• Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Higher Ranking of Your Blogs

  • Best WordPress SEO Plugins

    Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Higher Ranking of Your Blogs

     Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique which helps to get rank your website. Actually, it optimizes your web pages and makes sure to appear your website in the top result list. Since WordPress is the best known for an SEO friendly platform. A properly optimized WordPress Theme and a top WordPress Plugin, you can increase the traffic towards your website. As a result, it will attract more organic traffic, leads, and customers. So you must be known for the Best WordPress SEO Plugins which can help to improve different aspects of SEO and increase overall visibility of your website.

    Importance of an SEO for a website:

    1. > Increases traffic to your website

    2. > It gets your name out there

    3. > More leads to your website

    4. > An affordable way of marketing

    5. > Your blogs get more reader easily

    6. > It will help you keep up with your competition.

    Here, I have made a list of 8 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for your website:

    1. 1. Yoast SEO

    2. 2. All in One SEO Pack

    3. 3. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

    4. 4. SEMrush

    5. 5. SEO Ultimate

    6. 6. SEOquake

    7. 7. Squirrly

    8. 8. W3 Total Cache

    Are you ready to get started? Let’s start one-by-one.

    1.Yoast SEO:


    Yoast SEO for WordPress is one of the most downloaded plugins. With more than 40 million downloads, an average 4.9-star rating out of 5, and thousands of reviews make it the best plugin ever.

    It has a Free Version (for one keyword) or Paid Version (up to 5 keywords and more features) of Plugin which offers you almost all the features to optimize your website. Yoast allows you to ass SEO title, Meta description, Meta keywords, and XML sitemap to each post and page of your website.


    1. Title tag and Meta tag: Let’s you determine what pages will be shown in the search results.

      Readability: It lets you know how much your post is readable, times of passive voice, transition words, and subheading for your post.

      Snippet Preview: It lets you know how your page will look in search results. SEO title, Slug and Meta's Description are the highlights of the Snippet Preview.

      Website SEO Analysis: It checks the Length of content, Keyword density, and Focus keywords. Simple Greenlight and Red light lets you know where your post stands.

    Positive Points:

    1. > Most numbers of WordPress websites use this Plugin.

    2. > Very simple, fast and easy to use for the new user also.

    3. > Keep eye on your work progress.

    4. > A number of features in a single plugin.

    Negative Points:

    1. > Decreases the website speed if all the features activated.

    2. > Relatively costly to upgrade.

    Pricing: Only Rs. 5900/- for 1 website, including 1 year free updates and support.

    Link: Yoast SEO #1 SEO Wordpress Plugin

    2. All in One SEO Pack:

    After the Yoast SEO, the second and most downloaded plugin is All in One SEO Pack. As its name suggests that it contains all the solution of SEO related. This plugin offers you all the features and options which make your website SEO friendly using WordPress platform. The plugin has been providing webmasters with an easy use solution to many SEO related challenges.  


    1. Bad Bot Blocker: It prevents harmful bots from decreasing website speeds.

    2. Social Media Integration: By this, you can add Open Graph to your site to deliver closer integration between your website or blog and social media platforms.

    3. File Editor: You can manually edit robots.txt and .htaccess.

    4. Tracker: Advanced options for Google Analytics tracking.

    5. XML Sitemap: Generate and submit an XML Sitemap to Google and Bing.

    Positive Points:

    1. > Advanced support for WooCommerce

    2. > SEO for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies

    3. > Video SEO Module

    4. > You can access to Video Screencasts

    5. > Access to Premium Support Forums

    6. > Free to use with the option for Upgrade to Pro Version.

    Negative Points:

    1. > The interface requires excessive scrolling in the page.

    2. > Not much user-friendly for beginners as Yoast SEO is.

    Pricing: Only Rs. 3784/- for 1 website, for 1 year.

    Link: SemPer Plugins

    3.  Google Analytics by MonsterInsights:


    MonsterInsights makes Google Analytics easy for WordPress. The primary benefit of Google Analytics by MonsterInsights is the ability to review your Analytics data from your WordPress.


    Here are the Features that make MonsterInsights the most powerful and user-friendly Google Analytics plugin in the market.

