• How to become reseller on Whatsapp in 2019

  • How to become reseller on Whatsapp in 2019

    How to become reseller on Whatsapp in 2019

    In 2019, WhatsApp is a crucial platform used widely for communication purposes these days. More than 7 Crore active users use it in India. When there is so much popularity of such platform, it is easy to use such communication channel for selling and reselling of products. When Whatsapp is a massively accepted tool it becomes easy for owners to reach to various customers online rightly with such platform. Whatsapp is popular for reselling these days because it acts as a direct way for linking to the customer and ensure sure shot sell. These days Whatsapp is a powerful business tool when it comes to business online. It is equally beneficial for small business as well and anyone who wishes to earn money from reselling product can earn from it. 

    Who is Reseller?

    Before you can actually get into this business you must know what actually a reseller is? A reseller is someone who simply finds out relevant products which are already in sale and promote them on several platforms. They can also be people who bought something from somewhere and now wish to sell it further. It is actually an affiliate program that is done for earning a small commission. Buying or seeing a product at a definite price and selling it in slightly higher price can help earn a refined amount of profit which is the main motive of such business. 

    How to become Reseller on Whatsapp?

    Just like any other platform, there is also a strict guideline and procedure which must be followed so that right amount of profit can be earned from such platforms. Before anything it is essential that you know and understand Whatsapp very well. After this you need to have a good contact lists over it so that promotion gets easy and beneficial. Here are the procedures of reselling online with Whatsapp groups:

    1. Create a Whatsapp group – Create a group with an attractive group name and add your friends into it which according to you will actually buy from you. These can be anyone your friend, family or some other people. 

    2. Find the product – Before you can actually get into reselling you must know the products you actually wish to sell. These can be products which you have already purchased or products which are in sell on other online platforms. 

    3. Start a conversation – Heading with the greeting message, continue with the product promotion. These must include a nice photograph about the product and all basic details about the product which will make it resale. 

    4. Start promotion – Not only on your created group but you can promote your product and about your group on other groups and other platform as well which may include Facebook etc. 

    If not your created group you can also start to resale in other exiting Whatsapp group of the similar segment where you need to get in only with a link invite. In this groups once you are added you can start reselling your product directly. 


    To become a reseller on whatsapp in 2019 is quite easy and simple. Whtasapp is the only platforn where you can easily get the customers that would love to buy the products from you.You just have to follow the steps that are given above to become a reseller on whatsapp in 2019.

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