• How to Earn Money from Facebook Videos in 2018

  • how to earn money from Facebook Videos

    How to Earn Money from Facebook Videos in 2018

    It was one year later when the founder of Facebook announced a good news for video content creator for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that from than any video creator on Facebook can monetise their video content as per Facebook rules. Also, he launched suggested video and ads showing features on Facebook. After watching some part of a video, viewers can get a muted ads on that particular video. Hence, video creator can get 55% of the revenue generated from that video and Facebook will get 45%. Here, I am Taslim, from Bigly, going to explain How to earn money from Facebook Videos and how can you monetise your video on Facebook.

    Before starting the monetisation from your videos, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

    1. Having a Facebook page:

    Must sure you have already set up a Facebook page. You can only monetise when you have a Facebook page. You can’t monetise your video from a personal Facebook account.

    2. At least 5 published articles:

    After that, you must have at least 5 published articles on your Facebook page. Here it is clear that 5 published articles, not 5 video posts or image posts. These are articles and these will be linked from your website or any blogger site.

    3. Having a Website, or any Blogger site:

    For this, you must have already a Website, any Blogger site, or any WordPress site. Make sure you have at least 5 articles published in any one of these places. These are necessary because when you will going to set up your Facebook page for monetisation, an URL will require to add there.

    4. No requirement of any fixed number of followers or likes:

    Yes, don’t worry about any fixed number of followers or number of likes on your Facebook page, in this time you are exempted from this requirement, which is first necessary criteria in YouTube monetisation.

    I hope you have fulfilled the above requirements. Then you are definitely eligible to monetise your video on Facebook.

    The next are the following required steps for "How to earn money from Facebook Videos". You have to complete all the steps one by one then you can monetise your video.

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    Hence, here are some tools which you will require to set up the first time:

    Step 1: Login to your Facebook page:

    Log in your Facebook account as usual you do.

    Select the page in which you want to enable the monetisation.

    Step 2: Publishing tools:

    Find the Publishing Tools in the top of the page.

    In the left-hand side, you will find posts, videos, sounds, branded content, lead ads forms, shop and canvas.

    But there may or may not be the option of Facebook Instant articles.

    If your page hasn’t the option, you can enable this from the Google.

    Step 3: Facebook Instant articles:

    Search “facebook instant articles” on Google. Make sure you have logged in your Facebook page.

    Click on the first URL, ie. www.instantarticles.fb.com

    If you haven't logged in already, then you must have to Sign in on this page.

    Select the page in which you want to enable the monetisation.

    Click the Continue button for next steps.

                                                  How to earn money from Facebook Videos

    Step 4: Configure your page:

    Now, you have mostly set up the page for monetisation.

    Also, some configure has to be made on the page.

    These configure include the Website linking, WordPress site linking etc.

    You can left blank the RSS Feed options.

    Step 5: Facebook Audience Network:

    This is similar to the Google AdSense. It works the same in Facebook which Google AdSense does in YouTube or in your Website.

    Click on the Audience Network option.

    Where you will find the Your Dashboard, Payment options etc.

    Check the confirmation box and click on the Get started.

    Step 6: Facebook for Developers:

    You can click on the Your Dashboard option, or simply www.developers.facebook.com

    Here you can set the Placement of ads, Payout, Filter, Performance etc according to you.

    After filling all these fields, you finally click on “Submit for review” button.

    Facebook takes 3-5 days for this review.

    Once Facebook confirms this review, you will be eligible to monetise your video on Facebook and from your articles.

    You will get paid when your monetised amount is minimum $100.

    Payment will be made in your registered bank account through PayPal or can opt the direct wallet transfer method.

    As a result, I hope How to earn money from Facebook Videos or how can you monetise your video on Facebook etc. questions won’t be a big problem for you from today.

    Also, do you have any inquiry, any suggestion, kindly share your words with me by simply putting your words below in the box?

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