• How to Become a Reseller With Zero Investment in 2019

  • How to Become a Reseller With Zero Investment in 2019

    How to Become a Reseller With Zero Investment in 2019

    There are three fundamentals to business: other people’s time, other people’s money and other people’s Labour.

    Apply this to your Reseller model of doing business and you can sell at a low cost, sell in large quantities and still make handsome profits.

    Other People’s Money

    This does not mean you get others to invest in your Reseller business. The beauty of this model is that neither you nor your agents need to invest a single rupee. You know about drop shipping. In this model, the manufacturer or distributor will accept orders from you and dispatch directly to the buyer. You bill buyer, get money and remit to seller minus your profit. The drawback is that established brands will not follow this practice. You have to find specialists in this field and tie up with them. Items that lend themselves best to this model are fashion garments and accessories where markups can be high provided you sell quality, stylish apparel. You can sell without investing a rupee in inventory.

    So, assuming you pick a supplier who offers fashion garments and other products, your task is to bestow them with an aura and appeal so that intending buyers pick them. Use your ingenuity and create write-ups for these products.

    Other people’s Time and Labour

    Selling is a serious proposition. You need to make efforts and spend lots of time to get people to know that you are selling and to convince them to buy. Let other people work for you. Activate your Whatsapp, phone and social media contacts. Post your products on Facebook for free and then invite people to participate in your program in return for rewards.

    You can offer rewards such as:
    -> Movie tickets or an evening in a restaurant provided they promote your products to a defined quantity in their circles.
    -> Commission on sales of a product
    -> Incentive on achieving sales in a certain number.
    -> Free gifts for referrals

    Let people do the work for you. You manage them. You may get slim margins but you can get more sales and still get a handsome amount and that too without investing a rupee.

    Finding the right source is important. It is not unusual that in cases of drop shipping the supplier delays shipment or ships products that are different from what was ordered or are of lower quality than promised. The standard of ethics and integrity of the supplier you choose should be highest and they should deliver on all counts. This will enhance your reputation and result in repeat orders for the supplier.

    Selling is an ongoing effort. Though you may not invest any money, you still do need to invest some time and effort to even manage those who are working on your behalf to sell your products or create demand or inquiry. If you are ready to do this then you can get started to become a Reseller with Zero Investment. Once you pile up money you can explore more opportunities.  

    Author: Prajakta

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