• 5 Best Websites to Create Infographic in 2018

  • Best Websites to Create Infographic in 2018

    5 Best Websites to Create Infographic in 2018

    There were too many times a single thing happens time that I was unable to learn a thing. That was a part of a single error from which I’m suffering. I was unable to present things in a visual way. Then I started to present infographically. Then I found, the idea to create Infographics is much better the writing words. Today I’ll guide you to create Infographics with some awesome and dynamic Infographic Websites.

    “According to a scientific research, Human minds are remembered visuals more than words.”

    Let’s do it with an approach of “Think, Innovate and Develop”.

    Whenever you get an idea to write a blog for your eCommerce store, just write it on a paper. On a paper, you will able to give your idea some unique words. These unique words are the strength of your content.

    Now take some key points from your article that comprehending your content easily. These will help your readers in defining your idea with some creativity.

    “Anybody can Write a Guide, But Guide Drawers are few”.

    Now take a white blank paper and visualize your content. Make sure, you have a written copy of your Infographic in narrative form. If you want to include any kind of data or statistical analysis and design it also on a graph paper.

    Now, you need to do perform some work with a checklist: 

    1. Select fonts Size and Style

    2. Keep in front your Ideated plan

    3. Perform your conceptualize plan

    4. Get a template for your Infographics

    5. Customize colours of templates according to your theme

    6. Scratch it on the web

    7. End your Infographic with a call to action

    “Use your imagination to attract and retain reader, don’t bother them with black alphabets and white background”.

    Above I have present you the common checklist to create Infographics. Now, there are so many tools to create Infographics. There are software, extensions and Infographic websites that can help you to create Infographics. I have worked on various Infographic websites. Here I’m telling you about 5 best Infographic Websites.

    Whenever you have an idea for your blog or Infographics. Don’t indulge…

    “When in Doubt, Scratch it out”.

    List of Top 5 Infographic Websites

    1. Canva


       >> Price: Free 

       >> Features: Design cards, eBooks, Blogs, Logos, banners and many more.

       >> Templates: 100+ Templates to create Infographics

      >> Paid Features: It has some paid features like premium themes, paid icons and various premium tools to design Infographics   effectively.

       >> Time Takes: Around 30 Minutes.

       >> Easiness Level: Too easy for a beginner.

    Canva is the best and most powerful tool to create a design. Whether the design will be a logo, card, presentation, Infographics, or anything else. It has a variety of tools and well-loaded designs that will help you endlessly, even if you don’t have any designing knowledge, you can create the best Infographics with Canva.

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    Canva provides you various templates for different platforms like Twitter, Facebook profile, FB banners, Desktop wallpapers, Blog Graphics, Infographics, eBooks and many more. Let’s look at Canva’s features deeply.

    Many icons for your Infographics, images in PNG and vector format, texts, downloading for free and you can save it no your canva profile, can upload your image, fully customized templates. Hence, canva is the best.

    2. Piktochart


       >> Price: Free

       >> Features: You can design Infographics, presentations, Reports, flyers and posters.

       >> Template: 50+ Templates of your Infographics

       >> Paid features: Plan starts with $15 per month for Lite plan. There is also a pro plan.

       >> Time Takes: 30 Minutes

       >> Easiness Level: Easy and don’t need any expertise to do

    PictoChart is also an option for your Infographics. You can design here with a customized template provided from Pictochart or you can create your own Infographics here. Hence, It would be great option to create statistical and analytical Infographics. There are many traditional sizes templates for flyer and reports.

    After creating Infographics you can download it. If you are facing problems with attractiveness then you can do one thing. Create some of the element here when you need more, go to Canva create the element you need and download it on your screen. Now, you can upload it here.

    3. Vengage


       >> Price: Free

       >> Features: It is similar to Canva as it has tools like Adobe Photoshop

       >> Template: It has templates for

       >> Paid Features: It has plan for Business, Premium and Education plan. Starts with $15 per month.

       >> Time Takes: 30 Minutes

       >> Easiness Level: Easy

    Of course, it has similar features like Canva, but it has specialized in create Infographics. After signing up with Vengage you have to select the Infographics and you will get various additional options to create with. It is for statistics, press, reports, informational, comparison, Timeline, Geographic, Charts and Tutorial. Vengage helps you in inserting widgets that make your presentation dynamic. So, It is the best fit for showing reports and statistical assignments. For putting internal images in your blogs, you should use it. 

    4. Infogram


        >> Price: Free Trial

        >> Features: Provides simple Infographic templates.

        >> Template: 100+ Templates

        >> Paid Features: Need to upgrade with $15 per month

        >> Time Takes: 45 Minutes

        >> Easiness Level: You need some basic knowledge.

    Infogram is known for its simple templates. This is also a good option if you are going for one to one with stats. As compare to other Infographic websites it is the bit harder. And will take more time to create Infographics for your reports.

    A good thing about its templates is that the templates are fully customizable. As per your requirement, you can edit the templates. As a matter of fact, the pricing policy is a downside of Infogram.

    5. Smore


       >> Price: Free Trial 

       >> Features: It is for Infographics, Mail marketing, flyers and newsletter.

       >> Template: 50+ templates for newsletters and Infographics

       >> Paid Features: Starts with $79 per year

       >> Time takes: 40 Minutes

       >> Easiness Level: Easy to create Infographics

    Smore is a good option to create Infographics. With the help of Smore, you can create Infographics for sending newsletters. If you are using Infographics for eBooks then here is a unique feature. You can embed links in the content. It will help you in providing the reference for the facts and data. It is bit tough and needs some basic knowledge of designing tools. Otherwise, you will face some problems in designing Infographics.

    “Write Less and Show more”.

    Bonus Points

    Promote your Infographics

    You have just created an Infographic for your Blogs or newsletters, but you shouldn’t leave it after finishing. You have a chance to promote it for free. There are too many websites and social media platforms to promote your Infographics without paying any single penny. These are:

    1. SlideShare

    2. Visual.ly

    3. Flickr

    4. Reddit

    5. Nerdgraph

    When you search for that you will get more platforms to promote it.

    I have laid out a beautiful path do create Infographics and provided you 5 top creative Infographic websites for your help. If you have any suggestion for this article, please put your words here to let me know.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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