection

    5. Integration with other tools

    6. Insights into visitors

    2. Bitly:

    I hope you may know best the Bitly for its link shortener software. But it does more behind this. It can analyze your website’s data and traffic. Actually when you shorten any link and share it on different social media platforms. Then Bitly tracks the link’s performance. How many clicks in last week, Bitly let you know. It demonstrates the geographic tracking of your link and tells you about its performance across the world.


    Why choose Bitly as your Website Analytics software? Because of:-

    1. You can monitor your all stats of your website

    2. Shorten your large link to a very short link

    3. You can bundle a number of bite marks by theme

    4. Real-time tracking of your link

    5. You can use iPhone apps to generate the shortener link

    3. Clicky:

    The best thing about Clicky is its simplified dashboard. Which makes it very simple to check statistics and take quick actions. In my point of view, it may be the best Website Analytics Tools after Google Analytics for your website. Why do I say this? Because of its ‘Spy’ feature. It keeps eyes on the visitors and tracks what are they doing on your website. Also gives more information about the visitors as to where they are referred, the country they are in, and the browser they are using to access.

    Why choose Clicky as your Website Analytics software? Because of:-

    1. Real-time location of an individual visitor

    2. What any single user is doing on a specific page

    3. Twitter search tracking

    4. CrazyEgg:

    CrazyEgg is another company of Neil Patel. He is the current co-founder of KISSmetrics. This is one of the best Website Analytics Tools which offers the Heatmap technology to give you a visual picture of what a visitor is doing on your web pages. It has a unique feature which shows you where people are moving their mouse on the page and where they click on the page.


    Why choose CrazyEgg as your Website Analytics software? Because of:-

    1. SEO update tracking

    2. Heatmap technology for a visual picture of the page

    3. Scrollmap technology which tells you where visitors abandon the page

    4. Confetti feature distinguish clicks based on referral sources and search terms

    5. KISSmetrics:

    KISSmetrics is another tool that allows you to track the activities of individual visitors throughout their websites. It offers a “Timeline View” of visitor activity in a visual format to understand. It offers an infographic illustrates website analytics tools for your business. Kissmetrics is a very easy to use, insightful web analytics package that sets your sights on metrics of your bottom line.

    Why choose KISSmetrics as your Website Analytics Tools? Because of:-

    1. Analyzes changes in user behaviour

    2. Timeline view of visitors

    3. Easy to understand visual format

    4. Track URLs by adding parameters

    6. Yahoo! Web Analytics:

    Yahoo! Web analytics is an enterprise-level, highly customizable web analytics system. It is highly flexible, powerful, data analysis tool. Historical and near real-time data is visualized and segmented with advanced graphs. This tool is a bit of a step up from Google in terms of profiling, filtering and customization.

    Why choose Yahoo! Web Analytics as your Website Analytics software? Because of:-  

    1. It helps you view and track your site’s performance

    2. The tool helps you to set goals and performance

    3. Helps you to manage the marketing campaign by keeping track

    4. Analyze the response of various visitors group to your site’s pages

    7. Google Website Optimizer:

    Google Website Optimizer is a free website optimization tool. So, it helps online marketers to increase visitor conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction. It tests any elements on the web page which exist in HTML code. This tool allows the webmasters to carry A/B testing on the web page. It is the best way to convert the conversion rate of any website and analyse them.

    Why choose Google Webmaster Optimizer as your Website Analytics Tools? Because of:-

    1. It’s Free, and there are no obligations.

    2. It focuses on Conversion Rate Optimization.

    3. It’s extremely easy to install.

    4. It can handle robust multivariate experiments.

    5. The tool displays your experiment with all sources of traffic.

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    8. 4Q by iPerceptions (Survey):

    It is a 100% Free online survey solution to handle your website’s visitors. The tool actually offers the insights of your website in different parameters. It working is to collect customer’s actual experiences on your website, and offers a short and simple survey. Hence the customers answer the Four questions (4Q) you want from every customer. As a result, you can collect the data from different customers based on their perceptions.

    Why choose 4Q by iPerceptions as your Website Analytics Tools? Because of:-

    1. Tells you about the visitors what are they doing on page

    2. Are the visitors got satisfied which you offer

    9. Open Web Analytics:

    Open Web Analytics (OWA) is an open source Website Analytics software. You can use to track and analyze how people use your websites and applications. Hence, the developers can easily integrate this tool into the website by using simple JavaScript or PHP based on APIs.

    Why choose Open Web Analytics as your Website Analytics Tools? Because of:-

    1. It is an open source

    2. Self-hosted facility

    3. Heatmaps and Mouse tracking features

    4. Funnel analytics

    5. Absolutely Free

    10. Facebook Insights:

    At last but not the least, a free and easy to use Website Analytics software is the Facebook Insights. Social media is emerging and helping the most for eCommerce growth in the industry. Facebook is an ultimate destination for the sellers and suppliers. You can easily integrate your website to Facebook. Hence Facebook Insights is the tool offered by Facebook to analyze traffic, likes, engagement, orders and income from the Facebook.

    Yes! We Learnt it.

    Finally, it was all about Website Analytics Tools. After this reading, I hope you don’t need to look for another source.

    Also, have any query, feel free to put your words below in the box.

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