• How to Sell on Junglee in 2018 ( A complete Step by Step Procedure )

  • how to sell on junglee in 2018

    How to Sell on Junglee in 2018 ( A complete Step by Step Procedure )

    How to sell on Junglee? What is the Registration process on Junglee? How to get selling service from Junglee? A complete guide for Registration Process on Junglee to create Seller Account and upload a sample feed.

    Here is the Junglee.com, where you can sell your products hassle-free and can grow your sales rapidly. Before start how to sell on Junglee, you should know something about Junglee.

    Junglee.com was originally launched as price comparison engine in 1998. Amazon bought the company for about $200 Million in 2012 specially to target the Indian market for shopping services.

    Junglee is an Amazon service in India that works with buyers and sellers of online goods. It enables customers to search products from online and offline retailers in India. Customers can discover over 1.8 crore products and 14,000 brands, and purchase items directly from you. 

    Benefits of being a seller on Junglee.com:

    Sell on Junglee is a unique service powered by Pay with Amazon which allows seller websites listed on Junglee to increase their sales by helping them converts leads into sales at the time of intent.  Besides this, here are some more benefits to sell on Junglee.

    1. Get/Reach Millions of customers: You can sell directly to millions of Junglee shoppers who have their shipping and billing information already stored in their Amazon accounts.

    2. Increase Your Conversion: You can build trust in the mind of customers with a 100% Money Back Guarantee backed by Amazon.

    3. Reduce Your Costs: You can reduce your costs and protect your business with the same sophisticated fraud detection technology used by Amazon.com at no any additional costs.

    4. Amplify Visibility of Your Offers: Your products will appear when customers check the Buy with Confidence filter. Customers who buy from you using Sell on Junglee will receive emails from it showcasing more products from you.

    5. Build Your Reputation: Customer feedback and ratings about product buys on Junglee are made available to respective sellers.

    To sell on Junglee as your selling destination place, you can list your products on Junglee.com for free without any setup fees. There is a simple Registration Process on Junglee so that you would be generating sales from it.

    Step by step process for Listing your product on Junglee.com:

    1. > Create Your Seller Central Account on Amazon.in (Because Junglee is subsidiary of Amazon)

    2. > Legal Documents for Register

    3. > Feed Creation Method on Junglee

    4. > Upload your Product Catalog

    5. > Customers See and Buy your product on the website

    6. > You Deliver Products to Customers

    7. > You Receive Payment from Junglee

                                       Seller Central Account Amazon.in


    Step 1: Create Your Seller Central Account:

    Go to services.amazon.in, You will find  Sell on Amazon and then click on Register Now box.

    Complete set up your seller central account.

    1. > Check and confirm business and legal name

    2. > Provide customer support email ID, customer support number  

    3. > Upload a good quality company logo

    4. > Enter Email Notification Preferences

    5. > Set your shipping rates

    6. > Configure User Permissions

    7. > Set up your information and policies

    This section under Seller Central is intended to capture all the information about your offering, your shipping, returns and refund policies. We will display this information under the link ‘Seller Info’ on all your product ad listings and hence it is very important that you provide information and keep this section updated.

    You can provide this information on “Your Info & Policies” page under the “Settings” tab. Please fill up the information for the below sections:

    1. > About Seller

    2. > Returns and Refunds

    3. > Shipping rates and policies

    4. > FAQ

    5. > Privacy Policy

    Step 2: Legal Documents for Register:

    Please have the following ready before you begin:

    1. > Your Bank Account details for receiving Payments from Junglee

    2. > Tax (GSTIN/PAN) details of Your Business if you sell in taxable products

    3. > Check for UPC/EAN/ISBN availability.

    The prices of the products listed on Junglee.com and the product detail page of your website must be inclusive of GST.

    Please ensure that all the information you submit is accurate. Then you have read and agree to comply with and/or be bound by the terms and conditions of Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and Easy Ship Service & Runway Terms and Conditions.

    Step 3: Feed Creation Method on Junglee.com:

    Feed creation is the process of creating your catalogue on the Junglee.com. You can convert your existing product Ads into “Sell on Junglee” listing or onboard fresh listings with the inventory information. Customers will see a buy button on the “Sell on Junglee” listings and be able to purchase from you using their Amazon credentials.

    There are two methods to create your Product Ad Listings.

