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    A Complete Beginner's Guide in 2018 : Content Marketing

    I’m sure as an eCommerce store owner you had acquired the traffic and most of the leads. Maybe per day you are publishing a single blog almost. There is a consistency in your content writing work. You need to upgrade your strategy. It’s time to leave Content Writing and adopt Content Marketing.

    Before upgrading to anything you have to do some homework. This is for its meaning or definition, scope, its previous results, implementations and unhappening that could be in future because of your wrongdoings.

    Today I’ll tell you a complete thorough explanation of Content Marketing. It will include:


    When a product, service or business starts it has a website. The website manager or owner work is to put the words on the page.

    These words are a part of the content.

     But putting words are not enough for a business. Here Content Marketing begins.


    “Content is not KING, it is the KINGDOM”.

    Content Marketing is a process of the engaging audience with a view to promoting a product, service or business to generate leads.

     It is a part of the strategic market approach by creating valuable, shareable, relevant and publishing consistently to attract and acquire a well-defined segment.

     Will it be worthy to you or not?

    Before starting the Content marketing you should analyse that this approach will be worthy for you or not.

    You should analyse the market, the segmentable customers, their desires and needs and your resources for that. If you are capable of fulfilling all these things then you should go for this strategy.

    It is not a one time action. You have to go for strategy again and again and if needs restructure or correction, just do it.

    Analysis of Content Marketing

    As I mentioned before, you should do the market analysis to plan your content marketing strategy.

    Content Marketing Model

    1. Know Your Competitor

    The first step towards analysing the market is you should analyse your competitor activities.

    Find your competitor and analyse all of the content published by him. Check how they are friendly, what kind of and how much content they are providing, their content publishing speed and timing and what information yet they didn’t provide to the visitors. hence, it could be a good loop hole for your advantage.

    2. Know your Customers

    Now, define your customers.

    You should gather your customer traits and personalities. If your customers are adult then they have different features about reading content and similarly age wise and likewise other factors the reading habits change.

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    3. Find the Content Influencers

    Find the content influencers and track their blogs. Content Influencers are publishing content according to the trend. To know the trend influencers are the best source.

    4. Select Content Delivery Channels

    These are the places where your audience will read your content and engage with you. This is not a specific webpage. Your Website’s page is only a single place. There are so many web pages where you can publish your content. These web pages of Social Media Channels your competitor’s site or may be any influencer’s site.

    Influencer’s sites are a good place to publish your content.

    5. Beginning as a Content Marketer

    It’s time to begin your journey as a content marketer for content marketing. All you need first time to start, analysis of the market, content planning, content delivery volume plan, an editor’s eye & a content researcher style.

    6. Consider Quality Vs. Quantity

    You are spending your time in content.

    Your audience spending their time in reading the content.

     Make sure that you are providing the quality content with maximum results. If you are providing maximum of content without quality, your audience will not enjoy it as a cup of tea. You will lose your audience. Your every content should have valuable content with beautiful style to your readers.

    7. How it will Work for you

    It’s about the content marketing process.

    Create Content as per your target audience

    Promote product consistently through content marketing strategy

    Attract visitors through the call to action in your content

    Gather info when they consistent read your content

    Interact closely with emails and newsletter

    Request a lead proposal, when they need a solution from you.

    8. Content Delivery Volume

    Many times your competitors gain over you by generating the high volume of content. You need to publish content with a similar volume at the same time. Shorter and valuable content may attract more visitors but your work is to attract Google Bot too.

    If your content is not ranking high in search results then your audience will not see you again.

    A Final Talk

    Content Marketing is not about generating leads. It’s about the engaging audience and solving their problem. Hence, content marketing aims at building the customer-business relationship and it works on a long run basis.

    Hence, It’s all about the Content Marketing Strategy. If you need any more tell me. I would like to hear you.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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