• How To Make Money From Blogging in 2018 (A complete Beginner's Guide)

  • How To Make Money From Blogging in 2018

    How To Make Money From Blogging in 2018 (A complete Beginner's Guide)

    Hey Guys, What’s Up? I hope you're doing well in your mission or business. Whatever, everyone is trying to do best in their field. Some of you may be a business owner or bloggers. Yes, blogs are the mainstream of any business. Hence as a blogger, you are trying to give your hundred percent in your job. Today, in this writing, I have compiled some awesome ways by which you can earn more money from your blogs. It will be a complete guide to Earn money from blogs. Ya, I can understand how much you are excited to Make money from blogging. Keep patience, be with me till the last word.

    So, let’s start to learn & earn money from blogs. Here we go:-

    1. Make Money From Blogging by Using Google AdSense:

    Running Ads on your blogger website is the most common way to earn money from blogs. Every time you will get bucks when any reader clicks on your Ads displaying on your site. It is very easy to run Ads on your blog. For this Google AdSense is the best tool. Google AdSense is simple to set up and it is 100% Free also. Because Google has connections of millions of advertisers on its platform. So you can easily get thousands of advertisers and can make a relationship with them to display their Ads. Hence, when people will read your blog, they will click on these Ads. As a result, you will earn money every time on every click.

    2. Make Money From Blogging by Using Affiliate Marketing:

    Affiliate Marketing is a useful and proven method to earn money from blogs. Everyone can start an affiliate marketing with their website. You just need to have a website and it has some potential blogs to drive visitors. If you fulfil this eligibility, then you can easily start affiliate marketing. Actually, Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest forms of Marketing. Where you can refer someone to any online product. And when that person purchases the product based on your recommendation, you will get a Commission. That’s simple, isn’t it?

                               Make Money From Blogging by Using Affiliate Marketing

    3. Make Money From Blogging by Using by Selling Sponsored Blog Posts:

    Sponsored posts are blogs that a blogger is paid to publish on their own sites by companies, businesses, and brands related to their niche or topic. These posts can be written by you or by the company on your website. You can hire someone to write about the brand. As a result, the brand will pay much for it. The main goal is to get a link from your blog to sponsor your post to a client. Sponsored posts are one of the easiest and most effective ways to Earn Money From Blogs. 

    This is because:

    1. # There are many people who are looking to buy sponsored posts on blogs.

    2. # A very little work needs a brand which usually just want a mention and a link to your blog.

    3. # The brands pay a good amount to work which you have done in your blog.

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    4. Make Money From Blogging by Writing Paid Reviews:

    This method is very famous among the bloggers. There are many websites which offer you to write for them. Hence, you can write reviews for any product, service, or even for a company. Companies hire bloggers as a freelancer to write reviews for their products. ShoutMeLoud and the Google Reviews are the most used tools for this purpose. Shut Ur Mouth is also a good website where you can give reviews and get paid when it will approve.

    5. Make Money From Blogging by Direct Sell of Products:

    This method is very revenue generated when your website gets more traffic. You can convert your traffic to your customers. Then you can give offer the customers to buy any product from your website. You can also take the service as Dropshipping to start your direct earning without having inventory. I can suggest you Bigly, an eCommerce company which provides this facility for you. Why are you wait, just log in Bigly to try it out today? It really works and believes me, you can generate a good revenue daily.

    6. Make Money From Blogging by Selling eBooks:

    I think this is very common for a blogger to sell eBooks from any blogger website. There are a lot of categories in which you can create eBooks. eCommerce eBook, technologies eBook, or eBook for Robotics are very famous nowadays. You can choose according to your interest and create eBook for your website. The big companies offer the bloggers to write eBook for them. As a result, in reverse, you can get a huge amount from the companies.

    7. Make Money From Blogging by Starting your eCommerce Store:

    This is really a great idea to start your own eCommerce store. Like Flipkart, Amazon, you can also establish a web store. Because you have huge subscriptions from readers. Means you have already audience group to whom you can share about your ecommerce store. It is very easy to start an eCommerce website. Request your audience to share and word of mouth to tell their friends and family about your store. You can also give some gift coupons for first time purchase. By this way, you can increase your visitor's database. Hence, the result will be an exponential growth to your new eCommerce store. Once your eCommerce store gets popularity, then you can’t handle such a huge amount of your earning. Just kidding!

    8. Make Money From Blogging by offering One-on-one Coaching:

    This is one of the quickest and easiest ways by which you can turn your expertise into money. The fact that when you publish a blog and provide information on the market, then you be an expert in your niche. Sometimes people want to get advice from you directly about the market. You can put up a page on your blog offering one-on-one coaching to answer any question. Hence, you can give them advice for a handsome fee.

    After a long discussion, I want to give a rest to my writing of Earn Money From Blogs.

    Also tell me, if do you think there is an amazing way to Earn Money From Blogs.

    Definitely, Put your words below in the box.

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