• How to Create a Free Account in Mailchimp in 2018

  • How to Create Free Account in Mailchimp in 2018

    How to Create a Free Account in Mailchimp in 2018

    Have you ever thought that communication in any business is the way to success? Without communicate to anyone, you can’t drive your business. Therefore communication from business to business or business to the customer is necessary to step to run any business successfully. Hence, every business uses email to communicate to each other. Each day, millions of emails are sent from companies to customers, sellers, and suppliers. The employees in a company send emails to their managers and coworkers. Some common advantages of business email over traditional mail or telephone communications are cost-effective, fast speed and credential delivery. Hence there are many email software available for every size businesses. MailChimp Account is the best choice for every business. That’s why you should know how to Create an Account in MailChimp.

    Let’s Know How To Create an Account in MailChimp:

    In this part of writing, you’ll learn what you need to get started with MailChimp, and how to Sign up for a free account.

    Requirements for getting start:

                                                Create an Account in MailChimp

    1. 1. MailChimp is a web-based service. You don’t need to install any app or any addon into your browser.

    2. 2. An existing Email to communicate with you.

    3. 3. Unique Username for MailChimp and it can’t be Reused.

    4. 4. Need a Physical Mailing Address with Postbox number.

    5. 5. You need a URL of your Website or Blog or any other Social media channel.

    6. 6. MailChimp has Free Forever Plan for Basic uses.

    7. 7. For an Upgrade plan, you need the Credit card to purchase it. No other Payment mode will be accepted by MailChimp.

    8. 8.  While Signing Up the Free Account in MailChimp, you must agree to comply with Terms of Use conditions.

    Step 1: Sign Up for a MailChimp Account:

    Type mailchimp.com in your favourite web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer).

    Click on Sign Up Free box in the centre or in the top right corner.

                                                              Sign Up for a MailChimp Account

    On the next page, you have to fill the form by providing the following information:

    1. > Email: Your existing email

    2. > Username: Choose your Unique username

    3. > Password: (8 characters minimum with a combination of One Lowercase, One Uppercase, One Number, and One Special character)

                                                               Sign Up for a MailChimp Account

    Then click on the Get Started button.

    After clicking it, you will get a confirmation message. Check your email inbox for the Account activation to complete your Account setup.

    Step 2: Activate Your MailChimp Account:

    Now open your existing email account. You will find an Account activation email from MailChimp Client Services.

    Open the Account activation email and Click Activate Account link there.

    On the Confirm Humanity screen, check the I am not a Robot box, and click Confirm Signup.

                                                            Activate Your MailChimp Account

    Step 3: The Sign Up Process:

    Now, after activating your account, Log In to your account using Username and Password.

    In this section, you have to fill some basic information of you and of your company.

    Name: Put the name associated with your account profile. Your profile is unique and can have access to multiple MailChimp Account.

    Email Address: Use your existing email which you were used for the first time. Make sure it is an email address you have access to. The reply email address that you use to send emails can be different from this email address.

    Organization Information: Fill the details of your organization. These are the following questions which you will find here:

    1. > How many people are in your organization?

    2. > How old is your organization?

    3. > Do you have a list of emails to import into MailChimp?

    4. > Are you setting it for clients?

    Organization Name: Put the name of your company or organization. It will appear on every email with your physical mailing address.

    Website URL: Put the website URL of your company, organization or bloggers website. MailChimp uses the URL to verify your account for compliance purposes.

    Physical Address: The mailing address where you can receive emails. A physical address is always necessary for authentication purpose. Include your personal address, street address, business address and post box number.

    Profile Photo: Upload your profile photo. Photo should be at least 300px * 300px.

    After all the fillings, at last, you will ask to tick the subscribe emails from MailChimp.

    Then click the Save and Get Started to finish the account setup.

    Step 4: Get Started with MailChimp Account Dashboard:

    After you activate your account in MailChimp, get to know MailChimp’s features.

    Import Your List: Lists are where you can store your contacts or subscribers. You can get started by importing the list.

    Create and Send a Campaign: Campaigns are emails sent to subscribers in a list. So, try your hand at email design by creating and sending a test campaign.

    Start Building your Audience: Signup forms let the people subscribe your list. When you will create a list, MailChimp will automatically build a sign-up form to customize for your website.

    Verify your Domain: Verification makes sure that your email address is actually hosted at a domain that you can access. However free domains, like Gmail and Hotmail, are automatically verified. But if you want to send mail from an individual or company domain, you will need to go through the verification process in MailChimp.

    Create a New List in MailChimp:

    The strategy of great marketing is clean, up to date contact list. So, each time you create a new list, you may ask to input default information like email address and message to remind the contacts how they get your list.

    To create a new list in your MailChimp account, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Log in to your MailChimp Account:

                                                 Log in to your MailChimp Account

    Login your account by using Username and password.

    Navigate to the Lists page.

    Click Create List.

    There will be New list or Groups. Choose to Create List option.

    Step 2: Fill the List Details:

    Fill the complete details in the provided space.

    Review the contact information for this list and edit if necessary.

    In the Form Setting section, choose the Opt-in method for your list.

    Check the box next to Enable Double Opt-in to send an Opt-in confirmation email when someone signs up to your list.

    Enter the email address where you would like to receive notification about your list.

    Also, Click Save button to Finish it.

                                                            Fill the List Details

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    Let’s Know some Definitions used in MailChimp:

    List: A list is a collection of contacts. Each list is independent of other lists in your account. So, MailChimp user uses a single list divided into groups, which is a best practice for a lot of accounts.

    Group: A group is a subcategory of your list that stores contacts based on their interests. As a result, you can send campaign emails to the group.

    Segment: A segment is a filter that you can apply to your account to sort your contacts. You can filter your contacts based on location, membership, campaign activity, and many more also. Segments help you to design custom emails or web pages for your customers.

    List Field: It is like as Merge fields. Here you can keep the basic information of contacts. These fields are like cells in a spreadsheet. You can store here emails, names, birthdays, group preferences, addresses, or other information.

    Why is MailChimp best for your eCommerce business? Here are the reasons for this choice:

    MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation tool for eCommerce business. It is like a Second brain that helps millions of customers, from small eCommerce shops to Big online retailers. Hence it helps them to find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brands.

    MailChimp integrates with all the major eCommerce providers. So that you can use purchased data to send Personalised Campaigns and better understand. As a result, it guides you how your marketing affects your bottom line.

    Features of MailChimp are as follows:

    1. > Powerful Automation for online sellers and suppliers too.

    2. > Streamline your Marketing which can display your products on popular sites.

    3. > A comprehensive Mobile App for Marketing On The Go.

    4. > Advanced Analytics to grow your business.

    5. > Automatically Integration of hundreds of Apps which already used by you.

    After this long discussion, I am sure that To Create an Account in MailChimp will be very easy for you.

    If there is missing any point in this writing, feel free to put your words below in the box.

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