• Direct Marketing In 2018 ( A complete Guide )

  • Direct Marketing in 2018

    Direct Marketing In 2018 ( A complete Guide )

    Let me know one thing, do you want to sell your product directly to the customer or via retailer? Yes, definitely you choose to sell products direct to the customer. When you sell your products directly to the customer, is known as the Direct Marketing. Because much benefits of Direct Marketing, every seller or supplier prefers the Direct Marketing for their business. In this writing, I will cover the Direct Marketing and its types. Let’s start.

    You will find the following Contents in this writing:

    1. 1. What is Direct Marketing?

    2. 2. Types of Direct Marketing

    3. 3. Benefits of Direct Marketing

    4. 4. Example of Direct Marketing

    5. 5. How to start Direct Marketing Campaign?

    6. 6. Tools used for Direct Marketing 

    Hey, keep patience, I will start from top to the bottom. Keep with me.

    1. What is Direct Marketing?

    Direct Marketing is a very effective and powerful way to share information about your product or service. In this method, you can contact your potential customers directly, rather than having an indirect communication between the company and the customer. This communication can take many different formats.

    1. # Postal mail

    2. # Telemarketing

    3. # Point of sale

    4. # Email marketing

    5. # Phone

    6. # Personal

    7. # Couponing

    8. # Direct Advertising

    9. # Direct Selling

    You can use any of the above methods for your direct marketing campaign. My favourite is the email marketing, in which you can reach a huge customer base in a single click. In a further section, I will suggest how can you start a marketing campaign for your direct marketing.

    2. Types of Direct Marketing:

    As you little known about direct marketing, now I will give you the different types of it. These different types will help you to create your direct marketing campaign. So, the following are the types of direct marketing in a brief:

    (a). Direct Selling: This is the way of product selling direct to the customer without any retailer or salesman. You can sell your product to the customer in a door-to-door sales, party plans or network marketing.

    (b). Email Marketing: Email Marketing is an easy, affordable, and cost-effective online marketing strategy. It lets you build a relationship with your customers and members through email communication. It can include newsletters, promotional emails, or business ads that generate new leads or offers for existing customers.

    (c). Social Media Marketing: Social media gives an opportunity to your business. With using social media marketing, you can reach huge audiences. You can change your audience into a potential customer. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and many more social media give you a golden way to reach your target customers easily. Here you can develop your business profile. Hence, it allows you to promote your products and services and customers feedback as a comment to develop your business.

    (d). Telemarketing: Telemarketing gives you to interact with the customer over the phone. This is the convenient way to know the wants of a customer. If a customer needs your service or product, he will listen to your voice and get impressed. As a result, these will convert into potential leads.

    (e). SMS Marketing: Text message allows you to reach individual customers in an easy way. It costs very low. You can send short messages to your customers for sales alert, new offers, website updates, delivery reminders, or many more services.

    3. Benefits of Direct Marketing:

    Direct Marketing gives you the opportunity to promote your products and service directly to the customers. Besides these, the direct marketing has the following benefits to your business brand:

    (a). Increase your Sales:

    This is the foremost benefit for your business. You can easily increase your sales through direct marketing. By this, you can sell products to the existing customers as well as new customers.

    (b). Build Relationship with customers:

    When you send an email, message, or direct calling to any customer, then the customer believes you. They trust your brand and hence you can build a good relationship with old as well as new customers.

    (c). Take the Segmentation and Targeting:

    You can reach your specific audience segments with personalised messages. If you want to succeed, you should invest time in research to identify potential customers.

    (d). Optimize your Marketing Budget:

    You can easily set your online goal and budget for this campaign. Therefore, this allows you to optimize your business strategies and campaign budget.

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    4. Example of Direct Marketing:

    To understand the direct marketing, here I consider a campaign run by the company to spread the importance of water. To mark World Water Day, a mailer sent to various companies and the press. What was uniqueness in this newsletter? The letter was unique because it contained inside was a little unusual. The letter was only possible to read it when it was held under water. This is an example of direct marketing run by any company to reach her voice to her audience.

                                  Example of Direct Marketing

                                                                           Source: Athens business group

    5. How to start Direct Marketing Campaign?

    Now, are you ready to start your direct mail campaign? Here are the following steps which need for your marketing campaign.

    Create your contact list: The first step is to create a list of your contacts. But how can you collect so many emails list? Don’t worry, I will tell you the way. You may have some contact emails from newsletter subscription, social media channel, your customer database, and more. For emails collection, you can run a poll or quiz on the social media network. As a result, from there you can ask email registration to the customers.

    Test the Campaign: You need to check the campaign on time to time. Note your progress and what changes have been found in your sales. You can use A/B testing for this. This is more likely to A/B testing. Every time you run a campaign, you will have previous data to analyse it.

    Run the Campaign: When you collected the contact emails, now you can run your campaign. You can send emails to everyone by using mail merge facility. Keep your mailing pace in line with your ability to handle the potential responses.

    Analyse the Customer Response: This is an important process in your campaign. Analyse your all data collected and give a reply to your customer. If your customers have any query, reply them on time also.

     6. Tools used for Direct Marketing:

    There are many tools which can be useful for your direct marketing campaign. Therefore, before choosing the tools, you check the following list and then decide which tool is beneficial for your business:

    1. # Is this tool really saving your time, money, or aiding something also?

    2. # How does this tool be better than other tools available?

    3. # Is it beneficial to use this tool for your business?

    4. # Does the tool give you the additional analytics or targeting?

    Oh! Too much?

    No, it was all about Direct Marketing. After this reading, I hope you don’t need to look for another source.

    Also, have any query, feel free to put your words below in the box.

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