• Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018: All The Principles You Need

  • Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

    Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018: All The Principles You Need

    Dear Readers. I know you have a product, idea or a service that you are working for. And you are here for keeping it out a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business. Don’t worry you are at right place. Be with me. I’ll provide you a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

    Whether you are a Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Manager or any Digital Marketing Intern, all the time you will need some steps to work out. Here I’m providing you complete steps for doing the digital marketing that will help you in moving forward in 2018.

    Marketing means

    "Give a Lot to Get a lot"

    Let’s start:

    1. Set the Goal and define the Objectives

    Goal Setting

    At initial level before moving ahead a minded person decide that where he have to go.

    Likewise, any other plan it is key to succeed in your business plans.

    You should spend more time to set goals for your digital marketing strategy. When you have your plan, you can easily set your digital marketing framework. Now, you should point out objectives:

      1. Increase Brand Awareness

      2. Increase likes and shares on FB or any other social media platform

      3. Making leads

      4. Creating a community of fans

      5. Maximizing your sales on the ground level

    One of the above can be your objective or all of the above. It depends on you how efficient you are.

    Don’t try to grab them all if you are not perfect at all.

    It was the step for the setting. Now, you should define your objectives.

    Definition of your objective is for you and for your team. So define it to understand not for sale.

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    2. Collect the Product’s information

    Always Collect Information

    It’s not a tough work. To whom you are going to promote among a social media community you should have enough knowledge about that.

    You should know it’s:

      1. Working

      2. Pros

      3. Cons

      4. Uniqueness

      5. Innovations

      6. Similar features to others

    "Product's information can easily set your Product apart from the competition"

    When you know the working about a product you can tell your subordinates, how they can understand it. When you aware.

    3. Target Audience

    Target Audience

    Now, you have to define the audience. Audience before you are going to promote your product.

    Your audience may be scattered in the different area. Let’s understand where they could be:

    Geographical Areas: It’s a factor tells you that your customer lies in a physical area and it related to that area’s weather, customs and traditions. If you are selling a technological service then may be a huge segment of your audience would be in South India. As in South India, there is 75% people are literate and using technology. This is a huge difference as compared to North India.

    Gender: It is simply that define the sex determination. Whether it is for male or female.

    Laid in Psychographic: It means that there are some people in your target audience that is in your target as per their personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of consumers.

    "Target them to Teach something NEW"

    On the basis of Behaviour: It divides your segment on behaviour basis. They are who know the product and respond in different ways. It is a subject of in-depth study of consumers course of action in a specified period.

    While framing Digital Marketing Strategy, you need to study all these segmentation factors to know where the audience is. So you can approach them easily by a virtual platform.

    4. How it can help to target

    How it can help in targeting customers

    Is product helping you in targeting your customers?

    If not you should determine.

    Every product has a tagline that defines the segmentation. This will help you in setting target audience on social media platforms.

    5. How it is solving Audience’s Problem

    How it is solving Audience Problem

    Every product launches with a solution for a problem. If a product can’t solve a problem then it’s life cycle may be short.

    Just point out the pain points of your customers. This will help you in talking with customers. When your customer will talk you or chat with you, he will always ask some features.

    But, you should not tell them features, you should tell them to benefit instead. As

    “You should not sell the Product. Sell the solution that product has solved”

    And you should always keep in mind a thing that:

    A customer always wants a solution rather than buying a product. Without a solution or value, the product is a bundle of garbage for a customer.

    6. Place your Audience where they can found you

    Place your product where customers can find you

    Now, come to a place where you are going to launch the product and introduce it to the potential and actual customer. These are Social media Platforms.

    There are many social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Your audience can be anywhere, but not to hear or read “Buy Now”. Every social media platform define the actions of its members.

    LinkedIn: Here your customer keen to know about your business and organization

    Facebook: Here customer see your activities and product’s workings

    Twitter: It will determine your product’s fame

    Pinterest & Instagram: At these two places, the customer only will only see your product. They will never hear or read your here.

    Quora: This platform helps you in bridging networks. You don’t have to put more efforts on Quora. Customer asks the question about products, their problems and so on. You have just answer them. It will increase your products fan following on ground level.

    7. Engage them and create conversion

    engage the customers

    It is the intermediary level of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

    You had launched your product, display all the pieces of information on social media and segmented your customers.

    Now, it’s time to engage them with your product.

    "Readers like to find something clickable rather than valuable. Engage with them clickable content regularly"

    A person never feels a problem at a single time. He takes some time to feel a problem.

    Might be he can take a month, two months, 6 or maybe a year. You should engage them with your product’s stories.

    When a person faces a problem in his life, first he goes for a solution. If he didn’t find a solution then he goes for any low-cost temporary solution.

    But, when he faces a problem and he well known a solution and connected to it. He will never go for temporary. He will buy your product.

    Well, It is an estimation for future. Just engage them now. For a while.

    8. Now, go closer

    Now, go closer

    It’s time to go close and delight your customer with a great solution. Make money now from your successful Digital Marketing Strategy.

    If you are in the digital marketing profession, these points were helped you a lot.

    If you think there should be more points. Please tell me your words, so I can make it much better.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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