• How To Create an Amazing Email Newsletter for Ecommerce Business in 2018

  • How To Create an Amazing Email Newsletter for Ecommerce Business in 2018

    How To Create an Amazing Email Newsletter for Ecommerce Business in 2018

    How to inform your valuable customer about your new product? Your customer is the breathing of your business. The customer is the foundation of any business success. One of the primary goals of any business strategy is to identify your valuable customer and try to meet the needs of them. Email marketing is a good way to engage your existing customers and make leads. A newsletter is a tool of Email marketing which enables this function for your business. But writing an amazing Email Newsletter is not a cup of tea for all. It takes a lot of practices and experiences to become a good newsletters writer. In this post, I will tell you some good practices for How To Create Amazing Newsletters for Your Business.

    Email Marketing is the practice by which companies send informational and product-focused content via an emailed letter. By this way, you can send the Email Newsletter to more number of potential and existing customers easily.  

    Hence, Let’s start to know these practices to create Email Newsletter for your business:

    1. 1. Design Layout

    2. 2. Company’s Logo

    3. 3. Creative Header

    4. 4. Relevant Content

    5. 5. Images & Videos

    6. 6. Include Footer

    7. 7. Strong Call to Action

    8. 8. Mobile Responsiveness

    9. 9. Add Social Links

    10. 10. Unsubscribe Option

    11. Terms & Conditions

    Is it a long list to remember? Don’t need to worry, I will explain all the practices one-by-one. Here We Go:-

    1. Design Layout:

    Design your Email Newsletter with a width of around 550-600 pixels and a height of 400-500 pixels. Make sure the important information is at the top of the letter because this is an average Preview Pane in the most desktop email clients.

    You can add a text on the left side of your Newsletter Template and include an image or a link to your text lines. If you picked a smaller font size, then make sure you have given space in between texts.

    2. Company’s Logo:

    Your logo is your mark of identity and speaks a lot about your company. It helps your customers to recognize your company easily. So you must have put your company’s logo in the left top corner of the Newsletter. The logo must be clear and visible.

    3. Creative Header:

    The header is the main title of your Email Newsletter. Which describes your content and the main objective of your Newsletter. It is the equivalent of a magazine, newspaper or website’s name. It sits at the very top of your Newsletter. Make sure to put the title, your company name and your company’s logo in the header section. Always choose the font size of the header is larger than your entire body of the Newsletter. Because it is the first impression where a customer can stay to read complete Newsletter. So make sure you have chosen a short but catchy Header line for your Email Newsletter.

    4. Relevant Content:

    Create a content that is precise and short. Don’t insert more complex sentences into your Newsletter. Hence, your readers will be happy and take interest to read your complete Newsletter. Avoid using cramped content with small font size, because it easily demotivates and irritates your readers.

    5. Images & Videos:

    A well-designed Email Newsletter is a good balance of Text and Images. When your customer or a recipient opens your Newsletter, images instantly catch his/her attention. So by adding a few awesome photos of your product will increase the effectiveness of the objective of your Newsletter at the same time.

    Although photos are a powerful tool to use in your campaign, you must balance your Email Newsletter between pictures and text. The perfect combination for an awesome Newsletter is 40% images and 60% texts.

    6. Include Footer:

    It allows you to wrap things up. A footer gives you to share your basic information such as social media network links, legal terms and conditions, and the reason why he/she is receiving your Newsletter. This will help you to build an identity as an honest and credible sender.

    So make sure you have added a standard footer to your email newsletter.

    A good measurement for an awesome Newsletter is 40% images and 60% texts.

                                                               Email Newsletter for your business

    7. Strong Call to Action:

    CTA or Call to Action button is the quick linkage of your Email Newsletter to your Website. When a customer reads your newsletter and if he/she is interested in your product, then he/she will definitely want to purchase or want to know more about it. But if there is no any CTA button, then you think one will close his/her Email account and will search your product or services on Google? If I suppose he/she does so, then there is a possibility that Google will show huge websites that contain the particular product at different prices. Then definitely he/she will not show loyalty to your company or product. Therefore make sure that you have included a strong call to action button in your email newsletter.

    8. Mobile Responsiveness:

    Today, more people are using mobile devices to check their emails and shop online. So you make sure that your newsletters are optimized for mobiles, tablets and smartphones for the best results.

    9.  Add Social Links:

    Add social network links and RSS feed icons at the header of the newsletter. These links are the ability to let the subscribers share the newsletter with their friends and on their social media platforms. Always insert the icons with these links, because icons attract the reader's eyes more than the text.

    10. Unsubscribe Option:

    It is not always true that your potential customers will like your products. It may be possible that they got irritated or not interested more in this type of Newsletter. So in this situation, you must give an option to Unsubscribe from your Newsletter. It will build a trust between company and customer. The customer is happy to see it that your company understands and takes care her privacy.

    11. Terms & Conditions:

    Yes, definitely include this section in the footer of your email newsletter. It tells the customer that why he/she is receiving your email. Also, it tells the term and conditions of your company. Make sure you have explained it in precise and in simple words. Don’t confuse your customers by using such terms that are not understandable to an average reader.

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    Some Tips for Successful Email Newsletter Marketing Strategies:

    > Create pre-content: Write a few contents or newsletters that you can send at any time for the months when there is not enough content to fill the newsletter.
    > Keep eye on Competitors Newsletters: Always read the newsletters of competitors to see what kinds of contents and deals are being offered.
    > Recycling of your old content: You can use content from different sources, like blogs and publications in your newsletter.
    > Use Fewer words in the newsletters: Less is always enough. So say your words in a simple language and less length.  Reader’s don’t want to be bored with endlessly long newsletters. Saying in less can make a bigger impact.
    > Offer Incentives: Rewards will not only attract customers to opt into newsletter marketing, but to make a purchase.
    > Encourage by Feedback: Allow readers to comment on your newsletters and say them to suggest you some topics for future issues.

    Hence, now I am sure after these 11 points To Create Amazing Newsletters for Your Business will not be a big deal.

    Also, if there is left any point, you can tell me by hitting the box below.

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