• Google Adwords Remarketing Tool in 2018 : The ultimate Beginner's Guide

  • Google Adwords Remarketing Tool

    Google Adwords Remarketing Tool in 2018 : The ultimate Beginner's Guide

    You had done the marketing, targeted your customer. Almost you hit the arrow to the circle. But, has it kissed the point? Ok, you missed the first time but maybe not in the second time. Here Remarketing begins.

    Likewise, Remarketing begins when a business missed the lead in a time. It’s time to remarketing. Remarketing will help you in Retarget your leads again and again.


    Remarketing is an awesome tool for marketers. With the help of today’s blog I’ll tell you about what is Remarketing, why is it important for you as a marketer, benefits of remarketing, from where you have to start remarketing, how you can start with, its costing and create beautiful ads for remarketing.


    Remarketing is a smart way to keep in touch with your missed-leads. It is used to increasing sales and achieving the sales target. If you are thinking that it is branding, then you are right up to a certain limit.

    When a visitor visits your website, see your products but leave without Cart-in.

    Here you can use this strategy by showing your Ads on the other webpages where he/she is going.

    This will blink an image in the visitor's mind and provoke to buy your product.

    Apart from Web pages, there are multiple ways to do it. I draw a perfect image that can let you understand, where you can use this Re-marketing concept.

    Why you should go for Remarketing

    Gain your Competitor’s Customers:

    This strategy helps you in targeting your competitor’s target. Whenever your customer is shopping with your competitors, he/she will gain a experience from. Experience may be bad at any time.


    For your badness, you should have Bad Luck all the Time,

    For a Goodness, you need a Good Luck Once a Time.

    Hence, you can easily acquire the market share. Just follow the leads.

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    Increase Conversion:

    After getting the conversions, you have more leads. With this tactic, you have a chance to convert the lead into customers.

    Keep in touch with Leads for Rebranding:

    When you contact the leads, they remember your brand again. Hence, rebranding starts. It helps your brand to get a fame again.

    Cut costs:

    This tactic will help you in targeting the customers which are visited your website. Your money will not be spent for Non-Interested leads.

    Let the customers feel special:

    Re-marketing technique helps you in easily acquire the customer as it let the customers feel special. Like they are key to your success.

    Benefits of Remarketing

    The market will not forget you:

    Your activities with your clients and with markets let you live long with a generous style. Your customer and the market will not forget you.

    Helps you to remember your Customers:

    It will help to your business records too. When you are creating connections with visitors, in the meanwhile you are gaining the Data of clients.

    It helps other customers to find you:

    Re-Marketing concepts maybe not fit for your existing leads but it may be a good referral to needed person. It will help other customers to find you.

    Easy to reach a Broad-Way:

    Re-Marketing is a good concept to go for a widen business area.

    Now, I’ll tell you the Re-Marketing concept with Google. Google is the only best way to do Re-Marketing of your product. Almost all the web pages in the world have access to Google. Google can give you best results for your re-marketing projects.

    About Google AdWords Remarketing

    Google AdWords Re-Marketing is another kind of Online Advertising that enables you to show ads to the visitors that visited on your site in the past. When past visitors browse on other websites, Social media platforms or any other eCommerce platform, it will show your ad to remind your brand that he would purchase from you.

    Google covers all websites that a person could be reached for any purpose.

    Types of Google AdWords Remarketing

    Google AdWords have 5 ways to retarget the customers:

    Standard re-marketing

    In this tactic, Google Show ads to leaved visitors when they browse for sites and apps.

    Dynamic re-marketing

    It something advance from the previous one that helps you to improve final results. It includes ads with products and services, particularly that the visitors searched on your site or app.

    Re-marketing lists for search ads

    When a customer leaves your website, they continuously search for similar things on Google. Google show them your product as an ad.

    Video re-marketing

    Visitors who saw your videos but didn’t make any purchase, Google let them interact more with your products on YouTube.

    Customer List Marketing

    In the initial days of marketing as a marketer, you collected pieces of information about your customers. You can submit this information to the Google AdWords. When they signed into Google, you can display them past visited ads across various other Google Products or Platforms.

    How does Google AdWords Remarketing Works

    Its all revolves around Google Remarketing Code. You have to enter this code on your site. You may be heard about “tag” or “Pixel”. This is.

    Now, your site will collect cookies from the visitors and add them to your re-marketing lists. Visitors browsing activities generates Unique ID every time that your site collects and when they leave the site, it will show your add to them on other places.

    Cost of Google AdWords Remarketing

                                      Google AdWords Remarketing

    I got a data from WordStream. I’m sharing this detail with you. It will help you to understand costing more effectively.

    Tell me how Re-Marketing helps you in retargeting your audience. Put your word here.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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