• How to find Reseller Group on Whatsapp?

  • How to find Reseller Group on Whatsapp

    How to find Reseller Group on Whatsapp?

    When it is about online reselling, the first things that comes to your mind is through social media platforms but these days online marketing has been refined and there are better channels which are widely used for such purposes. One of the easiest and most fine ways to resell a product is through whatsapp. This channel is a leader in reselling of products and there are thousands of groups available on whatsapp which are used for this purposes. There are multiple Whatsapp groups of a single segment that are used to for reselling the product. 

    Why Whatsapp for resell?

    When you want to actually promote and market any product, whatsapp  is the right platform because it helps penetrate product easily and wisely without much efforts. Because whatsapp  is a personalized messenger app it helps to directly reach to customer. When whatsapp  is to be used for reselling purposes it is essential that right groups are found so that products can be resold in that particular group only. 

    Two ways to Promote with Whatsapp Group

    Many times people create their own group and add many friends to it so that they can start reselling products in this group. 

    • Another way to resale the products is using WhatsApp group which are already in existence and have a better contacts already added which can actually buy from you. 

    Finding the Reseller group on Whatsapp 

    Even though there are many ways with which you can search relevant group on social media platforms like facebook there are no particular ways to find groups in whatsapp. Finding established groups that exist on whatsapp  is not that easy because there are no such ways for this. It is almost impossible to search definite groups in particular segments but there are other ways which can be used for finding and joining these groups so that you can promote within this group to resell products. 

    Some of these ways are:

    1. Ask your friend – When you have Friends in the same business segments you can ask him/her to add you in the respective group where just resell is done and by adding to the existing group you can start to resell your products. Such groups have been implemented for the same purpose. 

    2. Search over Facebook Groups – There are groups on Facebook for resell purposes and here many reseller contact each other. In such facebook groups you can get the link invite of such whatsapp groups which are made for such reasons and from this you can join it. 

    3. Ask for link Invite – Only an admin can add you to this group, you can personally chat with such admin on whatsapp and ask them to send the link invite of the group. For this you must know them personally.

    4. Search Google – The easy and simple ways is to explore internet for list of whatsapp group and their direct invite link from particular niche. There are platforms and forums which enlist this list for users. 


    These are the some of the ways by which you can find the reseller groups on Whatsapp. Earning with the help of the Whatsapp is very easy , if you use it in the correct form.Find the groups on hatsapp that are basically related to the category that you want to sell online to your customers.

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