• How to Become Reseller on Facebook in 2019

  • How to become reseller on facebook in 2019

    How to Become Reseller on Facebook in 2019

    Online marketing, these days have reached to a new level. Not only the business owners but also normal people are into this business. When you wish to earn some amount from online sale you can start reselling your products on facebook. Facebook is a common and widely used social media platform and is also a nice source for online reselling of products and services. People prefer selling on facebook platform because this is one of the most integral platforms used by millions of users worldwide. 

    One of the other obvious reason why facebook is used so widely for online resale is that it is quite easy to use. With facebook, it is easy to reach to dedicated market segment and establish a personal and direct communication with the customer online which is not possible or somehow little difficult on other channels. When there are so many benefits of using facebook for online reselling business, one can use it to earn profit in the form of commission without any doubt. 

    How to Resell product on facebook in 2019?

    There are two ways you can resell your products on facebook and this can be as following:

    1. Reselling products on already existed Facebook Group – If you wish to sell it with facebook group here are the procedure:

    • -> Learn your market – First of all you need to very clearly understand that in which market you need to enter. These must be the market segments where there are people who can buy your product. 

    • -> Know your product – Once the market niche is known, start knowing everything about your product so that you can wisely resale it. This may include finding all fine detailed information about your own product. 

    • -> Search for group – Once you know your product and your customer, start searching the group with the relevant keyword related to the product from the facebook search box. You need to be specific with the keyword so that you can find the right group. 

    • -> Getting to the group – Once you find them try to get into them. Open group allows you to directly post, whereas close groups will permit you after few minutes or hours. 

    • -> Start posting - Now start posting for resale with the complete details. Post in a way that it compels users to buy it.

    2. Resell of Products with a personal Facebook Page – If you wish to promote with your own page here are the procedure:

    • -> Create your fan page group – Create a business fan page where you need to fill complete information and about us details of your business. 

    • ->Make members – Each day you need to work on increasing your members on your groups so that you can more customers to your page. 

    • -> Start posting – Once the group is created you may directly start posting meaningfully about the product to generate sales. 

    • -> Promote it – You can now promote about this post and about this page in several other group across the facebook groups. 


    In 2019, Reselling Products on Facebook is Simple and Easy. You can easily Increase or get more frequent order by becoming a Reseller on Facebook. If you are new to reselling business than Facebook is the only place where you should start with your reselling business.

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