• How to Earn Money using Facebook without Investment In 2019

  • How to earn money using Facebook without investment

    How to Earn Money using Facebook without Investment In 2019

    Facebook is the most surfed Social Media Platform which has more than 3 billion monthly users. So if you are thinking about using Facebook as your commercial site then the chances of earning customers and profit are guaranteed as it has a huge traffic flow every second. So let’s know the ways through which you turn your pass time into a money generating machine without flooding any investment into it:-

    1. Navigate your Facebook traffic to your Blog/ Website

    If you already have a website/blog then it’s great but if you don’t have one, then make it immediately. Start posting the links of your blog/ website on your Facebook page and this will convert your traffic to your blog/website. Once you have visitors in your blog/websites, you can easily convert them into your customers by offering discounts or gift hampers and start earning money. If you don’t want to have your own blog/website then you can post the links of others blogs/ websites and earn a handsome amount from it as well.

    2. Start a Facebook Store

    Irrespective of the fact whether you possess a physical store or not, the best way to earn money is starting your own store which is one of the features offered to all the Facebook account holders. Today Facebook has become the best E-Commerce marketplace where you can add the details about your products- designs, material, sizes, prices etc and once any visitor selects any product from the Store, featured page then he will be directly directed to the payment options page. Here you have to be technically sound as the payment system should be secure and the entire buying process should be smooth and easy.

    3. Money makers- Facebook Apps

    It’s totally your wish whether you want to have your own Facebook app or want to earn money through the existing Facebook apps. Some of the existing apps which assist you to earn money are – EasySocialShop, eBay Facebook App, Facebook store by Storeya, these apps help you get your products from respective sources on your Facebook page so that you can easily sell them to your audiences and earn money.

    4. Affiliate Marketing

    Many people are using affiliate marketing for earning money through Facebook without any investment. So let us know what it is, if you have more than 10 thousand members in your Facebook account then you can start posting the affiliate links. The earnings are on a commission basis which means that if anyone buys any services or products from your link then you are liable for getting a certain amount of money as a commission. There are numerous affiliate marketing programmers which you can join and start earning commission by referring it to your groups in Facebook. Share a sale is one such program which offers more than 50% if someone buys their products from your referral link.

    5. Action your Facebook Page 

    If you find none of the above-mentioned points to be fruitful then you still have the last chance to earn money and this chance is by selling you Facebook page. Please note that all the Facebook pages are not sold in good amounts, the Facebook account which has more Americans and Europeans followers are sold at high prices, so if you are one such Facebook page holder then don’t worry, just sell your page and earn huge money.

    We hope that this article has been helpful to all the people who were finding the easiest ways to earn through Facebook. We will be glad to know your experiences and earnings once you implemented any of the above ways to earn money through Facebook without investment.

    Happy Earning Guys!


    Author: Sneha Grover

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