• How To Sell On Amazon With Bigly Platform in Easy Steps

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    How To Sell On Amazon With Bigly Platform in Easy Steps

    Are you being stuck in Offline store to catch more Customers? Do you accept that customers want to make purchase Online than Offline? Yes, it is really true for today’s market scenario. Every business is now operating online because Sell on Online Platform is very easy. It also attracts more sellers because Ease of doing business with online is hasslefree. Today, in this writing I will tell you How To Sell On Amazon With Bigly Platform.

    As you now that Bigly enables the Inventory and Logistics services for your online store. It reduces your headache for inventory and logistics services. The Bigly provides these services for Amazon India. Hence you can sell your product on Amazon India with Bigly platform.

    The following steps are involved in How To Sell On Amazon With Bigly Platform:

    1. 1. Create an Amazon Seller Central Account

    2. 2. Legal CheckList for Register

    3. 3. List Products on Amazon

    4. 4. Select Your Delivery Method

    5. 5. Get Payment from Amazon

    Now, Let’s start:

    Step 1. Create an Amazon Seller Central Account:

    Before selling products, you just need to create an Amazon seller central account in Amazon.in. it is easy to create a seller account on Amazon.

    1. # Click the link https://sellercentral.amazon.in

    2. # Fill the details in the blank boxes.

                                                     amazon seller account

    Step 2. Legal CheckList for Register:

    You will be able to sell on the Amazon platform after successful registration and documents verification. Yes, you need some documents before valid registration. Here is the legal checklist which you required for this step. So keep ready these documents before registration:

    1. # PAN Card

    2. # GSTIN Number

    3. # ID Proof (Voter ID/ Passport/ Drivery Licence/ Aadhar)

    4. # Trademark Registration Certificate

    5. # Address Proof (Electricity Bill/ Rent Agreement)

    6. # Bank Account Number

    (Note: Bigly helps you to reduce this burden. If you provide these documents to the Bigly team, they will create your valid account at Amazon India).

    Step 3. List Products on Amazon:

    This is the most important step for your online store. But don’t take any tension. Again here is the Bigly team which does this work for you. Here is two possibility that you may be a Seller or a Supplier.

    Case 1. If you are a Supplier:

    If you have products and looking for E-tailers/ Resellers to sell your products, then you need to Sign Up as a Supplier at the Bigly platform.

    After that, the Bigly team will list your all the products at the Bigly online platform. When your products are listed successfully at the Bigly platform, then these products will be available at the Amazon India’s dashboard also. Hence, here you can also find hundred of Sellers who are always ready to sell your products through their online stores.

    Case 2. If you are a Seller:

    If you are a Seller and looking for Products to sell through your online store or Social Media Networks then you need to Sign Up as a Seller at the Bigly platform.

    After that, you will be able to import thousands of products on your online store. Because Bigly has already hundred of Suppliers available who want to sell their products through your online store.

    Step 4. Select Your Delivery Method:

    As you are a Seller or a Supplier, you must have to choose the delivery method. Amazon offers two types of Inventory methods in India.

    (a). Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA): By using FBA facility, you have to store your products at Amazon’s Fulfillment centres. Then Amazon will pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for these products to the customers.

    The problem in FBA: You have to keep your products at the FBA centres. Hence, you will be charged to keep your products there. You can’t keep your eyes on your products.

    (b). Inventory by Seller: Here you have to maintain your own Inventory and Logistics services. You will have an inventory where your products are kept. Also, you need to deliver the products to the customer directly on yourself.

    Problems with this method: You have to maintain your own inventory. An inventory needs space, workers, electricity, furniture, and many more costs. After that, you need your own logistics services to deliver the products to the customer’s doorstep. Now you can imagine how much it is hectic for you to maintain all these things, isn’t it? Don’t worry, here is the solution. Again Bigly is here to eliminate these steps.

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    Inventory and Logistics services from Bigly:

    Yes, Bigly is always with you, which enables a hassle-free business. Therefore, let the Bigly do this work for your business and enjoy a tension-free business model.

                                   sell on amazon with bigly

    How does Bigly work for your business?

    The working model of Bigly is very simple. Bigly enables you to operate your business without having your own inventory or logistics partner. Whether you are a Supplier or a Seller, you just need to Sign Up for Free (Trial period- 30 days). You never need to maintain any inventory. Logistic partner of Bigly picks up the product from the Supplier’s warehouse and deliver it directly to the customer’s doorstep.

    Step 5. Get Payment from Amazon:

    Keep remember, while you are using Bigly for Inventory and Logistics services, only Prepaid Payment option will be available before the customers. No COD payment option will be entertained.

    1. # Bigly collects the Total amount (Supplier’s price/T.P + Margin price + Shipping cost) from Seller. These amount has been collected before the Bigly ships the product from the Supplier’s warehouse.

      # Then the Bigly delivers the product to the customer.

      # But the Amazon has already collected the Total amount from the customer as a Prepaid option.

      # Generally, Amazon first settles Your (Seller’s) Account balance 14 days after you sell your first product.

    2. # When there is no any issue with the customer, then the Amazon will credit Payment (T.P + Margin price) in your (Seller) registered bank account.

      # And the Bigly will credit the T.P amount in the Supplier’s account.

      # Hence, the Bigly gets only Shipping cost in this whole transaction.

    We got it!

    I hope you understand the whole process of How To Sell On Amazon With Bigly Platform.

    Also, have any problem in any step or Want to say anything, put your words below in the box.

    Author: Taslim

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