• How to Create an Account in Zoho Mail in 2018 (The Ultimate Guide)

  • How to Create an Account in Zoho Mail in 2018

    How to Create an Account in Zoho Mail in 2018 (The Ultimate Guide)

    Transformation leads Conversion. Transformation of words from business to business or business to customer brings a positive response. Any business entity won’t succeed if word of mouth is not involved. So, it is must to apply words transformation for a business to be a success. Zoho mail may be the best tool for this task. Yes, I am an old user of Zoho mail that’s why I am sharing you why you may consider Zoho mail account for your words transformation. In this writing, I will try to carry out the best features of Zoho mail and hence guide you How To Create an Account in Zoho Mail.


    Transformation leads Conversion.

    Step 1: Create a Free Zoho Account:

    Click the Link to open the account creation page.

    Now fill the form with suitable information.


    Name: Fill your first and last name

    Username: Enter a preferred Username for your demo@zoho.com email account. This must be between 6 to 30 characters and can contain letters, numbers, underscores and dot only.

    Password: Choose 8 to 60 characters for your password. Don’t use your name or Zoho mail address for a password. Must sure you are using letters, numbers, lowercase, uppercase and special characters in your password.

    Mobile Number: Select your country code and then provide your active mobile number. So that you can receive a verification code. Your account will be active after the verification. You can login your account by using mobile number also.

    Confirm Mobile Number: Rewrite your mobile number for security purpose.

    Terms: Check the box to accept Terms of service and Privacy policy.

    Then hit the Sign-Up button to finish this step.

    Step 2: Mobile Verification:

    You will get the new window states “your account has been created successfully!”

    A verification code will get on your mobile. You can change the mobile number or can request for sending the verification code again.

    Put 7 digits verification code into the box provided.

    Then hit the red box “Verify My Mobile”.


    Step 3: Templates and Guidelines:

    After verification the mobile number, you will redirect to the Templates and Guidelines page.

    Here you can set up your account as per as your preference.

    Hence, this way you have successfully created a Free basic Zoho Account.


    These were the steps for a Free Zoho account. But in the free version, you won’t get all the services. For utilising all the awesome services, you must have to purchase a plan for your business.

    Now I am going to explain How To Create an Account in Zoho Mail with the integration of Domain name.

    Step 1: Sign Up Now:

    Go to zoho.com/mail page and click on “Sign Up Now” button.

    Then you will lead to the “Pricing & Sign Up” page.

    This page gives a complete overview of the pricing plans of Zoho mail services.

    Select the plan according to your business and then click “Sign Up” tab.

    Step 2: Purchase Domain:

    The sign-up process completes by using any one of two options. You can either “Sign up with a Domain you already own, OR “Buy a new Domain for your Business”.

    Enter your preferred Domain name and select an extension from the given options.

    After checking the availability, click on “Buy Domain”.

    Fill in all the necessary details and click on “Sign Up”.

    Step 3: Mobile Verification:

    You will get a unique verification code in your mobile number. Put the code in the box and click forward.

    In the Payment page, enter the number of IDs you wish to purchase and click “Continue”.

    Click “Confirm” button after reviewing your purchase item.

    Step 4: Make Payment:

    Enter your payment details and complete the transaction from your preferred payment mode.

    After completing all of the steps, you will get a message that you have verified your domain with Zoho.

    As a result, you have completed your sign up process in Zoho mail. Now the time is to Setting up your Zoho mail with your website. Let’s read the next steps to Set Up the Zoho Mail to your Website

    Step 1: Domain Setup:

    Go to the “Setting” in your Zoho mail.

    Select the “Domain Setup”.

    Now select your domain’s DNS manager from the drop-down box. You will find a list of some popular DNS hosts.

    Select your DNS provider and click proceed.

    Step 2: DNS Manager:

    Log in with your username and password on your DNS host page.

    Go to My Accounts >> Domains >> Manage DNS.

    The DNS Manager opens with a set of DNS record information.

    Copy the “unique code” generated in your Zoho account and paste it into the “Host” field.

    Enter "zmverify.zoho.com" under the "Points To" field in your DNS Records, and click the "Save" button.

    Step 3: CNAME Verification:

    After the saving your record, the CNAME will be added to your Zoho mail successfully.

    Click on “Proceed to CNAME Verification” and click “Verify Now”.

    Step 4: Create Business IDs:

    Now, you can create your respective business email IDs with your domain by clicking on “Create Account”.

    You can add new users by “Proceed to Add Users” from your organization.

    Also, you can add new users later by logging into mailadmin.zoho.com as the Administrator.

    Step 5: Configuring Email Delivery:

    You can configure email delivery by adding your MX records. Hence you can receive emails in your Zoho mail inbox only after adding the MX records into your Zoho account.

    Now, I am going to explain how can you Add New Users Details in your Zoho mail. Here are the steps for it:

    Step 1: Admin Login:

    Log in to zoho.com/mail as an Admin or Super Admin.

    Click Control Panel, then select User Details.

    Select Add User from the upper portion of the page.

    Enter the user’s First name, Last name and Email address in the appropriate box.

    After that select a Domain from the drop-down menu.

    Step 2: Create Password:

    Provide a password for the user. It is very necessary for security purpose.

    The password must have at least 8 characters. It should be a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.

    Make sure the user receives this password, as they will need it to log in to their account.

    There is an option of “Force user to change the password during the first login”. Make sure you have checked the box so that user can set a new password after the first login.

    Click on OK to complete the process.

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    Ohhh! Have you tired after reading a long writing. There are a lot of things to let you know about Zoho mail. But I will cover the remaining things in future writing.

    Now, tell me how was today’s writing How To Create an Account in Zoho Mail?

    If you have any problem in any step, surely put your words in the box below.

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