• How to Sell on Flipkart : A Short Guide to Sell Products on Flipkart

  • How to sell products on Flipkart

    How to Sell on Flipkart : A Short Guide to Sell Products on Flipkart

    Every online seller wants a huge traffic for his products so he can approach more digital buyers and for this, he needs to identify a big platform where buyers visit every day. In this blog, we will focus on a leading Indian E-commerce industry, having over 7.5 crore digital buyers. An online seller only could be a successful business person if, he can target his potential digital buyers. Sell on Flipkart would be our first choice for online selling because of an easy method of pick-up support, quick payment to sellers & free photo-shoot for your products. Now, you can understand Why should sell on Flipkart?

    Who can Sell on Flipkart?

    Any individual, Sole Proprietorship Firm or Pvt. Ltd. A company can sell its unique brand product on Flipkart. In every case, the registration process for seller registration of Flipkart seller panel is different. We will discuss it later separately.

    Steps to Become a Seller on Flipkart

    This is a first question arises in a sellers mind which basically includes 6 easy steps. These are:

    1.  1. Prepare Documents for Registration

    2.  2. Seller Registration on Flipkart Seller Homepage

    3.  3. Fulfill Business Details

    4.  4. Provide bank details

    5.  5. Store Details (Provide your display name & business description)

    6.  6. Add Listing (List your products here)

    Document Required for Seller Registration on Flipkart Seller Homepage

    It contains basically two types of registration first one is registration of Sole Proprietorship and the second one is Pvt. Ltd. Company. We start from the first one:

    1. Seller Registration as an Individual or Sole Proprietor

    An individual can register himself as a seller on Flipkart if he is the only owner of the business and he will be treated as a sole proprietor. Just prepare these documents:

    1. > PAN Card/ Voter ID/ Driving License

    2. > GSTIN

    3. > Passport

    4. > Cancel Cheque

    5. > Company Electricity Bill in the name of Proprietorship firm

    2. Seller Registration as a Pvt. Ltd. Company

    If you have a Pvt. Ltd. organization then you can register your organization. Just prepare these documents for registration:

    1.  > TAN

    2.  > Brand Registration Certificate

    3.  > CIN (Not Mandatory)

    4.  > GSTIN

    5.  > Personal PAN Card

    6.  > Company PAN Card

    7.  > Cancel cheque

    Seller Registration as an LLP

    Above mentioned documents are sufficient for registration as a Flipkart seller.

    After preparing all the Documents to go to Flipkart Seller Registration Panel. Then follow these steps:

    1. > Register yourself as a seller by providing Name, E-mail ID, Set a password, Mobile No. and put an OTP to verify your mobile no. and hit “continue”.

    2. > Select Pick-up location for your product and click on submit.

    3. > Select Prime Selling Category and submit it.

    4. > Afterwards, you can see that the 4 steps are pending Business Details, Bank Details, Store Details & Add Listings.

    Before that panel, you can see that Flipkart wants to know more about you. You have to answer 11 questions about you. These are:

    1.  1. Nature of your Business

    2.  2. Price range of product that you wish to sell

    3.  3. Expected revenue from Flipkart in next 3 Months

    4.  4. Owner’s age

    5.  5. Are you selling online yet or not

    6.  6. Where are you operating from

    7.  7. Gender

    8.  8. Who will handle Flipkart account business

    9.  9. What kind of help you need from Flipkart to grow your business

    10. 10. Do you wish to sell products your own brand

    11. 11. No. of products to sell online available now.

    Above 11 questions are not mandatory. After completing these process you can sell products by listing on it on Flipkart seller’s panel.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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