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    How to Launch Startup at Amazon Launchpad India?

    More than A year has been passed but still, a question is in every new entrepreneur in his mind that “What is Amazon Launchpad”? Amazon Launchpad is a unique platform for our entrepreneurs after Start-Up India Program, towards an initiative to “New Era of Business”. Amazon Launchpad is a way to Launch faster, Get Discovered to build brand & be global.

    The first time Amazon launched its Launchpad program in the US and a year before it had been launched in India. This program launched in India with a vision to launch start-ups, market, cutting-edge products at its platform. This program brings a product and its entrepreneur to a global market.

    Amazon Launchpad is already available in the US, UK, China, Germany, France, and Mexico. Amazon Launchpad has 100+ partners at a global level, includes many growing venture capitalist, incubators, angel investors & Crowdfunding Platforms. It helping entrepreneurs to tell their story to global investors and customers.

    Amazon is treating start-ups very differently. It will provide you marketing benefits from day one. It will help new entrepreneurs to make their story-telling videos, larges pics and videos for their merchandising of their products. This will ensure your products visibility to global customers.

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    Amazon only considers you a start-up as a start-up if your product supported by any of these investing partners. (Click here to get Amazon Partner’s List)

    Steps for registering a start-up on Amazon Launchpad

    1. Click here to go to Amazon Launchpad Form

    2. If you are a new start-up at here choose “No” in the first question and “Yes” in second. Hit on “Apply Now” to proceed Amazon Launchpad program.

      Contact Form for Launchpad

      3. After the 1st step, you will see that you are 20 Min. away to successfully register on Amazon Launchpad. Fill your “contact details” and click on “Continue”.

      Contact Details

      4. Then fill your company details such as Country, city, Company Name and website.

      Company details for launchpad

      5. Then share your products name, a category of your product and mention that your product is ready for shipment or not, are you inventor for that product or not, have you nay patent for that or not?

      Product Details for launchpad

      6. Select your funding source and amount of raised fund and if you are selecting any first 1 of 5 option then choose its partner who has invested.

      Funding details for launchpad

      7. Provide the relevant details that are you already a seller on Amazon or not, are you dedicated to managing your seller account or not & have you any person in your team having experience with Amazon or not?

      Relevant details for launchpad

      8. Fulfill your Global Selling Details like currently in which countries you are selling, bank details foreign bank accounts, a location of product manufacturing, stock keeping location and finally where you want to sell.

      Global selling details for launchpad

      9. In this step, mention your awards, which you had received from any organisation.

      Awards & media mention for launchpad

      10. In the final step, you will get “Submission Summary” panel to check and submit your all details, which you had mentioned in previous forms Contact Details, basic Details, Funding Details, Amazon Relevant Details, Global Selling Details and Awards & Media Mentions. After that, mention that where you had heard about Amazon launchpad. Then Submit your application.

    Amazon soon will respond to your application. Hope you can register your start-up easily with our guidelines.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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