• Blogging for Beginners : Top 11 Skills to Become a Blogger in 2018

  • Top 11 Skills to Become a Blogger in 2018

    Blogging for Beginners : Top 11 Skills to Become a Blogger in 2018

    The one of the best online work is to become a blogger. As you can start this work from today by sitting at your home. Trust me, you can earn more money than a YouTuber if your blogs are really potential to grab more readers. But is it so easy to become a blogger? If it is so easy then why doesn’t everyone become a blogger? It may be that you have heard that a blogger is one who is writing passionately. Yes, I agree with this point, without writing passion, one can’t become a great blogger. Hence, I know some questions will be raised in your mind, how to become a blogger, what are the necessary skills to become a blogger blah blah. In this article, TaSLiM is sharing some blogging skills which will definitely answer your question, how to become a blogger?

    Before starting the discussion of blogging skills, I want to introduce you to someone.  Don’t be puzzled. That someone is nothing, but a content writer or a blogger only.

    Yes, that person is a creative professional who understands how the major Search Engines work and what people are searching for when they visit particular websites. If you have really become familiar to that person, means you are on right track.

    Besides these, I turn myself to my today’s topic.

    Here are the necessary skills to become a blogger:

    1.  Reading & writing is passion:

    Do you love to read a book, newspaper, novel, or articles? Have you interested in writing essay, letters, applications or biography of someone? If your answer is yes, then nobody can resist you to become a blogger.

    Without these reading & writing skills, like to spout water from the desert. It may be boring for someone to read and write, but after some practices, you can gain your goal.

    No matter from which background you are, no matter you are an art student or a technical one. If you have a passion for reading and writing, are enough the blogging skills then you are definitely a winner of this field.

    2.  Disciplined & well organised:

    One who wants to become a blogger must have self-discipline. When to research the topic, when to write, when to publish, all these should be on time. Your regularity matters in blogging. After publishing your blog, you must have a timetable to maintain your old blogs and edit if required.

    Working timetable of a blogger is well organised. He or she doesn’t speak, his/her work does. If you are finding the skills to become a blogger, first make these changes in yourself.

    3. Strong observation ability:

    What you observe, that reflects in your writing skill. So, strong observation ability is must to become a blogger. I am as a blogger, give a lot of time in observation. These ideas can be from your street, hawker, rickshaw walk, job holders even small things which are happening around us. If you seriously observe these activities, you will find some interesting words for your writing.

    Go for a weekend hang out, enjoy with your family and friends, have a cup of coffee at Cafe Coffee Day, and try to examine and learn something from these places. Never try to sit without any work. Sit with some ideas and try to find out what and why is happening around you.

    4. Marketing knowledge:

    I think it is one of the skills to become a blogger. Not only the subject knowledge, but marketing and industry experience will boost your writing skill. Spend some time in the market research, increase industry reach and gain your marketing knowledge.

    As a blogger or content writer, you must have to interval visiting of your nearest offline market, from where you can grab some marketing tactics. The traditional market model can give you writing strategies which will boost your blogging skills.

    5. Convincing power:

    How much are you attractive from your words? More to convince the audience, you are more successful in writing. Your point of view on any topic must be unbiased, not in the favour of any religion, and your decision must be accepted.

    Be optimistic, support the mainstream of life, and stand with truth, real issues of the society so that audience can recognise you as a real owner of the pen.

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    6. Design & painting skill:

    Along with the text blogging, you must have the skills to design the photos for your blogs. Photos in your blog give the impression and emotions which can’t be using only text. In my opinion, the photo design skill is one of the skills to become a blogger.

    There is much free software available for the photo editing and design for your blog. The most usable is PowerPoint for painting. You can use Canva to create instant images for your blog. So, before entering the Blogging field, make sure you have at least little knowledge of photo resizing, editing, creating and arranging the images.

    7. SEO knowledge:

    Yes, this is one of the most important blogging skills to become a blogger. Without this skill, you can’t rank your blog in the Google search. As many as your blog will rank in the Google search, more traffic will visit your website.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used by the bloggers to rank their blogs in the top of the Google search. Hence, it consists of different strategies, such as target keywords for your blog, words volume of the blog and how much your blog is niche selection.

    Also, there are On-page and Off-page SEO technique, backlinks, internal link, readability etc skills to become a blogger.

    8. Additional CSS & HTML:

    To become a professional blogger, you must know the computer coding languages. Hence, you don’t have to be a great programmer or developer. If you have already some basic knowledge of these, then it is very good for you. In addition to, basics of HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript are the few computer languages you need to know.

    9. Research ability:

    How much you can explore yourself in any topic is the primary skill. Increase your researching ability, collect more and more information on any topic, study depth of a particular topic can help you to become a blogger.

    If you cost 2 hours daily in blog writing, then 4 hours in research, study and analyse of the topic. Without proper knowledge, you can’t be a professional blogger. Make sure you are a regular reader of some foreigner as well as Indian blogger sites, some standard magazines.

    10. Enjoys sharing & helping:

    Well, as a blogger, you must be a social man. You should be an open-hearted man who enjoys sharing something. Here you can help the needy person with your words. You don’t have to help others with your money, but also with your blogs.

    Try to give a valuable content to your audience always so that they can trust you and be contacted by you through different social media. Let your audience to contact you whenever they need of your help. Make sure you are available to answer their questions on regular basis.

    11. Social networking skill:

    I summarise all the skills in one shot, how to become a blogger and the answer is to be famous in different social media. As if you are a manufacturer,  but ever think about where you can sell your products? The same thing happens here. As a blogger you can create your blogs, articles, or other contents but where you can sell or promote these products?

    Hence, Social media is the platform where you can share your these contents so that you can reach more and more audience easily.

    So, what are the other blogging skills to become a blogger, do you think someone needs to succeed?

    In addition, how was today’s writing of skills to become a blogger, let me know by putting your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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