• How to Sell on Amazon (A Complete Step by step Guide for Beginners)

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    How to Sell on Amazon (A Complete Step by step Guide for Beginners)

    How to Sell on Amazon? is a question which has been raised in your mind several times. But some of the person leaves the online selling idea as they think this is a too crucial method of selling, some people leave because they had faced some online Fraudsters or bear loss in online selling. But, Online Selling is not tough, that beginners think.

    I will tell you every step of online selling on Amazon, documents requirements, various hidden steps, and points to remember before listing any products, everything you need.

    Step 1: Documents required for Online Selling

    Most of the experts will say you that you have to register yourself as a seller but, Bigly says first ready document to register yourself and your products. List of the required documents are:

    1. Pan Card

    2. Goods & Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN)

    3. ID Proof (Voter ID card/ Passport/ License/ Aadhaar Card)

    4. Trademark Registration Certificate/ Trademark Application

    5. Address Proof (Electricity Bill/ Rent Agreement )

    6. Open a Bank Account for your Business Transactions

    7. Cancel Cheque

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    Step 2: Choose a product to sell on Amazon

    As a beginner, you should choose a product which has most demand on Amazon. Keep in mind that Electronics items have always greater demand on Amazon and other online selling platforms too. But, you can’t sell any electronic product without trademark on Amazon. Apart from electronic products, you can sell any products without using Trademark.

    Step 3: Setup your Seller store on Amazon

    After preparing all documents, Register your Online Retail Shop on Amazon.in. Then list your products with most searchable Keywords. You can easily list your products with the help of available tools at Amazon.

    After account creation in the meanwhile listing, you have to wait for category approval, brand approval and GTIN Exemption (If you don’t have a brand mark). Keep ready various documents

    1. Pan card

    2. GSTIN

    3. Normal Images of Product

    4. Trademark Certificate ( provide a “Declaration letter”, if you don’t have trademark for legal issues)

    5. Invoice Bill for Purchased Products

    After submitting these documents you will get approvals you can list your products easily at a store with the pics of MRP tags.

    Step 4: Prepare your item to be shipped

    To get Amazon Fulfillment featured your product you have to send your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse then after getting order Amazon’s Pick & Pack team pack your order and dispatch to a customer within 24-48 hours.

    Step 5: Receive Orders from Customers

    Now, crores of customers can view your product and they will “Add to Cart” your product if they like. Earn money and grow your business by making supernormal profits on Amazon.in. You don’t have to worry about your product orders, as Amazon provide delivery service to your customer.

    Step 6: Receive Payment for Sold Products

    You will get paid directly in your Bank Account within 10-15 days (this limit is for beginners). Amazon will deduct some commission as per your agreement with it.

    I explained all the process of selling on Amazon.in. Now, you can sell online on Amazon. Now, the question “How to Sell on Amazon” is not a big deal for any Beginner.

    If you want to sell on Amazon.in with expertise knowledge and consideration Bigly have experts for your help. Bigly Experts will set up your Business and provide you legal services to Selling service and Seller Account maintenance too.

    I am here to help you. Ask me any query if you have about online selling. Ask me?

    Author: Parvez Alam

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