• Facebook Ad Targeting in 2018 ( A Complete Guide )

  • Facebook Ad Targeting in 2018

    Facebook Ad Targeting in 2018 ( A Complete Guide )

    Every business entity is trying to develop its user database. More audiences mean more success in any business. Hence, also do you want to expand your audience database for your eCommerce website? Facebook offers a tool to search new audience, create the database and expand your existing audience. This tool is Facebook Targeting Tools.

    Is it so easy to discover your targeted audience on Facebook? It takes a lot of time and some mindful strategies. Facebook Targeting Tools let you search your targeted audience using Facebook. Here I will guide you some awesome strategies which will definitely help you to bring valuable audience and hence these will be your customers also.

    Keep the following points in your mind while you are using Facebook Targeting Tools:

    Your Audience Located: Dig the soil where there is a chance to out the water. Same way locate your audience where your products and services can reach. So before starting Facebook Ads, you must locate your targeted audience.

    Audience’s Age Group: Yes, ages of your targeted audiences are most important. By using this, you can categories your valuable customers. Every age groups will not be your targeted audience. So decide what is your business and who is affected by your business and then decide their age.

    Gender: Your audience may be Male or Female. But be sure that your business is for male or female or for both. If you are dealing in cosmetics then definitely your targeted audience are Females. This way you can decide the gender of your audience.

    Language: Which language is spoken by the audience? This is also very important in searching for your targeted audience. Language is the first way through which you can attract more customers and you can tell them about your products and services.

    Know Audience’s Interests: Before offer someone about your product, you must know the interests of someone. To find out his /her interests using a different medium. You can check out someone's Facebook profile to find out his/her interests.

    As you know that Facebook has its own Facebook Targeting Tools to solve your these problems.

    Now we will learn how to use Facebook Targeting Tools for your eCommerce business.

    More than two billion people are using Facebook every month. With using Facebook’s powerful audience selection tools, you can target the people who are right for your business. Using what you know about your audiences, such as Demographics, Interests and Behaviors, you can connect with the people in the same field.

    For this, you can Click HERE to redirect to the Facebook Targeting Tools for login. Here I am explaining its some interesting features and how does it work.

                  Facebook Targeting Tools

    Core Audience: Choose the people who you want to reach. You can select your audience manually based on characteristics such as age and location, as mentioned above.

    Custom Audience: Get in touch with people you already know. You can upload your contact list to connect with your customers on Facebook.

    By targeting people on Facebook who is already connected to, you can foster relationships and drive sales. Use one of these three sources to build your custom audience:

    1. Loyal Customers: Get in touch with your current customers and prospects to seal the deal with them.

    2. Site Visitors: People who visit your website are strong potential customers.

    3. Mobile Users: Show ads to people who are already using your mobile app.

                              Facebook Targeting Tools

    Lookalike Audience: You can use your customer information to find people with similar nature and behaviour on Facebook.

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    Create Audience:

    You can reach this page directly by Clicking HERE.

    It is easier to sell the products to a current customer than to look for a new one. So, strengthen your existing connections by using Custom Audience.

    If you have a customer list or data from your site, such as purchaser email addresses, you can get start your sell.

    As you can create your custom audience, your information is secure to protect customer relationships. Hence by this way, you can find and reach more people on Facebook.

    Here you will get the three options to create audience:

    1. Create Your Custom Audience:

    So, following steps are to create Custom Audience:

    1. > Create a list of either email addresses or phone numbers using your customer data.

    2. > Save your list in CSV or TXT format.

    3. > Go to the audience tab in Adverts Manager

    4. > Click the Create Audience button, then select Custom Audience, and then select Customer List

    5. > Drag and Drop your CSV or TXT file to the Custom Audience box

    Your Custom Audience will be ready in about 30 minutes.

    2. Using Your Custom Audience:

    You can create Advert using Advert Create Tool. You can set it to be shown in News Feed or the Right-Hand Column.

    Select your Custom Audience and select the targeting options such as location, age, gender, interests etc.

                    facebook Custom Audience

    You can set your budget and place your order.

    After that, your Advert will appear on the Facebook page of your targeted audience.

    3. Expand your Custom Audience:

    If your Custom Audience has fewer than 1,000 people, then consider the following:

    1. > Choose CPM bidding to ensure that your Adverts are appearing in your desired group.

    2. > Increase your maximum CPM bid, because higher bid helps to reach more your custom audience.

    3. > Always update your custom audience list and add new audiences.

    You can use the following apps and services which are connected to Facebook. These apps and services will help to grow your eCommerce business amazingly.

                                   Custom Audience for facebook

    Hence, now I hope to target your audience using Facebook will be an easy task for you.

    Besides these, do you have any problem in any step? Let me know by dropping your words below in the box.

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