    1. Quick & Easy Setup: Easily setup Google Analytics on your website without touching any code.

    2. Real-time Stats: Get real-time stats, so that you can make the maximum potential revenue.

    3. eCommerce Tracking: Sales tracking for your WooCommerce or easy digital downloads stores.

    4. Universal Tracking: Better understand your audience with Demographics and Interests Reports.

    5. Popular Post Tracking: You can easily see the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your website. And many more features are there.

    If you want to review your website stats in a more efficient manner, then this plugin could be a key to your success.

    • Pricing: BASIC >> Rs. 2590/- for 1 year for one site with the addition of 1-year updates and customer support.

    • Link: Monstersights


    • 4. SEMrush:


    SEMrush is not a WordPress plugin, but it a very effective tool. That's why it is used by a wide number of pro bloggers. The best thing about this plugin is that you can get an insight of any website and a perfect tool to get your competitor information. So that you can beat them and create a more profitable blog and hence can increase your business.

    SEMrush is a paid service and used by thousands of SEO professionals and bloggers.


    1. > Technical SEO audit

    2. > Backlinks audit and analytics

    3. > Semantic core collection

    4. > Keyword grouping and management

    5. > Choose the most effective promotional channels

    Pricing: PRO >> Rs. 6646/- per month

    Link: SEM Rush

     5. SEO Ultimate:


    It is another best SEO plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can completely optimize your website. It gives you a full control over Meta titles and Description, 404 Monitoring and many more. SEO Ultimate is capable of importing and exporting data from different sources including third-party SEO plugins.


    1. 404 Monitor: It lets you monitor 404 error found in your website.

    2. Code Inserter: This allows you to add codes in the Header, Footer, before the content and after the content.

    3. Slug Optimizer: By this, you can optimize your Slug address according to your desire.

    4. Social Sharing Button: It offers a wide range of social sharing options through which you can share your blogs and posts to different places easily.

    Pricing: Its pricing starts from the lowest price of Rs. 3256/- to a higher price.

    Link: Seo Ultimate Plus

    6. SEOquake:


    SEOquake is an SEO tool available for browser addon. This addon extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers. It gives the SEO related information for any website instantly. These include Page rank, Last updated of the post, Alexa rank of your website, etc.


    1. Link Examiner: Get all the details behind both the internal and external links on any webpage, including URLs, Anchor text and link types.

    2. Real-Time SEO Audit: Check your webpage’s SEO health with a real-time diagnosis feature that helps you to identify and fix various optimization issues that occur with modern search engines.

    3. SEO ShowDown: Compare multiple domains and URLs for a variety SEO parameters on the go and export your results into a dynamic and fully adjustable report.

    4. SERP overlay: Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format.

    PricingFREE as it is an addon for different web browsers.

    Link: Seo Quake

    7. Squirrly:


    Squirrly SEO plugin helps you to create content for human as well as bot friendly. So, it will help you to get better ranking in Google search results and hence your users engaged.

    This plugin is so smart which checks the most important parts such as whether the keywords are effectively in Title, Content, or in URL.


    1. Keyword Headline Suggestions: Give suggestions for headlines and content-based primary keywords.

    2. Weekly Monitoring: It monitors your blogs on weekly basis. So that you can analyse your performance in last week.

    3. Attractive Dashboard: It has really a very attractive dashboard where you can easily monitor all the stats of your website.

    Pricing: It has FREE as well as PAID service available on its site.

    Link: Squirrly

    8. W3 Total Cache:


    It improves the website performance by caching static copies of content and compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Feeds. It has 4.5 out of 5 ratings through 3900 reviews. W3 Total Cache has numerous features which make it a good option for SEO plugin.


    1. > Compatible with shared hosting, virtual private/dedicated servers and dedicated servers/clusters

    2. > Caching of (minified and compressed) CSS and JavaScript in memory, on disk or on CDN

    3. > Minification of inline, embedded or 3rd party JavaScript (with automated updates)

    4. > JavaScript grouping by the template (home page, post page etc) with embed location control

    5. > Reverse proxy integration via Nginx or Varnish

    Link: Wordpress

    Hence, How was my research for finding the Best WordPress SEO Plugins?  Also, which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugins for your website?

    Let me know by hitting the box below.

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