• How to Choose an email marketing service for Your eCommerce Business

  • email marketing service for Your eCommerce Business

    How to Choose an email marketing service for Your eCommerce Business

    An email marketing service is a way which enables an enterprise to communicate, build a relationship, selling of products, and make a trust to its existing customers and which helps to find out new and potential customers via email or newsletter.

    Hello business owners, if I am not wrong, you are doing well in your businesses. But one thing must you be known, every business has its competitor and you are not alone in this field. Then, how can you increase your reach to millions of unique customers? Definitely, you must have to plan some extra business strategy which can grab your potential customers.

    As the research says, the best way to interact with millions of customers is an email marketing service (EMS). Yes, through this service you can communicate directly with millions of customers around the world. Today, in this writing, I (TaSLIiM) have brought some tips while choosing email marketing service for your eCommerce business.

    What is the aim of your email marketing service?

    1. Let the customers know about new products: Launching a new product or introducing a new service always needs a big announcement to let the customers know about your newbies. For this work, you definitely need an email marketing service only which can fulfil your this task.

    2. To send them greetings on any occasion: It may be your company anniversary, any festival, or any occasion when you want to greet your existing customers via email marketing service. This is the peak time when you can grab a number of customers by offering some exciting offers to them.

    3. Let them know about your generic products and services: What is your products and services, nobody knows. You have to need to let them know about your company, products and services. In this too much competitive atmosphere, you have to show your availability in the market and among the customers.

    4. Send mail to taking care of your customers: Yes, this is the time when you can touch the pulse of your customers and can win their hearts via email marketing service. You have to maintain your database of the customers, ie. their birthday list, marriage anniversary, their anniversary of job completion etc. and send them a congratulations letter on this occasion. This will bring a positive response and will make a smile on their faces.

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    5.  Tell them for any conference, meetings or webinar: Your company is going to organize any meeting, attending any conference, or your company wish to go live by webinar, tell the customers so that they can join you. An email marketing service is the best aid to make your task easy.

    Well, your target of sending emails may be listed above or it may be different. But the fact is that you must set your target of email marketing service which you are going to start.

    After setting your target, now, the most part is how to choose an email marketing service which can give a positive response to your business.

    Let’s start and follow the tips while launching your email marketing service for your eCommerce business.

    1. The template of your email: Templates are very important for your email marketing service when you're creating any campaign. There are thousands of predefined email templates which can be used for your purpose. Remember, a good template plays an important role in email marketing or newsletter.

    2. Responsive for computer and mobile: Make sure your email marketing service is very responsive for the computer as well as mobile and tablet. Also, it doesn't take too long time after opening an email. Hence, it should be fast, responsive, and containing less but only valuable images.

    3. Different language support: As you know, you're offering your services for a wide range of geometrical areas. So, your customers are of different backgrounds and hence they have different languages too. Therefore, your email marketing service must support all the languages.

    4. Unsubscribe option for users: It is not possible that you have sent a hundred emails and all are happy with it. There is a possibility that some don’t want to receive your email again in future. So, you definitely provide an unsubscribe option for them.

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    5. Simple, short and sweet opening lines: Yes, the heading is the most important for surviving of an email. So, make sure your heading or opening line must be simple, understandable, short and sweet.

    6. Content which can keep customer’s eye on mail: How valuable are your content in the email, plays an important role. So, frame your email content in fresh, clear, point-oriented and iconographical which can grasp the customer on mail.

    7. Delivery time: Your email marketing service should offering less time to deliver the email. And it should be free from spam too.

    8. How frequent your emails are: If you are sending an email to a customer daily, then trust me you’re making a mistake. As a result, one day your valuable customer will get irritated and unsubscribe your email marketing service. So, make sure you’re sending emails as weekly, or monthly.

    9. Personal mail creation: Email personalisation is the technique which can make a customer loyal and personal to your company. Greet them by entering his/her name, not by ‘dear customer’.

    10. Don’t misguide them by lucrative heading: Yes, don’t be greedy by lucrative heading. This is just like a cheating on your customers.

    Wrapping up:

    Hence, all the above points are not enough but are most important. Keep remember one thing, you are happy because your customers are happy with you. So, you can understand your customers and their likes-dislikes in a better way.

    As a result, how was today’s my topic, “How to Choose an email marketing service for Your eCommerce Business”?

    Hit the below box and put your valuable comments or suggestions if any, without any hesitation.

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