• Ecommerce Problems Faced by Online Sellers in 2018

  • Ecommerce Problems  Faced by Online Sellers

    Ecommerce Problems Faced by Online Sellers in 2018

     Every business has its own risk and hence eCommerce does. There is no any risk-free business model that really exist. Ideal business model is just a dream and it can’t be fulfilled. Every business model has some risks and you have to face these challenges in any way. Before starting your online business, make sure you are aware of these Problems faced by eCommerce sellers in 2018.

    There is always a tough competition among thousands of sellers available on the Internet. Also as you know that online platform can be hacked at any time by other techie experts. Besides these problems, there are some other Problems faced by eCommerce sellers. I am Taslim, in this writing, have covered some common Problems faced by eCommerce sellers while selling on online marketplaces.

    So, without passing your valuable time, let’s start these challenges one-by-one, here We Go:-

    1. Cost for building a website:

    It was the first question in my mind whenever I was planned to start my eCommerce store. And I hope most of the sellers having the same question when they want to start their online store.

    Yes, it is a right question because an eCommerce website is a place from where you can sell your products online. So, definitely, this place is the most important part of your online business.

    For this, you need a domain name, web hosting service provider and a website builder.

    You can purchase the least cost domain from GoDaddy for Rs.1250/- for 2 years. After that, you have to renew your domain every year for nearly Rs. 850/-.

    A web hosting is a place where your online shop has been kept. Where all the files of your website are secured. This may be little costly for you if you are new in the eCommerce industry. It may cost nearly Rs.250/- for a month.

    And for a website builder, you can build your website if you have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA programming languages. You can build your website without coding knowledge with the help of WordPress.

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    2. Necessary documents to start online selling:

    The next Problems faced by eCommerce sellers are the necessary documents and legal checklist for an eCommerce store. Yes, you need some documents before registering your online store. Don’t worry, here I am providing a concise list of these documents:

    Personal ID/ Address proof:

    1. Photo PAN card

    2. Aadhar card

    3. Driving license

    4. Electricity bill

    Registered company proof:

    You can register as a Sole proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Private Limited company or One person company.

    GSTIN number of your company

    Company bank account details

    Trademark certificate of your company

    These documents are enough for the first time to start your eCommerce store. Kindly arrange these documents before starting selling your products online.

    3. How to find the valuable customers:

    One of the most Problems faced by eCommerce sellers is how to find customers at an online platform. “I can search customers easy for the offline store, but it is not easy in the online store”, is the common question for most of the sellers. Hence, I can challenge that to find valuable customers online is very easy than that of offline for me.

    Where you can use the different social media platforms to find customers. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc are the top social networking sites where you can speak about your products. And you can do this through a single click. You don’t need to pay much money for this. Some of these are free for advertisements.

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    4. Already too much competition:

    As you know that competition is everywhere and in every field. Whatever it is offline or online, you will meet your competitors everywhere.

    More shops mean more shoppers. Also, more sellers are equal to more buyers. Keep these mantras in your mind. Don’t over think about too much competition is existing on online platforms. If you are a business idea is genuine and you serve the good services than nobody will compete you.

    5. Security for online transactions:

    It was an old age when people were afraid of online transactions. But in this era, most of the transaction is being completed via online mode. Payment via Credit cards, Debit cards, Internet banking, COD, etc is the most common payment mode nowadays.

    Because of the advancement of technology, an online transaction is very safe and secure. It is a hassle-free payment mode. So, don’t be afraid now of any online fraud because there is a cyber cell who is always ready to prevent this type of technical glitches.

    6. How to fulfill the orders at peak time:

    It is a good news that your store gets more and more orders at peak time. Peak time is the festival seasons when your store gets maximum orders. At that time, you have to fulfill all the orders on time. But good marketing strategy and strong leadership can make this task easy for you.

    There is some good order management software that can also help you to fulfill the orders at peak time. In my next writing, I will cover the best tools available to fulfill your orders at peak time.

    7. How to manage the return and refund:

    This is the most important Problems faced by eCommerce sellers during online selling. Of course, this case is low in the offline store. But for an online store, you may face a return and refund headache.

    You as a seller must have some return policy for your store. Give strictly direction before each and every selling that every purchase is bounded by this return policy. Also, to overcome this problem, you make sure that your products, as well as your services, are up to the mark. If you fulfill quality assurance, then you can minimize return and refund from the customer automatically.

     8. How to handle the Inventory:

    I suggest you hand over this work to Inventory Management software. There is some awesome software which gives amazing results for your inventory solution. This software can manage your available products, orders, shipment, delivery and everything for your online store.

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    9. Customer support service:

    It may be some difficulties for someone how to handle their customers. You need to be available 24*7 for helping your customers. So, make sure you have good customer support service.

    For this task, you can take help from Chat-Bot or other automation software which are expertise in this field.

    10. Lack of communication:

    Ya, it may be vital for your online business if you're not dealing well with your customers, vendors, and suppliers. So, you must have to arrange the meetings from time to time, to know their words, to listen to their problems and try to solve these problems if any they are facing.

    11. How to choose niche products:

    Trust me, this is one of the genuine Problems faced by eCommerce sellers. When I was started my online store, the first question in my mind was, ‘what have to sell online’? Really, it is a tough task to decide what to sell. As you know there are millions of products available on the online platform, but which product you can sell on your online store, is a tough task.

    Niche or demanded selection of products is always a key to success for any online store. As a result, I have already written on this topic which will definitely help you in this hurdle.

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    12. How to retain the potential customers:

    Give attractive offers to attract more customers as well as to retain your old customers. Send newsletters to your old customers, and emails related to new arrivals on your online store. There are different email marketing tools which may be very beneficial for your this task.

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    13. Negative feedback from upset customers:

    No one can please everyone! There may be some buyers who would find fault in your delivery service or product quality. Then he would not just stop with fault-finding, but also go on with his mission of spoiling your reputation by writing negative reviews.

    In that situation, you don’t have anything on your hand and hence you cannot do anything from this type of activities. Just you have to improve your products quality and services so that you receive less negative reviews.

    14. How to handle with fraudulent buyers:

    Nowadays this is one of the Problems faced by eCommerce sellers who have a large eCommerce store. Fraudulent buyers may be in any form, it may be human, robot or any other means of order placing. So, you must have a human verification bot at the time of check out process. Ensure that the one who is placing an order is a genuine buyer and he is not a robot.

    As a result, how was today’s writing Problems faced by eCommerce sellers while selling on online marketplaces?

    Also, let me know any online seller problems other than these if you're facing while selling online.

    Hence, put your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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