• How to Negotiate with Retailers in 2018

  • Negotiate with Retailers in 2018

    How to Negotiate with Retailers in 2018

    While negotiating with Retailers or Suppliers you have to decide on many of the things. To sum up, all the things I'll tell you about the negotiation process. It will help you when you will negotiate with retailers or suppliers.

    Start with setting up objectives for negotiating with retailers.

    Setting up the limits to be crossed

    First thing first.

    Set up the objectives for your deals. These deals whether going held with a Retailer or Supplier, you should note down some limits to achieve or cross. It will be a most helpful thing when you will negotiating with retailers. It also applies to suppliers.

    Some check-list objectives are;

    1. Have to negotiate on Price reduction

    2. Decide terms of Payment

    3. Cancellation terms

    4. Delivery Timings

    5. Try to make Long-term Business relation

    6. After sale services

    7. Try to avoid/uncover hidden charges

    8. Freight on Board

    9. Packaging Requirement

    10. Try to persuade the next party on your terms

    Above are some components that you should put on your objective list.

    Bringing down the price is the most prior thing for a retailer and maximizing it for Suppliers.

    The best price, where both parties will happy would lead to a better long-term business relationship.

    The hidden charges and freight terms and conditions are the further things that break your business relations. So, try to unveil all the hidden charges whether it is related to freight charge, packaging charge, or any other charge.

    Always set the target that next party will agree on your terms but where you need compromise, do it. Don’t be rigid. Nobody will with you if he is not getting any benefit from you.

    Be Professional rather than Emotional

    While you are going for a deal, don’t be emotional at any point. Rather than feeling about the benefits you are getting from that deal just think and calculate the benefits.

    Set winning points

    A point where is equilibrium, you should know things point before conducting the negotiation.

    You should research on the accurate cost of that deal you are going for. So, you can easily set the deal limits. Your benefits should not be minimized. It leads to saving you from bearing such loss from any deal. Hence, it leads to a great profit.

    Prepare multiple options for next negotiating party

    Whenever you are readying the deals on terms and conditions, just make similar deals at low cost and with some liberal terms and conditions. It called as Counteroffer.

    Just make an offer that he can’t deny.

    Learn Negotiation Tactics

    It’s about the Jargons & Reactions.

    Start with Jargons.

    Where you are dealing, for which thing you are dealing, you should know all some specific words. These words are using to denote some special materials, terms, date, invoice or any special kind of deal. Here is a short list of that specific words:

    Counter Offer: An offer provides after rejecting the previous offer. This is similar to the last one but on some specific terms and conditions, low cost, some extra values and then he can’t deny for that counter offer.

    Offer, Offeror and Offeree: Offer is a deal which is desirable against some profits or valuable thing. An offeror is a person who offers. An offeree who receives an offer.

    Flat Discount: Many times a person delights when he sees that he is getting a flat discount. But Flat discounts offers for clearing the stock. Hence, it is in old stock.

    Clienteling: Basically it is a sales technique used by a salesman with end customers. It aims is to build a long-term relationship with customers by analyzing their buying preferences and behaviors.

    As a supplier, you can use this approach when negotiating with retailers to maintain a long-term relationship with.

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    Now, come to Tactics

    Be Patience and Positive: Every leader tries. to be positive while working on creating a result. You should have patience & positive nature so you can explain your offer clearly.

    Effective Body language: A person doing a deal for a company should aware of the effective body language so he can be left a good impression with.

    Nibbling: Open deals like showing cards looks impressive. If you have anything that can delight your retailer or supplier than show it gently.

    Walk away Power: When you analyze that the deals can’t be worth for you, let’s walk away with a positive confidence. Leave the Deal.

    Conduct Negotiation

    The game begins here.

    It’s time to begin the negotiation process. Now, you know what objectives have to accomplish first, what you have to do when your offer will be rejected and do clienteling with a successful deal.

    Explain your offer: Offer your plan to your supplier or Retailer. Don’t get it too long just be nibble it with and tell them what you want and what are you offering.

    Negotiate on Price: After explaining your agenda, negotiate on the price. The main thing whole process depends upon your pricing strategy.

    Be aware of Business Jargons: I had explained to you some jargons before.

    Draw a written contract for your purchase: Make a written contract while you are negotiating with retailers or supplier. Just note down all the points where you both are agreed on and where not. This will help you in taking corrective decisions.

    Share visions on Mutual Gains: A wise dealer always tells the dealing party his benefits. Share your idea that he will also be getting gain from the concerned deal.

    Compromise where possible: Persuading the supplier or retailer is a good thing, but compromise where possible and needs.

    Tell me how it helps you in Negotiating with Retailers.

    Author: Parvez Alam

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