• How to Register as Seller on Amazon in 2019? (Complete Step by Step Procedure )

  • how to register as a seller on amazon in 2019

    How to Register as Seller on Amazon in 2019? (Complete Step by Step Procedure )

    Where can you sell your products? What is the Global selling? How to Sell on Amazon? What are the benefits to put your products for Sell on Amazon? How do you manage your deliveries? What are the costs? Are these questions restricting you to plan a Global Selling Business? Just read out the content created for you.

    Most of the small and medium-sized E-commerce Startups in India want to sell their products on Amazon.com. But they don’t know how to put their products on Amazon.com and how can grow their business.

    There are Hundreds of Millions of active users across the world at Amazon which generates the $107 Billion Annual revenue. It is the largest online marketplace across the globe and the most customer-centric platform in the world.  
    Amazon has online marketplaces in many countries, enabling you to reach customer globally. You can reach to the customers of different countries. Top countries are USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain etc., where you can reach to your customers easily.

    Benefits of being a Seller on Amazon.com

    You can grow your business across the world easily by Amazon Global Selling Program. It provides Fast and Stresses Free shipping. You can get secure and timely payments. Your business operations will not be affected even in any mishappenings. Your Brands will get International Recognition, results bring millions of customers to you.

    The following steps are required to Register & Sell on Amazon:  

    1. 1. Create an Amazon Seller Central Account

    2. 2. Legal CheckList for Register on Amazon.com

    3. 3. Listing your Products on Amazon.com

    4. 4. Select Your Delivery Method

    5. 5. How do you get paid when you sell on Amazon.com

    6. 6. How to withdraw money from your Amazon Seller Account

    7. 7. To withdraw money, just follow these steps

    Don’t worry I am here to help you and I will guide you on “Step by Step process to Register on Amazon.com” so that you be a seller on Amazon.com.

    Step 1: Create an Amazon Seller Central Account:

    1. -> Go to services.amazon.com, then click on either the “Selling on Amazon” link or “Sell on Amazon” box.

    2. -> Afterwards Sellercentral.amazon.com, then click in the bottom left on “Selling on Amazon”.

    3. -> Hit on “Sell” at the top of the Amazon.com Homepage.

    It doesn’t really matter through which of these pages you start your Registration Process, as it’s all the same from there once you start the Registration Process.

    Next, you will need to decide what type of seller you want to be:

    A Professional Seller or An Individual Seller:

    1. Professional Sellers are typically sellers that plan to list more products and expect to be regular sellers into the future. Whereas,

    2. Individual Sellers are typically sellers that have a small supply of products that they want to sell.

    Step 2:  Legal Check List for Register on Amazon.com:

    At the very first time, you need some documents for the Registration process. I am sharing with you that following documents should you keep ready for online selling in Amazon.com:

    1. -> Email ID

    2. -> Credit Card

    3. -> Bank Account Number

    Step 3:  Listing your Products on Amazon.com, It would be a boost for you How to Sell on Amazon Guide:

    After logging into your seller account, click on  “Add a Product” under the Inventory drop-down menu. Search Amazon’s database by selecting the category that you think best fits your item and by using keywords. The keyword should include the name of the item, it’s specifications or edition of the product.

    You can click on “Create a new Product Listing” just below the search box if you are uploading a new brand product that is not currently selling on Amazon.com.

    If you are wanting to upload multiple products at once, you can use the “Bulk upload” feature to the right of the screen.

    After that, you have to give more information about the new product:

    1. -> Product Name

    2. -> Manufacturer and Brand Name

    3. -> Package Quantity

    4. -> Material Type

    5. -> Colours

    6. -> Shape and Size

    7. -> Dimensions and Weight

    8. -> Product ID

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    Upload images of the Products:

    Accurate, high-quality product images play a very important role in your product listing. On the Images tab, upload some appropriate images of your product but those should follow the guidelines given by Amazon.

    After listing your products, now customers can see them on Amazon.com. When customer will place an order then Amazon will notify you of shipping it.

    Step 4: Select Your Delivery Method:

    By following these shipment methods you can expand your shipping zone to multiple countries and via multiple methods. You can choose one of the following methods for Shipping:

             -> Merchant Fulfilled (Individual Couriers)

    1. -> Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

    Are you thinking that which method is good for your business? Which method can give you a good profit? Don’t worry I am explaining you the most beneficial method.

    Benefits of Fulfillment By Amazon:

    1. -> Your Products are eligible for Amazon Prime benefits.

    2. -> All Logistics (onward and return) in the US managed by Amazon.

    3. -> You can fulfil orders from other channels.

    4. -> Customer support provided by Amazon.

    Step 5: How do you get paid when you sell on Amazon Global Selling Platform?

    Generally, Amazon first settles your account balance 14 days after you sell your first product, meaning that Amazon will either initiate a Payment to your Bank Account or charge your credit card on your settlement date.

    Step 6: How to withdraw money from your Amazon Seller Account?

    You can withdraw money from your Amazon Payments Account at any time. Transfers can be made to a verified bank account linked to your Amazon Payments Account.

    Step 7: To withdraw money, just follow these steps:

    1. -> Log in to your Amazon Payment Account

    2. -> Click on Withdraw Funds

    3. -> Select a Bank Account from the drop-down menu.

    4. -> Enter the amount to transfer to your bank account.

    5. -> Click continue, to proceed

    I explained all the necessary steps to selling your product on Amazon.com. Now, I am sure that to sell on Amazon will not be a big problem for you.

    If there is missing something in this writing, put your words below in the box.

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