    • Creating your listings manually:

    If you want to list only a few products (less than 50), you can add them manually using the Product Ads template downloaded from the above page.

    • Creating your listings by Importing File:

    If you wish to list a larger number of products (more than 50), we recommend you use the Import File macro on our Product Ads Excel Template. This feature enables you to import product data from any of your product catalogue extracted from your e-commerce platform Admin Panel.

    Step 4:  Upload your Product Catalog:

    You can list your ads for free. There are no listing fees, monthly subscriptions or any hidden charges. When you register for product ads, Amazon will create an Amazon seller central account for you. You can upload your products to seller central or via FTP. We create ads for your product using the information provided in your product file. When you finish your upload,  your ads will go live!

    See Also: Amazon Focusing on Customers Experience Rather Than Rivals & Competition

    Prepare your product information:

    1. > Barcode requirements  

    2. > Product description  

    3. > Product’s image requirements  

    4. > Amazon product classification

    Barcode Requirements:

    1. > UPC:  Universal Product Code (12 digits)
      > EAN: European Article Number (13 digits)
      > ISBN: International Standard Book Number (10 and 13 digits)

    However, if you do not have the barcodes, you could still proceed with the product listings.

    Product Image Requirements:

    Performance analyses have shown that adding a high-quality image to a product’s detail page can drastically improve the ad’s performance, increasing page views by 60 percent. To ensure a consistent customer experience on Amazon we require all product images to be on pure white background, without text or watermarks. Your images should be well-lit and show the entire product where the product takes up at least 80% of the image area. The images should be crisp and clear and be at least 500 width x 500 height pixels.

    To have ‘zoom’ enabled product images:

    Product images in the Image URL provided should be 1000 pixels or larger in either height or width to have ‘zoom’ enabled for your images on the product detail page. Product Images with ‘zoom’ has proven to enhance sales.

    Step 5: Customers See and Buy your product on the website:

    Your ads will be targeted to shoppers searching for similar or related items on junglee.com. When shoppers click on an ad for your product which you want to sell on Junglee, they can click through to the product page on your website, see a list of your physical stores or call your customer service number. You control the branding and purchase experience on your website. Shoppers who purchase from you directly become a part of your consumer base. Product ads allow you to reach engaged shoppers on Junglee, acquire new customers and increase sales.

    Junglee makes buying your products easy by comparison shopping. With a very wide selection and secure payment infrastructure, it helps customers make quick, easy and worry-free purchases.

    Best Practices To Sell On Junglee.com

    1. > Update Price and Availability  

    2. > Check for offer suspension  

    3. > Providing high-quality catalogue data  

    4. > Building good Seller Ratings  

    Step 6: You Deliver Products to Customers:

    Junglee notifies you by Email when an order has been placed. You simply pack and deliver your item to the customer.

    Standard Shipping Speeds and Delivery charges for Fulfilled by Amazon and Prime eligible items vary by the shipping address entered. Seller fulfilled items are dispatched directly by sellers. These items are indicated by the message “Sold and dispatched by (seller name)”.

    Besides this, you can provide same day delivery option to your customer.

    Order with Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery: Amazon Prime members shipping to select metro areas across the U.S. can choose to receive FREE Same-Day Delivery or FREE One-Day Shipping on a broad selection of items.  

    Step 7: Now, Receive Payment from Junglee:

    Payment is disbursed to the seller bank account provided (after deduction of Junglee fee) and notifications are sent through Email.

    Generally, Amazon first settles your account balance 14 days after you register your seller account, meaning that Amazon will either initiate a payment to your bank account or charge your credit card on your settlement date. Subsequently, the settlement process repeats every 14 days. After a disbursement is initiated, it normally takes up to 3 to 5 business days until the money is available in your bank account.

    Whenever you add or update your bank account information, there is a 3-day hold before you can initiate manual disbursements. This means that the link to disburse funds will not appear in your account during that time.

    To withdraw money, just follow these steps:

    1. > Log in to your Amazon Payment Account

    2. > Click on Withdraw Funds

    3. > Select a Bank Account from the drop-down menu.

    4. > Enter the amount to transfer to your bank account.

    5. > Click continue, to proceed

    I have explained all the necessary steps to sell on Junglee. Now, I am sure that to sell on Junglee will not be a big deal for you.

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