• How to Become a Seller On Myntra In 2018 ( A Complete Guide )

  • How to sell on myntra in 2018

    How to Become a Seller On Myntra In 2018 ( A Complete Guide )

    Last week I had gone to Sadar Bazar, Delhi for some shopping. There are a lot of offline stores, but how much the shop owners can get success to bring right customers? I asked a shop owner why he was not using the online marketplace to sell his products. His reply was, “I want to sell online but don’t know where to begin!”. This is not only his problem but also for every offline retailer. So, I decided to write about One of the best Indian eCommerce companies, Myntra. Therefore, I collected ways How to Sell on Myntra & How to become a Seller on Myntra in India.

    Why Choose Online than Offline?

    Some limited customers and locality branding can kill your business growth. So why stuck in the Offline business, whenever there is Online option to sell. Yes, in this digital world, if you are trying to get success in an offline business model, then sorry to say, you are not doing judgement with your business. Then what to do? Bring your offline store to the online store. Myntra is ready to give you this opportunity.

    Quick intro of Myntra:

    Myntra is a B2C Indian business model whose headquarter is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is India’s one of the biggest fashion and casual lifestyle products eCommerce company. The company was founded in 2007 with a focus on personalization of gift items.

    Following are the actions for How to Sell on Myntra & How to become a Seller on Myntra in India:

    Step 1. Fill the Sell with Us Form:

    1. Click HERE to go to the Seller page of the Sell on Myntra.

    2. First, you have to fill a form, “Sell with us”.
      When your form will be accepted by Myntra, then you can become a seller on Myntra.


                                 Sell with us

    Step 2. Legal Registration for your Business:

    Since, Myntra offers a Business entity, not an individual to sell on Myntra. Therefore, you need to do a legal registration for your business first.

    There are four options to register your business as Legal identity:

       1. Private Limited Company
       2. Limited Liability Partnership
       3. Sole Proprietorship Firm
       4. Partnership Firm

    Hence, one of these four options, you must have anyone registration for your business. When your business gets the registration, then arrange the following documents.

    Step 3. Legal Documents to become a seller on Myntra:

       1. GSTIN Number of your business
       2. PAN Card details of the business entity
       3. CURRENT Account with Bank’s Name & Branch

       4. NAME of Account Holder
       5. ACCOUNT Number & IFSC Code

    As soon as your registration for becoming a seller on Myntra gets approval, you will be ready to roll out your products on Myntra.

    Step 4. List your products & Start selling:

    • After all these steps, now you can start listing your products on Myntra. While you start the listing, you can set the selling price, discounts or shipping cost according to your convenience.

    • Finally, you can start selling your products on Myntra. As soon as, your store goes live, customers will be able to search your products on the Myntra dashboard.

    • Myntra web or app is a very user-friendly platform which makes it easy to handle your products. The interface of Myntra is so easy to handle that any business entity can use Specialists to increase its brand value.

    Step 5. Receiving Orders and Payments:

       1. When your store goes live, you will receive orders from customers.
       2. Your dashboard will be notified every time when your store gets an order.
       3. After receiving the order, Myntra will pack the consignment.
       4. Myntra will automatically generate an Invoice copy.
       5. Myntra courier partner will deliver the product to the customer.

    Generally, Myntra takes 15-days for the first time to settle your payment. Then it transfers your payment into your registered bank account after deductions from Myntra’s commission and other service charges.

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    Why choose Myntra to sell your Products?

    Because of its user-friendly interface, huge traffic growth, and the most popular online store across India push you to sell on Myntra.

    Besides these, here are some reasons why you should choose to Sell on Myntra & to become a Seller on Myntra.

    Help India Look Good: Home to the fashion consumer in India Myntra aims to help her customers look good every day, every occasion.

    Ease of Selling: Intuitive interface to manage your store, cataloguing support, an end to end supply chain management. You can focus on your brand and let Myntra to take care of the rest.

    Learn From Its Fashion Experts: Dedicated account manager, access to latest industry trends and compelling content for your brand.

    Grow Your Business with Marketing Expertise: Multi-Channel promotion campaigns, social engagement and in-depth analytics to help you understand your consumer better.

    How does it work?

    Selling online has never been so easy. Yes, it’s really. The process of sell on Myntra is very easy and reliable. It concludes only following four steps:

    1. LIST: Myntra’s onboard specialists always work with you to take your brand live as soon as possible.

    2. SELL: You can update your inventory and start receiving orders from Myntra’s large customer base.

    3. SUPPLY: Only you have to keep your products ready. Myntra will pick, pack and ship it for you to the customer.

    4. EARN: Myntra’s regular settlements and working capital support to grow your brand rapidly.

    Happy selling on Myntra!

    It was so simple. Wasn’t it?

    Hence, now I am sure that How to Sell on Myntra & How to become a Seller on Myntra will not be a big deal for anyone.

    Also, if you have any query in any step, kindly put your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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